Mercane  Widewheel  pro review

Mercane Widewheel pro

Mercane  Widewheel  pro review

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Mercane  Widewheel  pro review
Mercane  Widewheel  pro review

Mercane Widewheel pro is an electric scooter that gives you a unique way of transportation. It is easy to operate and can be used for commuting or leisure. It is also a great way to stay in shape and have some fun. Read more about the Mercane Widewheel pro and find out where you can buy one.

In this Mercane Widewheel pro review, of great importance are the range, motor, deck, wheels and battery. All this contribute to the performance of the scooter.

Due to its great entry-level price tag, it is a great choice for those in search of a dual-motor scooter that offers some bite. The scooter can reach speeds of 0-15 mph in just 3.2 seconds, giving it a 60 percent performance advantage over average commuter scooters. The chunky wheels, spring suspension system, along with its sturdy frame, make it stable at high speeds (26 mph).

Despite being wide, the tires’ unique floating effect provides a level of ride quality that is perfect for urban travel, whether it be commuting or tearing up backstreets.

A summary of the specs

It is good to give you a summarized specification in this Mercane  Widewheel  pro review. Who knows, you may be in a hurry or you not have enough time to go through the whole article.

Component Description
Top Speed ~   43 kph (26mph)
Max Range ~      48  km (30 miles)
Scooter weight ~24.5 kg ( 54  lbs.)
Maximum Load ~220 lbs. (100 kg)
Tires type ~      solid rubber
Tires~               8 x 4 inches
Motor ~          front 500 W and rear 500 W
number of motors ~Dual
Battery type~ Lithium Ion
Battery capacity ~48 V ( you can choose 5 Ah,  10 Ah, 15 Ah and 14.4 Ah)
Suspension~ Swinging arm ( on both front and rear wheel)
Brakes ~Disc brakes ( mechanical)
regenerative braking~ no
Charging time ~ 4-6 hrs
Hill climb~ 20 degree ( 50%)
Lights LED~ Headlights , Taillight
Frame ~Aluminium alloy
Foldability ~Yes
water resistance~ No included by manufacturer
Horn~ no
display~ Backlight LCD display

Performance overview

As noted by Mercane, the Widewheel Pro 2020 comes in two varieties,  a dual motor model and a single motor model. In this review, we’ll focus on the dual motor model.

With upgrades over its predecessors, the Pro really stands out. Several of these changes have been geared toward improving the build and power of the scooter.

The original mechanisms are being modified with dual suspension and an electric motor for increased stability and speed, which enhances the overall riding experience.

Besides functionality upgrades, there are dual modes for various performance requirements. The LCD display control system has been upgraded as well. A new battery pack allows the scooter to run longer on a single charge, making shorter journeys possible (thanks to the increased acceleration and range).

There is an additional disc brake at the rear, as well as a new brake lever, ensuring a complete braking upgrade.

As a result, riding becomes incredibly enjoyable, reaching top speeds quickly and maintaining acceleration even while climbing hills. Despite their extra-wide, airless tires (to prevent flats), the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro gives a smooth, steady ride, but it struggles in wet conditions.

The combined rigidity of the chassis and dual suspension offers a smooth, jarring-free ride as long as you remain on the road.

Although it’s slim, it’s heavy. Despite the fact that it comes with folding handles and stems, it may be difficult to transport due to its weight. Furthermore, it does not seem to be very versatile. But its road performance is exceptional. You cannot  use it on adventurous terrain due to its tire grip and rigid suspension at high speeds.


Compared with its predecessor, the scooter is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack with a 720 watt-hour capacity.

To achieve a full charge, your battery requires about 7 hours.

During real-world testing, we were able to achieve a range of 31.1 kilometers. There were frequent stops and starts, rough roads, and hills in the test track. We unlocked your scooter and rode at the maximum safe speed.  74 kg was the rider’s weight.

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Charging  time

This model has a bigger battery than the previous one, which is a major upgrade. You’ll have more power with the 48V 15Ah high-efficiency Li-ion battery (compared with 48V 13.2Ah).

The batteries on this scooter are twice as large as those on a standard budget scooter. Charging ports can be found on the right of the front wheel.

For the battery to avoid overheating, the charge time should not exceed 6-7 hours. Charging is simple with the light indicator that turns from red to green when your battery is fully charged. This was covered on our previous article on how charge an electric scooter.


One of the scooter’s strongest points is its motor setup. Each wheel has a hub motor that powers the scooter.  It is one of the best dual motor scooters in the market. Together, these motors produce a total of 1000 Watts.  They are capable of producing 1600 Watts peaks.  Among its price range, the Pro is one of the most powerful and most torquey scooters on the market.

