levy plus scooter review

levy plus scooter review

levy plus scooter review

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levy plus scooter review
levy plus scooter review

Levy plus scooter review covers features include the motor, suspensions, wheels among other.

Built with a unique battery-swapping feature, the Levy electric scooter gives riders great range, fast top speeds, and convenience. The riding modes help you make the most out of the motor and battery, while safety features like LED lights and a waterproof rating can set your mind at ease. For scooters in this price range, the Levy is definitely worth considering.

In this  levy plus scooter review a great interest is paid to the motor, range and battery. There are many other features. Such  features affects the performance of the scooter.

A summary of the specs

the first and the right thing to do in this levy plus scooter review is to give a quick summary of its specs. It will save you a lot of time if you do not want to go through the whole article.

Component Description
Top Speed 29 kph (20mph)
Max Range 20 km (32 miles)
Scooter weight 13.6 kg (30  lbs.)
Maximum Load 220 lbs. (100 kg)
Tires type solid rubber
Tires 7.5 inches
Motor  350 W
number of motors single
Battery type Lithium Ion
Battery capacity 36 V 12.8 Ah
Suspension No suspension
Brakes rear fender, rear disc brake, e-brakes front
regenerative braking no
Charging time 3.5 hours
Hill climb 15 degrees
Lights LED~ Headlights (18W), rare braking
Frame Aluminum alloy
Foldability Yes
water resistance IP54
Horn bell
display LED

Specs overview

Electric scooters from Levy are well-crafted and highly efficient. They are known for the most robust and reliable electric scooters on the planet due to their design, engineering, testing, and manufacture processes which have been well-honed over time. Scooters from the company are affordable, offer reliable transport solutions and minimize the impact on the environment, going above and beyond what other companies have done in the category.

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New design

Recently, the company introduced the Levy Plus, a design that has become increasingly innovative. The premium quality batteries and a finely tuned motor system in this electric scooter ensure long-term performance. You can get around the city easily and affordably with a scooter. Electric scooters like the Levy Plus are new to the market and a significant upgrade over their predecessors.

A solid aircraft-grade aluminum frame is featured on the Levy Plus. Moreover, it has high mounting front headlights and rear taillights that permit it to travel safely in low-light conditions. You will enjoy a smooth ride anywhere you go thanks to the Levy Plus’ high-quality components. Additionally, the Levy Plus is powered by a 350W motor which can reach a top speed of 18 mph (30 km/h). A range of 20 miles (32 km) makes it possible to go on the road and beat rush hour traffic, or get to that far-off job interview on time.

Transport heavy loads

With the Levy Plus, you can easily transport heavy loads on city terrain while remaining convenient and lightweight. The product can support a maximum weight of 220 pounds (100 kilograms) without any problems. Furthermore, as this electric scooter is equipped with a robust motor, it can easily ascend hills and inclines ranging from 5-15 degrees with ease, giving you total control and freedom. In addition, the scooter’s motor generates an incredible amount of power instantly of 700W, allowing it to ascend hills with little energy loss.

If you’re looking to ride fast, but still want to monitor your speed closely, this electric scooter is your answer. Featured with its standard e-brake, dual rear disc brakes, and a rear fender brake, this vehicle can reach speeds of up to 18 mph (29 km/h). Additionally, it has 10 inch pneumatic knobby tyres with which it can handle even the most inclement weather. There are four colors available for the scooter, each having a unique appearance for the power cable and throttle controller – matte black, grey, green, and red.

You can use the Levy Plus electric scooter whether you need to commute in heavy traffic or get around a city. With a price around $$$, this scooter is an excellent deal

Performance overview

It is a light, finely engineered, and most technologically advanced scooter available today. As a mobility device, you can  use it for shorter as well as longer distances. This electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 18 mph (29 kilometers per hour) with its 350 W front motor. Additionally, it accelerates from zero to fifteen miles per hour in six seconds.

Even in hilly cities, the scooter can manage slopes of up to 10 degrees, so it’s perfect for those who live in hilly areas.

