LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD

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LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD

Meet the LG GRU510N

In addition to its flat-panel TVs, LG also makes several excellent projectors, with many good models in its lineup. There’s no doubt LG makes some of the best flat-panel TVs today, but it’s also not a slouch when it comes to projectors. We will go over some of the highlights, followed by a deeper look at the features of the new GRU510N, a super-bright, ultra-portable 4K projector with a lot to offer anyone who wants a huge, beautiful image without breaking the bank.

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LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD
LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD

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LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD
LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD


Even on a huge screen, razor-sharp images are possible with 4K UHD resolution (3840×2160)

To easily overcome ambient light, this unit is brighter than 5000 lumens ANSI

There is no requirement to change the lamp with a laser light source since it lasts 20,000 hours

The high dynamic range of HDR10 creates stunning contrasts

With an easy setup and small size, this device can be used anywhere

It is very flexible to place lenses horizontally and vertically due to the lens shift

Corrects distortions in corners and edges with a 12-point keystone adjustment

It is possible to deliver content to a variety of devices through numerous connections

Mirroring your computer’s or mobile device’s screen with Miracast is possible

Connect iOS, Android, and DLNA devices wirelessly to share content

A movie night doesn’t need anything else if you have 2 built-in speakers

Bluetooth audio transmission to and from the projector

There are several control options available, including IR remote control, RS-232, and IP.

This LG GRU510N 4K UHD Laser ProBeam Projector offers high-quality image reproduction and fast loading

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4K Splendor on the Screen

LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Resolution, Smart TV
LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Resolution, Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Laser Projector, 5000 ANSI Lumen, Full IP Control, Bluetooth Sound Out

A single-chip DLP imaging system powers the GRU510N to deliver true 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution. In spite of the 1920×1080 resolution of the imaging chip, using an XPR (expanded pixel resolution) technology, the entire pixel grid is quickly repositioned to four different positions. With independent control of each pixel, 3840×2160 pixels are displayed on screen simultaneously; however, these pixels do not appear on screen simultaneously because they are shifted quickly enough that you perceive them as a cohesive image.

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Better Brightness, Better Picture

LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Resolution, Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Laser Projector, 5000 ANSI Lumen, Full IP Control, Bluetooth Sound Out

In many cases, projectors lack light. Not so with the GRU510N, which has 5000 ANSI lumens of peak brightness, which is far higher than most consumer projectors. One of the main reasons why a projector is used in the first place is that the picture won’t look washed out in ambient light. No need for blackout curtains! The projector is also capable of filling a big screen, up to 300″, which is something that other projectors with less light cannot do.

Like most laser-illuminated projectors, the GRU510N uses a laser-based light engine. It uses a blue laser diode array to create all that brightness. The blue laser light is combined with the yellow laser light to form white light by directing some of it to a spinning wheel coated with phosphor.

A spinning wheel with red, green, and blue pie wedges filters reroutes this light. A series of red, green, and blue light is then directed sequentially to a DLP imaging chip, which then produces a picture for each color. Finally, the images are projected sequentially onto a screen. XPR pixel shifting is a process in which sequential images on a screen switch so quickly that they merge into one full-color image in the brain.

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Laser light sources

Laser light sources are not only bright, but they are also long lasting. With a laser like the one on the GRU510N, you can watch about 6000 movies if you put it in use for eight hours a day. If you watch videos on this projector for eight hours a day, the laser will last for seven years. In contrast to conventional projector lamps, which dim to half their original brightness after only 1000 hours or so, the laser maintains its brightness throughout its lifespan.

The GRU510N also supports HDR10 content, which is among the most common HDR formats. Another benefit of high brightness is the ability to present images in high dynamic range (HDR). When you compare HDR images to standard dynamic range, they look positively dull by comparison, since HDR images have brighter highlights and deeper blacks. This projector is extremely bright, making it an excellent HDR projector.

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Powerful Yet Compact

LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD
LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Resolution, Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Laser Projector, 5000 ANSI Lumen, Full IP Control, Bluetooth Sound Out

GRU510N is compact and lightweight, measuring only 14.6″ x 12.8″ x 6.1″ and weighing just 21.4 pounds. It can be moved from one place to another and set up in just about any location, such as the living room or backyard. A number of features help you easily align the image to the screen once you decide where it should be placed.

