MotoTec Mad 1600w 48v E-Scooter

MotoTec Mad 1600w 48v E-Scooter

MotoTec Mad 1600w 48v e-Scooter review

The MotoTec Mad 1600w 48v e-Scooter is a mid-tier scooter designed and manufacture by MotoTec Mad company. Among the features that make it a very special e-scooter is its large wheels and very powerful electric motor. With such a beast you are guaranteed to cruise in areas that are less explored.

Looking for an electric scooter that can really pack a punch? The MotoTec Mad 1600w 48v e-Scooter is a powerful and fast scooter that is sure to get you where you need to go. With a top speed of 30 mph and a range of up to 40 miles, this scooter is perfect for commuting or just cruising around town. Order yours today!

It is a suitable vehicle for off terrain uses. Additionally, this monster of a scooter can handle a maximum of 310 lbs. or 140 kg. These and more features make this electric scooter stand out among the modern electric scooters. Additional features of interest include the deck, battery, charging time, weight limit, wheel size, wheel type, motor, range, water resistance, speed, tire, suspension, brakes, lights, and many more additional features.

MotoTec Mad 1600W 48v electric scooter is a tough vehicle designed for off-terrain uses. It is an excellent alternative to motorbikes. Besides, it can climb steep hills with ease thanks to its very powerful motor. Most of the lower-tier electric scooters have to be push up hills because their motors do not produce enough torque.

It is designed for adults that is why it handles a lot of weight and has great speeds.  If you want an e-scooter for your child, look for the lower-tier ones. They are designed with safety minds to protect your kids.

Battery and range

We cannot emphasize the importance of battery in a scooter amply. This is where the charge that drives your e-scooter is kept. How much charge is kept and for how long depends on two things. The first thing is the type of battery. The second thing is the condition of your battery.

MotoTec Mad 1600W 48v electric scooter uses four 12 v lead-acid accumulator batteries to power its powerful motor. While the lead-acid accumulator is not the best type of battery in the market, it is cheap to replace. It also does not require much maintenance. However, it is very heavy.

The four 12 v (or 48 v) 12Ah batteries takes between 4 hours to 8 hours to charge to capacity. You can charge it overnight or during the day when you are not using it. However, there are DIY methods you can use to charge the battery faster though they are not highly recommended. Lead-acid battery cells are destroyed when they are overcharged.

With the 48 V 12 Ah lead-acid battery, you are guaranteed to cover a maximum of 25 miles or 40 km between charges. This is when conditions are favorable. If you happen to be heavily loaded or on a hilly road, the range may be reduced significantly.

Types of batteries

Though Lead-acid is not the best battery in the market, it is very durable and has little maintenance. We will mention three types of batteries commercially available for electric scooters. The three common types of batteries are; a) Lead-acid accumulator, b) Nickel-metal hydride and, c) Lithium-ion batteries.

Lead-acid is the oldest of them all and is also the cheapest. It takes the longest to charge and has the lowest charge density. This battery uses sulfuric acid as the electrolyte. It is also very heavy.

Lithium-ion batteries are the best yet most expensive batteries available today in the market. They charge very fast. They are very light and have a very high charge density.  However, they pose the risk of explosion when mishandled. They sometimes get overheated.

You must take care of your battery because it determines the range you cover. Well, other factors determine your range but battery plays the most part. There are a few tips you can apply to maximize the battery of your e-scooter.  They will help you prolong its life and reduce the unnecessary repair cost.

Make sure the lead-acid accumulator is not undercharged or overcharged. Never underwater or overwater. These are a few tips you can employ to maximize your MotoTec Mad 1600W 48 v electric scooter batteries.

  Motor and speed

After your battery, the motor is the other most important component of your electric scooter. The motors can be as small as 250 W and can be as large as over 5000W. One of the e-scooters we discussed when we cover e-scooters for delivery has one with 5400W.

The MotoTec Mad 1600W 48 v electric scooter is equipped with a 1600 W motor. This is a very large and powerful motor. In terms of horsepower, it is 2.14 hp. The powerful motor was put in place so that you can cruise on rough terrain with no problems.  A small motor would have a problem overcoming unceasing small and large obstacles often found on rough terrain. The 1600 W motor offers 21 N-m.