The best feature of a scooter is having dual motors. Their performance has greatly improved.  It may be the raw power, the speed, the acceleration, the climb angle, the torque, or any combination of these. In addition, they increase control over your scooter. What more could you ask for?  There aren’t many scooters with these features at this price point.


A new battery was installed in this WideWeel by Mercane. The lithium-ion battery in this package provides 48V 15AH of power. As compared to the older model, its top speed is 1 mph faster, and its range is 10-15% longer. Powered by two 500W motors, the scooter has good performance on hills thanks to its torque and acceleration. You can handle steep slopes easily with WideWheel.

You can reach a top speed of 26 mph on a flat surface. A 160-pound rider will get approximately 18-22 miles at full speed (on flat pavement). To get at least 30 miles on one charge, switch to Eco mode if range is an important consideration. To fill up the scooter from scratch, it takes approximately 7 hours to charge it. Here is a our guide on e-scooter batteries.

Build  quality

There is an improved build quality on the WideWheel Pro than on previous scooter models. Aluminium-alloy components are more robust. The stem, neck, and fork of the 2020  Mercane wide wheel Pro are thicker to increase strength. This change is welcomed since we have seen many users report metal part failures on the 2018 WideWheel base. If you’re driving 25 MPH, you don’t want that to happen!

A 24 kg scooter with a 100 kg maximum rider weight limit is a little lean despite the improvements in strength.

With an IP (water resistance) rating of IP54, Mercane WideWheel Pro has water resistance. The scooter can therefore be ridden in light rain, but it should not be submerged or soaked.

Some minor design quality flaws have been noted, but not major ones. These include:

When riding in the rain, the rear fender cannot keep you from getting wet.

A rear fender extension has been added by some to solve this issue.

It is important to retighten the folding mechanism periodically as it has a tendency to loosen up with constant use.

It is easy for your scooter’s cables to get snagged on obstacles since they protrude so far from the scooter.


The slim profile of the deck matches the streamlined look of the Pro, which boasts an elegant streamlined aesthetic.

To achieve an almost spaceship-like aesthetic, the deck starts out relatively wide (8.6 inches), but tapers to around 5 inches after that. Due to this, it is somewhat snug when compared to its competitors, the Glion Dolly scooter and Gotra Ultra, however, there is still enough room for your feet to be comfortable. Additionally, the kickplate at the rear allows you to lean into the ride by resting your foot on it.

Control panel/ cockpit

It’s arguably the smart display, not the motor, that makes the 2022  Mercane WideWheel scooter  so special. The display shows you the speed, distance, and battery level. While you’re riding you can also shift gears.

Eco mode provides the most efficient use of power and the maximum range for the scooter. Maximum torque and speed are available in Power mode. You can release the throttle when using cruise control (an improvement over the original) and maintain the speed


A red LED tail light is mounted on the scooter’s rear and a high-mounted LED light on its front.

Its lack of optics means that the light from the front spreads rapidly with distance, even though it is relatively bright close up. Fast riding on a dark road makes it hard to discern hazards far enough in advance.

In order to ensure you can see the road ahead, it is recommended that you carry an ultra-bright, bright light.


Even though the wide Pro tyres absorb much of the impact of riding, their suspension must be robust to maintain a smooth ride. The scooter contains a dual spring front and rear suspension, which performs exceptionally well.

The suspension and tyres work together to maintain a steady driving experience even at the top of acceleration.

The suspension can be very stiff, which is worth noting. Smooth roads or pathways are very easy to track, but bumpy terrain can be a challenge. Those are just a few of the reasons why the Pro is better suited to weekend rides and commuter rides than off-road adventures.


The Pro comes with 8 x 3.9 inch ultra-wide airless tires, making it one of the few scooters with large tires.

For a softer and more comfortable ride, polyurethane foam is used inside, which absorbs shock more effectively than traditional rubber tires. Although they don’t dampen as well as pneumatics, this shouldn’t be a problem since the Mercane Widewheel Pro has front and rear suspension. You feel more like you’re riding Aladdin’s magic carpet than on a scooter when you combine both of them.

Even though their chunky profile promotes balance and oozes stability, they require a bit of practice as their profile is larger than average.  Additionally, you cannot execute sharp turns with them.


Electric scooters are unique in that they contain dual braking systems, including electronic and mechanical ones.

This new system offers enhanced safety and is a huge improvement over its predecessor, which only had one braking system.

You can always rely on coming to a screeching halt with the least effort when using this device.

Water resistance

Having an ingress protection standard of IP54, the Mercane WideWheel Pro is suitable for outdoor use.  This means that it should be reasonably insensitive to water.  The IP rating states that the device is protected from all sides against water splashes.

