Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

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Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

There is no question that mechanical keyboards are the best type of keyboard for typing. They are durable, accurate, and provide a satisfying click when you hit the keys. However, not all mechanical keyboards are created equal. Here are five of the best mechanical keyboards under $100 dollars.

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 Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard is designed for gamers and typists who demand the best performance. It features a backlight that can be customized to your liking, a n-key rollover technology for extra accuracy, and a durable construction that can handle years of abuse.

 Razor Naga Hex Mechanical Keyboard

It has features that are good for both gaming and programing.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Individual switches are placed on each key of a mechanical keyboard. Keyboards with membrane switches and keyboards with pantograph switches are constructed differently.

Spring and switch keycaps are common components of mechanical keyboards so you can type confidently. Due to its versatility, it is popular with both programmers and gamers.

A mechanical keyboard usually costs more than a membrane keyboard or a pantograph keyboard because of the complexity of its construction, which makes it more expensive than a membrane keyboard or a pantograph keyboard. In addition to having different feeling and sound sensations, there are also different sounds associated with the blue and red axes.

In mechanical keyboards, the switches used to operate the keycaps are often referred to as Cherry MX switches, which are produced mostly by German companies. Their prices vary depending on the brand, for instance, you check our other list of best mechanical keyboard under $50. Also related: Best Keyboard For Coding

Advantages: Why use a mechanical keyboard?


If one key on a mechanical keyboard break, you can still use it because it has a switch.

Besides white switches, there are switches with a variety of colors, such as blue and red. Switches can be selected based on their unique properties according to your preferences and circumstances.

The keycaps of mechanical keyboards can also be removed for easy cleaning, which makes them easy to maintain.

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Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

Computer keyboards buyers guide always contain important information on factors to consider when good for a keyboard. For instance, best mechanical keyboards under $100 reddit cannot be found in many online retail shops. You need to know when and where you can find it.

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Cherry MX 3.0S

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Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

With several classic keyboard devices, Cherry has established itself as a manufacturer of traditional mechanical keyboards. While the MX 3.0S is the brand’s first wireless keyboard, it’s one of the best mechanical keyboards under $100. Very few keyboards are good for gaming. This is one of them.

Cherry’s Advanced Wireless Technology is paired with this three-mode mechanical gaming keyboard for exceptional energy efficiency and minimal latency. There are 109 keys on the Cherry MX 3.0S keyboard, which measures 430mm x 140mm x 36mm and has a distinctive bottom shell design.

There are two main materials used in the construction of the keyboard: its bottom shell and its side wings, which are composed of decorative plastic plates. The top cable outlet is also made of plastic, so wireless signals aren’t interfered with by metal bases. Read more on  best budget keyboards for gaming

offers wired and wireless Bluetooth

Moreover, it preserves the essential line separation architecture for wires, making it possible to connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth device. A USB Type-C port and a power button are now located in the center of the keyboard’s top. Such features can also be found in best mechanical keyboard under $150.

Further, the interface has a broad flat area around it so that any USB-C cable may be used without fear of the cable connector getting loose if the original connection is damaged, and compatibility is excellent. Besides being the best mechanical keyboard under $100, Cherry MX 3.0S also has this functionality.

A matte technique has been applied to the front surfaces of the keycaps to provide a pleasant feel, and the keycaps are made from ABS with the original height. A good amount of care has been taken to clean the bottom nozzle, which is reinforced with ribs on the inside.

As a result, white keycaps need routine cleaning because they tend to get stained by oil over time.

Cherry MX switch and RGB illumination come standard on the Cherry MX 3.0S Wireless mechanical gaming keyboard. Because the switch body is directly attached to the PCB, there is less pronounced feedback than with a steel plate; therefore, it is less robust and less pronounced than with a steel plate. Steel plates make the keys feel hard, whereas no steel plates make the keys feel soft.


Corsair K68

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Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

In terms of mechanical keyboards under $100, the Corsair K68 features Cherry MX Red keys, red LED illumination, and a Cherry MX Red keycap design. With the Cue Corsair application, you can customize the keyboard’s lighting effects and hue using the application.