Triple braking system integrated into the scooter has been designed for maximum safety and will stop the electric scooter quickly and effectively. According to  our actual testing, the scooter is capable of braking from 15 mph to a complete stop in about 7 meters.

With the removable, high-performance battery, you can extend the scooter’s range to 32 kilometers (20 miles) on a single charge.

There are several factors that affect battery life, including rider weight, terrain, and sport mode.


Among other e-scooters, the Levy’s most distinguishing feature is that the battery rests near the handlebar stem rather than under the deck or inside the stem. There is nothing attractive about it, but it easily recharges by clicking on and off.

The extra battery packs can also be swapped out or replaced when the battery eventually dies, thus extending the lifespan of your scooter and increasing its value.

As far as battery performance is concerned, I was pleased. After a week of commuting up and down hills, cycling in Sport mode, and turning the phone on and off, the battery had reached 60 percent capacity.  Also, the e-brake has a regenerative feature that regenerates power when it is applied. Levy claims an 18-mile range, however, your range might be affected by environment, size, or speed mode.

Hill climbing

One-hub motors are painfully slow on hills with 15 percent elevation (they state that it’s only recommended for hills with 5-10 percent elevation). To ensure your safety, you are required to start with a kick-push. Unfortunately, it was particularly irritating when going uphill. I often had to perform a quick spin maneuver to retrigger e-assistance whenever I hit a stop sign near my house. (The kick-push feature can also be disabled).

Also, I prefer the 10-inch inflatable tires over the tubeless 8.5-inch tires on the original Levy. Even though my neighborhood’s streets are in much worse shape than those around yours, I understand that some people find it annoying to keep their tires inflated. In addition, the Levy Plus features both disc and stomp brakes, which I found very reliable when going down steep hills.

It seems absurd to call a scooter that costs $699 moderately priced, but it’s true. The price is approximately half that of Boosted Rev..   The build quality is solid, the disc brakes are reliable, and the tires are soft enough for me not to have to steer around every pothole.

Charging time

Samsung is a renowned industry titan & leading supplier of Li-ion batteries for the Levy Electric Scooter. In comparison to their counterparts, these Lithium-ion batteries work better, charge faster, offer greater capacity, and last longer.

The charging time from empty was just 2.5 hours, which was astonishing even knowing this. This is a significant improvement over many competing models, which often require up to 8 hours to charge.


Your power is provided by a 350-watt front hub motor enclosed within a durable hub casing. With an in-hub motor, you can ensure it has a long lifespan and a high level of durability by keeping it protected from the elements.


It may appear that this model only provides 350W of power but it can actually reach up to 700W at its peak. Despite this decent acceleration and hill climb ability, the car has a top speed of only 18 mp/h (28.9 kg). With this, you can expect to see speeds around 10-12 mp/h, which is quite fast. Three speed levels are also available to you (beginner, eco and sport +).


Your Levy scooters are equipped with lithium-ion, 460 Wh, 36 Volt, 12.8 Ah batteries. You can easily swap out the battery and charge it in under three hours. These batteries allow you to swap out the batteries easily so that you can get a longer battery life from your mobility device. It is imperative that you  have extra batteries when travelling long distances (no one wants to be left with a dead battery after a long trip).

Panasonic’s battery cells ensure that Levy’s batteries are reliable and efficient since they are sourced from a reputable tech giant. In a single charge, the battery travels 20 miles-however, the safety of the rider, rider weight, and terrain affect the number of miles you can travel. This electric scooter is unlike most others on the market since it is made with a unique design. This feature allows riders to easily swap out battery packs since the battery is concealed in the stem of the scooter. Furthermore, the battery case is designed to guard against potential risks of fire.

Build  quality

I am extremely satisfied with the build quality.  I am especially satisfied with the sliding mechanism since the stem is very large in diameter. There are no loose or loose parts on the scooter. The bolts and pivots are tight. Most of the time, the scooter is quiet and smooth.

During the test, we encountered some problems. Its front fender cracked after repeated side drops while being intentionally dropped. The second problem, a sticky throttle, was solved by Levy quickly. We finally had a flat tire that we repaired with tire slime in no time.