Even with all that, you shouldn’t ride this scooter when it’s raining, snowing, or otherwise wet. Because of the general golden rule of riding a scooter (“avoid riding in the rain as much as possible”), but also because its tires are both very solid and very smooth, meaning they will not give you a lot of traction, and you will easily slide.

Hill climb

The Mercane WideWheel Pro has an official climb angle of 18°, thanks to its excellent torque and powerful dual motors, making it one of the best hill climbing scooters ever.

Users have tested and reported on slopes much steeper than 18°, so this has clearly been under-reported.

It is only natural for Fluid Free Ride to want to avoid possible misrepresentations since they are an honest brand.

For the heaviest riders and under the toughest conditions, they likely report the worst climbing angles.

In my estimation, you will be able to get at least a 25° climb angle. The Mercan wide wheel Pro scooter is quite a powerful scooter, and the dual motors make climbing much easier; if you live where there are many hills and valleys, this scooter would be ideal.


This Mercane WideWheel Pro weighs 54 lbs. (24.55 kg). The scooter’s design is clearly geared toward being a long-range scooter first, and then a lightweight scooter later, so that it is not the lightest scooter on earth.

As a folded scooter, the dimensions are 43.1 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches / 109 x 22 x 41 (length x width x height).

It is a huge advantage to be able to fold the handlebars, and when fully folded the scooter is compact and takes up very little space.

There are some portability points to this scooter thanks to its small folded volume and the fact that there are no sticking parts, but the weight mostly negates them. Most people won’t have a problem using it, but people seeking a portable scooter should look elsewhere

Where to buy

there are many place you can buy Mercane Widewheel pro. You can buy Mercane Widewheel pro from

you can also find one from the second-hand shops. Some pawn shops have such scooter.

It if unfortunate that you cannot find one from amazon. However, there are many spare parts in Amazon you can buy for your scooter such as the brake pads for the disc brakes. You can also buy knee pads  and elbow pads from Amazon.

Click here to buy knee pad from amazon

Check here to buy elbow pad from amazon

Click here to buy helmet from amazon

Value for Money

Can the price tag be justified?  Is wide wheel pro worth it?

The WideWheel Pro is, without a doubt, worth every cent.

Sitting at $1,129, it’s safe to say the WideWheel Pro is the cheapest dual-motor scooter.

A fine example of value for money is found in the Pro’s luxurious, Aladdin’s magic carpet ride quality, as well as its fast acceleration and sporty, streamlined appearance.

Below are a few highlights in context:

In contrast to its main competitors, the Apollo Explore and EMOVE Cruiser – both of which cost more – it has faster acceleration.

Ultra-wide tires are one of the scooter’s unique features.

Despite its power, it can easily handle slopes of 30% incline (like Lombard Street in San Francisco).

Seats can be added to it. Also, it is foldable when the seat is attached.

What we did not like about the Mercane widewheel pro

In summary, the Mercane WideWheel Pro 2022 has minimal downsides. Airless tires have some downsides, and the scooter’s maximum rider weight is low. Braking may be challenging because the traction isn’t as good as it could be, particularly on wet surfaces. Otherwise, there aren’t any serious concerns.

Mercane wide wheel pro accessories

The Mercane WideWheel Pro has a unique set of accessories designed to fit perfectly. If you’d like to see the complete list of Mercane WideWheel accessories please visit FluidFreeRide.

You should have the following essentials:


Seat originally designed for WideWheel

The WideWheel has a high-security folding lock

Mobile phone holder with FFR

Additional scooter helmets and accessories can be found in my guides on the best scooters.

Maintenance and spare parts

Due to the solid tires on the Pro, minimal maintenance is required. You need to check the brakes once a month, and make sure no loose screws are showing. It’s that simple.

In the event that something goes wrong, FluidFreeRide will provide all the support you need, and you can access the parts page on the FFR store to purchase your spare parts.

Post purchase support

You get 180 days of warranty coverage for manufacturer defects if you buy from FluidFreeRide. The warranty covers battery problems as well. When the warranty expires, you won’t have to pay high markups for parts and labor.

The website offers replacement parts for sale. You can find open-box scooters at Fluid Free Ride’s Miami showroom which offers refurbished scooters at a discount.

Conclusion on the Mercane Widewheel pro review

Mercane is dedicated to improving its already excellent electric scooter with the WideWheel Pro 2022. With improved power, construction, and fun, it will get you where you need to go. You get a better range and speed, better brakes, and a better control experience with the new smart display. Would you like to go even further?

Set the mode to Eco. Want to go fast? Use Power mode. There is nothing better than when a manufacturer learns from a product’s shortcomings and improves it. WideWheel Pro 2022 does just that, so if you liked the older version but had qualms about it, you’ll be ecstatic about this one.

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