Moreover, users can create macros with Cue Corsair’s program to improve their gaming experience. Considering this, the Corsair K68 is one of the best mechanical keyboards under $100 thanks to its fast movements command.

The Windows key lock button on Corsair keyboards prevents gamers from accidentally activating the “Start” menu when playing games, as it is the case with many other keyboards on the market.

As a result of its IP32 compliance, it is actually valuable. The Corsair K68 keyboard delivers a great deal of performance for its price, making it one of the best mechanical keyboards under $100. Its resistance to moisture, dirt, and even food crumbs earns it recognition as among the best mechanical keyboards under $100. In order to protect the whole internal structure of the attachment, the mechanical keyboard includes keys that are covered in silicone rubber shields.

As one of the most popular budget keyboards for gamers, the Corsair K68 mechanical keyboard is almost identical to keyboards of greater quality.

The official website offers the best value for money even if you are not a gamer but like all things flashy.

Logitech Pop Keys

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Logitech Pop Keys
Logitech Pop Keys

A wireless keyboard designed especially for Generation Z, the Pop Keys by Logitech offers a set of separate emoji keys, detachable emoji keys, and other features made for a generation that prefers to use TikTok instead of typing text.

Its child like design, combined with mechanical keys and customised emoji keys, makes Logitech Pop Keys an intriguing keyboard with a subtle twist: it becomes the first mechanical keyboard to feature emoji keys, and which is based on the unconventional design of Lofree’s keyboard. There is no doubt that Pop Keys is the best mechanical keyboard now available under $100. It is designed to attract and appeal to younger people. There will be a row of detachable, customisable emoji keys that will activate emojis as soon as they are touched, which will replace the Numpad, which Gen Z rarely uses unless they are avid gamers.

Pop Keys

By pressing three hotkeys, Logitech Pop Keys can switch between three devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops. The ‘Blast Yellow’ model is the most attractive of the three audaciously vibrant colour combinations. While this is a very important feature, it can also be found in best mechanical keyboard under $75.

A pair of AA batteries powers the mechanical keyboard and provides a battery life of three years. This Logitech keyboard has 50 million strokes, the highest number of any Logitech keyboard, and mechanical TTC Brown scissor-switch key design.

Considering the generation has been conditioned to use-and-throw cultures and same-day shipping, it is commendable that Logitech is investing in lasting goods. The reality is that modern devices are extremely difficult to repair, so a keyboard that lasts a long time is a real pleasure.

quick-access emoji keys

Despite its absolute flash of color, the Pop Keys’ 5 quick-access emoji keys are the highlight of the keyboard. This is an amazing feature for a keyboard under $100.

In addition to the keys in the package, the keys can be detached and interchanged with other emoji keys. Emojis can be accessed through one emoji menu key, which provides access to the less common emojis. Emoji keypads feature eight emoji keys that can be swapped out.

iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac platforms are all supported by the keyboard. There is also a USB connector/receiver included with the Logi Bolt, which supports Bluetooth pairing.

Coolermaster SK650

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Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

With its streamlined design and great portability, the CoolerMaster SK650 keyboard makes a great gaming keyboard for outdoor use. Aluminum is used in the making of this stunning piece.

SK650 and SK630 keyboards have the same functionality except for a digital area. Consequently, the wedge-shaped body lacks a support foot and has a volume of 12.5. The front panel is made of brushed gun-gray aluminum.

Small form factor

With Low Profile Cherry MX RGB Red switches, the Cooler Master SK650 provides an excellent gaming experience at under $100. It size makes it a suitable keyboard for programming.

With 45g of actuation force and 1.2 mm activation stroke on each key, Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Red switches on the SK650 keyboard help you play games better. A space-saving and efficient gaming option can be created with this arrangement and its thin design.

Its keys are individually illuminated with different colors for a pleasing effect. The keyboard also comes with an RGB light bar which lets you express your individual style in any environment.

In addition to assigning colors to keys, you can control effects, make macros, and organize game profiles using specialized software.

attractive brushed aluminum appearance

This keyboard features an N-Key Rollover and 6-KRO hybrid mechanism that allows for quick key detection, along with an attractive brushed aluminium appearance.

