Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse review

Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse

The Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse review

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It’s more fun if there are no wires or limits. A wireless gaming mouse with LIGHTSPEED technology from Logitech is designed for high-performance gaming on a PC. It comes with Logitech’s next-generation GHERO optical sensor, featuring 200 to 12,000 DPI sensitivity for high levels of accuracy. Its wireless performance is 1 millisecond faster than wired, so you can enjoy the same level of efficiency as if you were wired. A single AA battery provides the G305 with up to 250 hours of continuous playtime.  Easily take your wireless mouse anywhere you go with this ultra-portable gaming mouse, which weighs just 99 grams, has built-in storage for the included USB wireless receiver, and comes with a pocket for the receiver to store it. It’s easy to add instant multi-action commands, DPI settings, and more to six buttons using the Logitech Gaming Software. Wireless mice of all types will love the G305.

The Logitech G305 is a wireless gaming mouse that provides gamers with the freedom to play without wires. It uses the latest technology to deliver a lag-free experience. The Logitech G305 has an advanced optical sensor that provides accurate tracking. It also has a durable design that can withstand the most intense gaming sessions. Read our full review of the Logitech G305 here.

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G305 Features

I was significantly more instinctive and improved my Fortnite ranking because I could bring up the build menu without moving my hand and tapping F1. In frenetic combat situations, this MMB is much more noticeable than other mice I have used.

The HERO sensor from Logitech is a great addition to the device. The HERO sensor is used in some of Logitech’s other mice and is meant to offer outstanding accuracy and performance while being energy-efficient. The sensor generally achieves that goal. I can make my movements faster by using this sensor, even if the savings are small.

Besides automatic switching between profiles, you can assign different functions to the game-specific buttons when you switch between Fortnite and Overwatch. Alternatively, these profiles can be saved on your PC or mouse.

It is possible to mine a ridiculous amount of detailed usage data with the Logitech software installed. Using the click analyzer, you can learn what buttons you press most often and how hard you press them, as well as how long you hold them so you can optimize your button profile strategy based on your gameplay data.

Most importantly, the software allows you to manually adjust the level of sensitivity if the settings aren’t right for you since some games benefit from rapid movement while others require more accuracy.

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G305 Performance

As far as basic functionality is concerned, the 305 offers the same features as the more expensive G703, but with a few features shaved to lower the price. Unlike the other mice in this series, the mouse pad does not have a Power Play option for automatic recharging just like air mouse.

Despite the lack of Powerplay capability, the G305 is capable of lasting up to 250 hours on just one AA battery. If you don’t buy that awesome (but expensive) charging pad then you won’t have to buy batteries all the time, regardless of how many profiles you save on the mouse.

Regardless of how great the battery life of the G305 is, its response time is what makes it stand out from the competition. With this mouse, I get better sensitivity and response time than with my wired mouse, something I never thought would be possible until a few years ago.

Additionally, besides the lack of Power Play, another potential problem is the lack of RGB lighting, which is now almost universally found on gaming mice. There are plenty of cheap $10 mice on the market with more ostentatious, but not as sleek, smooth functions as the G305.

Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse  Design

In just a few seconds, you can see the G305’s rather restrained and simplistic design. We removed the Proteus’ curves and angles, the G300S’ flared hips, and the G602’s longer support segment for the thumb.

With its smaller and lighter design, the G305 works both well for claw grips and relaxed hand grips. Although the mouse feels sturdy, it is relatively light compared to other gaming peripherals. When it comes to FPS action, it’s best with the extra 10g weight, but you can always remove it if you don’t want to deal with that extra weight.

It glides across your desktop with ease because of the rubber feet, while the extra foot at the bottom prevents damage from being caused when you slam your mouse buttons down.

To maximize the G305’s compact size, Logitech cleverly tucked the wireless receiver inside the mouse’s battery compartment. Because it’s so small and well concealed, I didn’t see it when I opened the case and assumed my mouse had forgotten to include it.


It is portable due to its compact design

Red flashes the battery indicator when there are 15 batteries left

A high-precision, the high-sensitive optical sensor delivers a maximum 12, 000 DPI sensitivity and 400 IPS precision


Possibly not ergonomic

Ultra-Long Battery Life

Keep your performance at its best without being concerned about running out of energy. It is possible to play continuously in Performance mode for an incredible 250 hours on just one AA battery. The battery also determines how long a computer mouse last.

LIGHTSPEED Wireless for All

Designed for serious gaming performance and the latest technology, the LIGHTSPEED G305 wireless gaming mouse is a great fit at a very affordable price. Now anyone can play wireless gaming, the next generation of gaming. It offers faster speeds that joysticks and trackballs.

