MegaWheels s10 electric scooter

Megawheels s10 electric scooter review

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Megawheels s10 electric scooter review
Megawheels s10 electric scooter review

Our MegaWheels S10 review for 2022 continues with the pros & cons section. I will summarize the discussion by saying that this low-cost electric scooter is not worth much more than its price. Compared to similarly priced competitors, this model is hard to beat in terms of performance, but other models are easily superior. Although it has some more advanced features, such as a lithium-ion battery and lighting, it has a 220-pound maximum weight. There is a fair amount of payload and a reasonably fast charging time, but overall this model does not meet the standard. This cheap electric scooter has mediocre hill climbing capabilities, inadequate brakes, no suspension, and no classification for waterproofing, so it’s better suited to collectors or casual riders rather than those who need real utility. Read on to learn more about this e-Scooter.

A summary of the specs

The MegaWheels S10 Electric Scooter is suitable for children as well as adults, but its weight limit is about 220 pounds. The scooter can go up to 15 mph and last for 13 or 14 miles without needing to be charged.

To use the scooter on relatively flat surfaces, you should climb hills up to 8 degrees. While it is not a cheap activity, it can be a fun weekend activity, and commuters can use it for going from the parking lot to the office.

With a weight of about 26.7 pounds, the scooter is heavy. When expanded, it will measure 3 feet 6 inches by 3 feet 9 inches, and it is 1 foot 5 inches wide. Additionally, the toolkit includes a folding wrench and a folding hook for you to use.

It is easy to store the scooter after you have finished riding it. You won’t need to worry about taking up a lot of space when you take it with you. This means that you can take it anywhere with you.

This scooter has a comfortable deck. If you need to stop, you can feel the rear brake easily. Using the kickstand, located under the deck near the charging port, allows you to rest your scooter while standing up.

Specs overview

Let’s take a look at the MegaWheels S10 review for 2021. A few key features of this very nice low-cost e-scooter are briefly discussed in our overview section. First of all, MegaWheels has built an electric scooter that is both convenient and cost-effective. LED lighting that is fully integrated front and rear provide an improved visibility and safety benefit to riders.

Despite the scooter’s weight of 12.1 kg (26.67 lbs), it can support a maximum weight of 100 kg (220 lbs); almost 8.2 times its weight. We were astonished to find this e-scooter lightweight yet robust and durable at the same time. More information about the 2021 MegaWheels S10 including speed/distance and battery life is in the section that follows.

Performance overview

unlike the Weped SST E-scooter The MEGAWHEELS S10 can reach speeds up to 15.5 mph with its 250-watt brushless hub motor. A speed of 15.5 mph would be considered average. Despite its slow speed, the scooter is fast enough to be a safe and effective way to commute (if you are late to work, you won’t have to blame the scooter). The MEGAWHEELS S10 is not the fastest electric scooter on the market, but we should consider its price. You can expect an average speed of 15.5 mph from such an affordable electric scooter.

It feels comfortable and smooth to ride. The solid tires’ rigidity can be compensated for by the suspension, which provides a more comfortable ride. The MEGAWHEELS S10, in contrast, has some difficulty riding on rough terrain, and it has a little trouble going uphill. As we expected from such an inexpensive electric scooter, this performance is on par with its price point.


Similarly, the MegaWheels S10 will cover a range of approximately 17-22 km (10.56-13.67 miles), subject to output, rider weight, and terrain. We still believe this performance to be more than acceptable, even though it is relatively low when compared to higher-end models. It’s the perfect e-scooter for e-Scooter enthusiasts everywhere, including commuters and first-timers. We have compiled a list of the best electric scooters of 2022 for those looking to improve their scooter speed.


We’ll now move on to discussing the 2022 MegaWheels S10’s battery life and charging. For starters, the 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery has a quick charge time, as it can be charged from zero to full in just four hours. According to some, it may take up to 8-12+ hours for a higher-end model to fully charge.

Even so, it must be noted that this budget e-scooter offers lower mileage than most others. Featuring a convenient display that displays battery life, speed and mode, light status, and more. In terms of its longevity, you can expect it to run for 500-1000+ charges before experiencing any battery problems. You would still have a hard time reaching 1000+ charges in less than 2-3 years even if you charged every day.

Charging time

The battery charges within four hours.  This is an exceptionally short charging time for an e-Scooter at this cost.


A single rear hub motor powers the Megawheels S10. This motor is pretty standard – it’s enclosed in a solid rubber tire. Front tires feature honeycomb lattice while rear tires are solid through and through. There is no IP rating (that we know of) on the motor, so it shouldn’t be used in rainy weather.

The motor is pretty quiet, but it does whine a bit as you increase the speed.

We have found that the motor can become very hot if the scooter climbs any gradients or is loaded with a lot of weight (90kg+).


S10’s performance is surprisingly good for a motor with a relatively small power output of 250W. Three different speed modes are available to riders, each with a different level of acceleration and top speed. In Economy (12 mph) you can take it easy, in Normal (20 mph) you can have a good time, and in Fast (25 mph) you can let rip. Typical speeds for a 250W eScooter with a 25 km/h (15.5 mp/h) engine are 25 km/h (15.5 mp/h). I was pleasantly surprised at the speed. The Phatty G3 is alittle faster; it speed is 20 mph.