In addition to being one of the best mechanical keyboards under $100, it includes a 32-bit ARM Cortex CPU for fast macro processing and on-the-fly adjustments, which makes it ideal for users who want to make quick adjustments. Moreover, you will be able to keep all of your settings intact thanks to the inbuilt memory of the device.

This keyboard’s most prominent feature is the MX Low Profile, which is one of its most notable features. There has been a difference in thickness between the low MX mechanical switch compared to the regular MX mechanical switch, which is 11.9 mm.

RGB lights

Furthermore, the switch retains a great mechanical feel in addition to RGB lighting. The fuselage’s sides are also adorned with light stripes.

As well as this, the SK650 supports shuttle control through a detachable USB-C connection. It requires no drivers, allowing features to be programmed directly from the keyboard.

Changing the keyboard doesn’t require restarting the computer. Why? It is fitted with storage, which is typical of high-end keyboards rather than mechanical keyboards below $100. This is a feature that makes some one want to buy if you are in need of keyboard for typing in the dark

It’s dirt cheap considering the cost of the Low Profile switch is currently rather high, given that this Cooler Master keyboard has a low profile. For desktop users and notebook users who travel frequently, this budget mechanical keyboard is ideal.

Dareu A87

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Dareu A87 Keyboards
Dareu A87 Keyboards

A new mechanical keyboard, the A87, was introduced by Dareu on April 30, 2021. It has a fully-pluggable custom-switch mechanical keyboard. The console uses a new plug-in axis design and colour scheme that is based on the original Blue Additions design, and it is the first Dareu switch console (purple axis and sky axis are optional). Dareu A-Series peripherals are known for their gaming performance, and this one holds true to that as well.

As a result of its custom-made Dareu mechanical switches, the Dareu A87 is the fifth best mechanical keyboard under $100 because of its two different styles of switches, one of which has a linear feel and the other of which has a two-stage paragraph feel.

With Dareu’s custom switch body, you’ll experience improved smoothness and reduced trigger force errors due to their high-strength alloy spring. Maintaining the constancy of tactile sensation is possible with this function.

 gold-plated contacts

A gold-plated contact is also added to the switch body shrapnel so that vulcanization of the metal may be minimized. It also serves to ensure that the switch body’s service life could be prolonged despite changes in environmental conditions. This is what makes the switch body could respond to various environments.

There’s a removable magnetic top cover on Dareu’s A87’s mechanical keyboard, and it goes with a full list of keys that can be plugged in and plugged out, which makes it compatible with nearly 99 per cent of the mechanical switch switches available in the market today.

 full-key hot-swap layout

As one of the best mechanical keyboards under $100, it features full keys that can be swapped easily. Your tactile preferences can be customized for each key, and your use pattern may be customized for the entire mechanical keyboard.

Dareu A87 is one of the best budget mechanical keyboards because it employs a Type-C interface connecting cable in addition to being fully-pluggable, custom-switch mechanical keyboard.

A purple gold appearance color scheme can be chosen. You may also choose as a sky-blue appearance color scheme. Your distinctive personality can be expressed from the inside out with the color-matching design.

PBT material keycaps

A mechanical keyboard with Dareu’s A87 keycaps and custom-made Dareu switches is one of the most durable. It is stable and sturdy keyboards on the market today. The keycaps are made of durable PBT material, and the switches are made from Dareu. A reinforced metal panel is combined with a noise-absorbing silicone layer of high strength. And the silicone pads are 3.5mm thick with 1.5mm thick irons.

It reduces the amount of noise that is caused when the switch on the keyboard is tapped during operation. This is done by providing a tight-fitting closed loop which effectively reduces sound created by the keyboard’s vibration. This is what makes the keyboard feel smoother and more pleasant during operation.

Final thoughts on Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

There are many keyboards that are best for typing. They are the most comfortable keyboards, easy to use, and have a beautiful design. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes. However, these keyboards are not always cheap. There are some keyboards that are best for typing, but cost less than $100. These keyboards are not as comfortable as the more expensive ones, but they are easy to use, have a beautiful design, and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The best keyboard under $100 reddit, as we have seen have very interesting features that can serve you well.