A Levy scooter with an IP rating of IP54 can withstand splashes, but cannot be submerged. In other words, getting caught in the rain won’t harm your scooter, but you shouldn’t submerge it entirely.


Standing space measures 45.7 cm by 14.6 cm on the deck. A scooter in this size and price range has a similar measurement. Standing on it provides good traction because the coating is rubberized.

The deck has a ground clearance of 10.1 centimeters. A distance of just under 100 centimeters separates your deck from the handlebars.

Control panel/ cockpit

It feels solid when you pull on the brake lever.  Your brakes react smoothly and linearly.  The brake cable did not experience excessive drag as a result of friction inside the housing.

During our testing, we found the Levy to have a rubberized thumb throttle.  A power button and a toggle mode button are also integrated into the throttle housing.

There is a smooth and linear feel to the throttle.  A cruise control feature is also integrated into the throttle controller, which is enabled by default.

While we weren’t expecting the cruise control feature to beep when it was activated, we were pleasantly surprised to hear it. We would prefer a more deliberate way to activate the cruise control.


With the Levy Plus scooter, you gain increased visibility thanks to the 2-way lighting system. The vehicle is equipped with a single LED headlight at the front and a robust LED taillight at the back. Front headlights are embedded into the handlebar to provide sufficient illumination. In addition, your night rides will be bright and even thanks to the front headlight embedded into the handlebars.


The Levy Plus scooter does not have suspension. Adding suspension to a scooter increases its cost. This is why all e-scooters with suspension are a little expensive. Nonetheless, a scooter with a pneumatic wheels is comfortable.


The Levy comes with dual tubeless tires measuring 21.6 centimeters. We’ve typically seen these tires only on high-performance scooters, even though they are becoming more common.

It is more difficult for a tubeless tire to puncture than one with tubes. Slime should make it easier for you to  repair them if they get a flat in comparison with pneumatic tube tires.

There are many benefits to this feature.  Except in the case of severe tire damage. Tires should not need to be removed unless they need to be replaced.


For a scooter to be good, it must have good brakes. Featuring rear disc brakes and E-ABS front brakes, your Levy electric scooter has two braking systems.

It is possible to operate the disc brake as well as the regenerative brake with one lever. How does regenerative braking work? It turns kinetic energy back into brake energy, so your battery is more efficiently preserved. What is the reason for two types of brakes?

Combining mechanical disc brakes and e-brakes makes sense because mechanical disc brakes are more durable and reliable.

Water resistance

Having an IP54 rating means the Levy Plus is protected from water jets coming from any direction. In this way, it is safe to take short showers or mists. However, the scooter should not be submerged for long periods of time in large bodies of water or in shallow puddles, even if it can withstand high temperatures and humidity.

Hill climb

Electric scooters from Levy offer you reasonable hill climbing ability for slopes up to 10%. Inclines can lead to a loss of power or performance for most riders, particularly heavier riders. We believe the climbing gradient of this model is much higher than we had anticipated for its price.


The Levy’s 12 kgs make it one of the most portable scooters in the price range. However, it has no other feature other than a folding stem.

It measures 104-centimeters by 43-centimeters by 43-centimeters when it is folded. The Xiaomi M365 is about the same size as this scooter when.

A stem-mounted battery makes the scooter feel unbalanced in comparison to scooters whose batteries are stored on the deck.

The stem folding mechanism of the Levy is robust. The handlebars and stem of the scooter feel solid when unfolded. They don’t wobble or flex too much when riding. With a larger diameter, the stem is more rigid than those on other scooters with narrow stems.

There is a metal lever and a black safety collar on the folding mechanism.  The black safety collar can be folded by pulling it to the side and then pulling down the metal lever.

The stem of the scooter is equipped with a hook and fender combination that locks the scooter in the folded position.

Where to buy

The last thing we do in this levy plus scooter review is to tell you where to buy a scooter. You check the price of a levy plus scooter in this website. It is affordable. You also check the scooter in their website.

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