Build quality

Featuring an advanced brushless motor system (250 watts), this model can reach the mentioned maximum speeds of 25 kilometers per hour or 15.5 miles per hour in just a few seconds, making it suitable for everyday city use. Furthermore, this battery is capable of providing a maximum capacity of 7,500 mAh. A second LED front light is integrated with the electronic brake, in addition to the dual brakes. Even though its essence and black color make it look very elegant, the Megawheel S10 is large enough to be used daily by an individual weighing up to 120 kilograms for approximately 20 kilometers, which takes into consideration the battery’s charge time, which is three hours from zero to 100.


Megawheels’ S10 has a nice deck that looks like compressed timber wrapped with grip tape. This board has a nice curve at the front, which goes well with the slope of the tubular frame. You should be able to stand comfortably on the deck, but because there isn’t a rear footrest, you may accidentally put your foot on the mudguard (which is a brake).

The deck seems to be of good quality; though it is glued on, the grip tape will almost certainly wear down and lift at the sides over time.

In between the tubular frame and the deck is where the battery is located.

Control panel/ cockpit

It’s surprisingly equipped with a speedo / LCD display that shows the speed and ride mode. The S10 has a true LCD screen, something that cheaper scooters tend to avoid. This is a simple and plain device that shows only battery, speed, and ride mode. It will not give you an odometer.

In general, the accelerator is controlled by the right-hand thumb throttle while the rear brake is controlled by the left-hand thumb throttle.

Despite its simplicity, the controls and display work well.

The panel is centered in the handlebars and large enough to make it easy to read.  In the evening, visibility is easy due to sufficient backlighting on the panel.


There are front and rear lights on the MegaWheel S10. In the dark, you won’t be able to see much in front of you due to the diluted beam pattern. The front light (which uses three LEDs) is pretty good, however, the aim is too high. LEDs are surrounded by a milky white plastic casing that reduces their brightness slightly. This rear light is fairly bright and illuminates upon braking (only with the electric brake, not the mudguard brake). Its light are not as impressive as those on the NanRobot D6+


Let’s get right to the point.   You get solid wheels with this scooter.  It doesn’t provide much comfort, nor does it provide any suspension. Efforts to improve ride quality are only apparent in the front tire.  Truth be told, the honeycomb structure is extremely rigid, which makes the ride quality itself harsh.

If there is a poor-quality path or road in the area (and certainly not off-road), you wouldn’t use this.

Even though most scooters of this power level/price point come with solid wheels, Megawheels did try a honeycomb front tire.  We think that the honeycomb has little effect on the hardness of the tire anyway because it is so hard.


It takes a lifetime to wear down Megawheel S10 tires since they’re hardened rubber – they’re not puncture-proof and won’t puncture easily. A cushion is constructed by drilling holes into the rubber on the front wheel. In theory, the cavities should let the rubber compress (and therefore reduce the harshness of the ride).

Sadly, on the Megawheel S10, the drilled holes did not seem to affect the tires’ performance, the tires remain solid.

There is minimal tread depth – which makes it suitable for most day-to-day tasks. However, you should avoid going through puddles and using them off-road (it does not grip well on damp grass).


The brakes on the Megawheels S10 are excellent.  This is yet another pleasant surprise. Slowing down is achieved through electric braking (resistance on the motor).  The mudguards can be manually engaged as well.  The vehicle can be stopped from 15 mph in no time. It does not have a front brake, though.  There are two brake options, but the rear wheel is used for all braking. As a result, if you stop suddenly, you’re likely to skid. The braking is overall good, although if you wait until the last minute, the rear wheel will lock up and you will skid.

Water resistance

Water-resistance is important to you? I’d suggest moving on.   Our Megawheels S10 come with no IP rating. I think with its construction it would be able to withstand damp conditions and light moisture. There is a charging port on the battery under the deck that is plugged with a rubber plug.  Therefore, rain should not affect its operation. It looks similar to other scooters with an IP54 rating because the rear motor is integrated into the wheel.

Any electrical item is susceptible to a power surge.  You must treat it as if no IP rating was displayed, otherwise, the warranty will be nullified.

Even IP54 rated scooters can tolerate some dampness and light splashes but are not designed to get wet.

We tested the Megawheels S10 in the rain. The scooter did not have any issues (despite being moderately damp). However, we don’t know how long-term that will affect us.


This slim, elegant design is complemented by a classic straight handlebar. Your MEGAWHEELS S10 handlebar includes three main controls: a small but clear display that shows riding data, a brake button on your left, and a throttle button on your right. The controls can be operated without losing your grip on the handlebars, which are both safe and comfortable.


With a weight of just 11kg, the Megawheels S10 is the perfect scooter for last-mile commuters who need something they can take on a train or bus. MegaWheels S10 weighs as much as the MegaWheels S5.  The portability of the Megawheels S10 makes it ideal for commuters, apartment dwellers (with stairs), car owners, or anyone who wants a compact wheel that they can throw in their caravan for a trip or even to the race track.  In folded form, the scooter is 105 cm x 43 cm x 54 cm – ideal for a car boot.

Where to buy

Our Megawheels s10 electric scooter review will not be complete without seeking where one can buy this electric scooter. Check the Megawheels S10 from Amazon. It comes at an affordable price.

Final thoughts on the MegaWheels S10 Electric scooter review

MEGAWHEELS S10 is an affordable vehicle with great features. If you are shopping for a low-cost electric scooter, we recommend this model. You’ll get a cheap and safe electric scooter if you choose the MEGAWHEELS S10. It won’t take you on great adventures but will allow you to get to school, work, or walk around the neighborhood at a decent speed with no danger to you.





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