In addition to the 1.6x zoom lens, the GRU510N also features horizontal and vertical lens shift. Unlike many projectors in its price range, the GRU510N has a 1.6x zoom lens. The projector lens can be shifted up or down to align the image if it is not perfectly centered on the screen. This is highly appreciated by projector owners.

With keystone correction, most projectors square up the image if the projector’s light beam isn’t perpendicular to the screen – the GRU510N does just that. A 12-point keystone adjustment allows you to adjust 12 points along the edges of the image independently, resulting in more accurate and natural alignment. Ideally, you should avoid keystone correction if you can, since they all reduce the perceived resolution, no matter how sophisticated they are. 

In addition to being portable, the GRU510N can also be permanent installed on a shelf or on the ceiling using an optional mount. This optimizes the image for a specific screen in a particular room, so you only need to set it up once.

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Connections and Control

ARC (Audio Return Channel) lets the projector send audio back via the same cable as content as it transmits it to the projector. The GRU510N has an extensive selection of connections on the back, including two HDMI inputs, one of which supports The GRU510N features eight ports and ARC (Audio Return Channel) can be enabled on one of the HDMI inputs.

You can connect an AV receiver’s HDMI output to the projector’s HDMI/ARC input, for example. Audio is sent to the AV receiver via the same cable when you watch content from the projector’s built-in web browser (more on that later). You can also connect the HDMI ARC input to a soundbar. A large number of projectors do not support HDMI ARC, which is a very useful, flexible part of HDMI.

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two USB ports

There are two USB ports on the GRU510N for connecting flash drives and hard drives. As well as rendering audio and video files, the GRU510N also has a built-in media player. When plugged into one of the HDMI ports, streaming sticks, such as Roku or Fire TV Stick, can also receive power (5V/0.5A) from the USB ports.

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two RJ45 ports
LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD
LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Resolution, Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Laser Projector, 5000 ANSI Lumen, Full IP Control, Bluetooth Sound Out

There are two RJ45 ports, which are used for Ethernet cables. There is an Ethernet port on one of those ports, while HDBaseT is on the other. What is HDBaseT? It is a relatively new standard for transmitting audio/video, Ethernet, USB, and control signals. The GRU510N even carries up to 100W of power on a single cable! HDBaseT is not widely used in consumer products at the moment, but if it becomes more prevalent in the future, it is equipped to handle it.

Through Ethernet or HDBaseT, the GRU510N projector can be controlled, or it can be integrated into control systems like Control4 and Crestron using the RS-232C port. Alternatively, you can simply use the included IR remote. Another example of its flexibility and adaptability is that it can be controlled in several ways.

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3.5mm audio output

It has a 3.5mm audio output that can be used with headphones as well as small external speakers. The final connection is audio-related. With the GRU510N, you can also use Bluetooth to send audio wirelessly to external speakers or headphones.

You can even send audio to the projector’s onboard speakers via Bluetooth, since each speaker is powered by a 5-watt amp. This allows the projector to be completely self-contained, which is handy in certain situations, but external speakers are recommended whenever possible, since the built-in speakers cannot get very loud or produce deep bass.

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Content is King

The GRU510N is capable of receiving content from other devices on your home network in addition to HDMI and USB sources, including computers, media servers, and any other device compatible with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). It is possible to connect the projector to the content via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, but if possible, use a hard-wired connection with audio/video material for best results.

Any mobile device that supports Miracast can also be used as a content source, allowing you to mirror the screen of your phone or tablet onto the projector screen.

Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services are not available on the GRU510N like smart TVs do. As part of the webOS operating system, you can access content from USB and network-connected devices using the integrated web browser and apps.

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Final thoughts on LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD

5000 lumens of peak brightness make this LG GRU510N one of the most impressive consumer projectors on the market. You can enjoy a bright, vivid picture even with the lights on – no black-hole man cave required! As a result of its high brightness, HDR content is also extremely well suited. As a result of a laser light engine that will last for many years without ever requiring expensive lamp replacements, the resolution of 3840×2160 makes razor-sharp images even on large screens up to 300″.

You can easily set up this projector anywhere thanks to its relatively compact case and advanced alignment controls, including zoom lens, horizontal and vertical lens shift, and 12-point keystone correction. You can watch movies, browse photos, and watch anything your integrated browser points you to online with its flexible content options.

I think the best thing about it is the price: $3,999.99. That’s far less than most projectors that don’t offer nearly as much brightness or flexibility. You should consider the LG GRU510N if you’re interested in learning about projectors or upgrading an existing light thrower.

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