Hero Sensor

With HERO by Logitech G, you will get class-leading performance and power efficiency up to ten times better than previous generations. In addition to providing exceptional accuracy and consistency, Hero’s sensor offers no smoothing, filtration, or acceleration from 200 to 12,000 DPI. Each of the G305’s five profiles can have up to five levels of DPI saved on its onboard memory.

The Magic Quadrant

HERO is a truly revolutionary development in sensor technology that delivers unmatched efficiency and performance. For the first time, wireless gaming mice can deliver high performance and long-lasting durability.

10x Efficiency

HERO performs dynamic frame-rate processing based on mouse speed with the help of a smart power management system. A smart power management system makes sure that power consumption is managed and minimized. This is equivalent to 250 hours of continuous battery use on one AA battery, although battery life may differ depending on the user, battery discharge characteristics, and computing conditions.

Hero in Action

With a speed of over 400 IPS and a measurement range of 200-12,000 DPI, Hero delivers extreme accuracy without any smoothing, acceleration, or filtering. This sensor provides players with unparalleled power efficiency and responsiveness.

Wireless LightSpeed

A robust wireless solution for latency, stability, and connectivity was designed and engineered by Logitech G through an end-to-end engineering process. Thus, LIGHTSPEED provides wired-like performance in a wireless solution. When we did optical mouse vs laser mouse article we saw that some mouse do lag which is not the case with

1 ms Wireless Achieved

A complete technology optimization was carried out by Logitech G engineers, from sensors to firmware, circuitry to antenna design. Testing and refining each component was done by our experienced team, focusing on the slowest link until all components were working optimally.

Ultra-Long Battery Life

You can enjoy months of gaming with the combined power of the HERO sensor and LIGHTSPEED wireless. One AA battery can power the device for up to 250 hours. Logitech G HUB, as well as the indicator light on the G305, will notify you when 15% of the battery remains. It can be used for up to 9 months in Endurance mode, which can be selected via Logitech G HUB. When used with the Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad, Logitech G HUB indicated that 15% of the battery was left.


Logitech G lets you play without being burdened by a heavy gaming mouse. A lightweight mechanical design and efficient battery usage help make the G305 very light. It weighs only 99 grams.

6 Programmable Buttons

Each of the two G305 primary switches is rated for 10 million clicks. With the Logitech G HUB, you can also program the middle button, DPI button, and two side buttons of the G305 to suit your preferences.

Mechanics of Tightening the Button

The two mouse buttons can be mechanically tensioned separately to enhance consistency and reduce the effort required for clicking on the left and right main mouse buttons. As a result, even during intense gaming sessions, you can expect smooth and consistent button responses.

Anywhere You Want

G305’s design is durable, lightweight, as well as compact, and convenient thanks to the integrated USB nano receiver storage.


Some people prefer to gain more weight than lose it since more weight doesn’t mean the end of the world. Nowadays, people are looking for lighter mice for shooters and other stuff like that. Add a lithium AA battery as a few fixes, as this will drastically improve performance. To reduce the weight even further, a AAA battery with a AAA to AA converter can be used. I have a mouse that uses two AAA batteries and that clear part at the bottom is a converter, which can be purchased on Amazon for a reasonable price. They are usually larger, but it saved me some weight by cutting them up.

Loose cover

The battery and other components are covered by a cover on the back of the mouse. When it is removed, the issue is that it will become loose and can be felt when the mouse is moved. I used thin cardboard pieces to tighten the joint between the cover and the interior to make it more rigid, as shown in the second image. Now, the loose cover is not an issue at all. Hopefully, this will solve your problem.

Is the G305 still good in 2021?

yes, its reliability, long battery life, and speeds make it worth your investment. It is good for gaming as well as other daily PC works.

Is G305 a good mouse?

A good FPS gaming mouse would be Logitech’s G305 LIGHTSPEED. During long gaming sessions, users should find it comfortable with its low click latency. The sensor performance is excellent, and all six buttons are programmable. It is not ideal for hands with larger sizes because of its small size.

Is the Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse worth it?

It affordable, attractive, and capable Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless. It proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune on gaming mice to enjoy your PC games. Although it’s not perfect, it’s a tremendous addition to wireless peripherals that will hopefully take off shortly

Final thoughts if the Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

The price is far lower than some of its competitors. In addition this wireless gaming mouse offers almost all the features of a much more expensive mouse.

You wouldn’t think it could be so cheap looking at the Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless. You’ll never see anything more impressive than this mouse.  Moreover, it takes on a more minimalist aesthetic that is rare among gaming mice. In addition to looking stylish, it is robust and powerful. However, the most important feature is that it’s wireless, and that’s always made peripherals more important, even now.

The gaming mouse shines because of this feature. In addition to its amazing features, this product offers an incredibly cheap price. Furthermore, it does not skimp on extra features.



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