The motor transmits power to wheels through a chain. This ensures there are no slips since the chain is excellently aligned.

Having an efficient motor is helpful in many ways.  For starters, it does not draw a lot of charge from your battery and therefore you have an extended range.

Maximum speed

The maximum speed the MotoTec Mad 1600W 48 v electric scooter offers you is 21 mph or 33 kph. This is considerably high speed though it is not the highest an e-scooter can offer. This should not worry you because, in most cities, you will not be allowed to exceed 15 mph.  of course, the speed varies from one country to another and from one state to another. Besides, the MotoTec Mad 1600W 48 v electric scooter was designed for power not speed. You will hardly ride very fast on rough terrain.

Your motor also determines how fast your e-scooter can run. One thing you ought to know, for a motor to produce the maximum power, it cannot use its maximum speed. In fact, the speed, torque curve for motors indicate that the maxim power is obtained at the average speed. However, the maximum torque is realized at the lowest speeds. This is why the tractors are not very fast but are very powerful. It is either the speed or the torque. It is not possible to have both.

While there are many motor configurations, the chain transmission is the safest for motors. One downside to this kind of configuration is that is it cannot be used for electric braking.  Additionally, it is not possible to employ regenerative braking. So, no extra power from the free-rolling e-scooter.

Wheel size and wheel type

All large vehicles have two things in common; very large wheels and very big engines. This is very true for the MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter. It comes with 14” pneumatic tires which are 6” wide. These are very huge wheels, don’t you think? The rare and front wheels are equal.

Pneumatic wheels are very good because they increase the shock absorption properties of your e-scooter.  Minor bumps and potholes will not be a problem for your e-scooter. However, you will be required to check pressure every time before going out. This is not the only disadvantage. There is the likelihood of punctures from time to time. You may be forced to push it around.

Large wheels give your e-scooter a lead when climbing steep hills.  A combination of big wheels and a powerful motor means climbing  hill won’t be an issue. Besides, MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter is not called a monster for nothing.

Solid rubber wheels may be praised because they are safe from punctures but they deny you the comfort you need. They cannot absorb some shocks that may arise as a result of small obstacles and bumps. Besides, the rubber material is not as compressible as the air.

So, if comfort is a factor when you are purchasing an e-scooter, consider going for those that have pneumatic wheels. They are more comfortable than those that have solid rubber wheels.


This is a very sensitive field when it comes to all equipment that has electronics inside them.  How well an e-scooter is protected from the water is measured using the IP rating. This is the level of protection against both water and solids. However, the e-scooters can only be destroyed by water and not any solids.

The IP rating for the MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter is IPx4. This means that your e-scooter has some degree of being waterproof.  It is well protected from the falling drops of water both vertically and 15. It also means that your e-scooter would withstand being in low-pressure spray water falling vertically for at most one hour. Your e-scooter can withstand low-pressure water spray coming from all angles for just 15 minutes. In other words, your electric scooter is said to be splash-proof.

The IP rate goes as high as IPX9. At IPX9, a scooter can withstand high-temperature jet wash. Also, steam jets and any other high-pressure water would cause no failure to your e-scooter.  Most of the e-scooters have their IP rating as high as IPx5. This is also true for the upper-tier e-scooters such as the  Dualtron Mini e-scooter.

Waterproof vs water resistance

It is important to differentiate between waterproof and water resistance. While the two are used interchangeably, they mean two different things. Waterproof means that the water won’t get inside your e-scooter`s component case when submerged in water. Water-resistance on the other hand means that even when the components get into contact with water, they will be safe and won’t fail.

The electronics inside your e-scooter are not water-resistant. They will fail if they come into contact with water. It is therefore very detrimental to make sure you keep your e-scooter from water.  This means in places with running water should be avoided. You should not ride your e-scooter when it is raining. Additionally, make sure you follow the manufacturer`s instructions all the time.

The 48V from the four 12 v lead-acid batteries cannot electrocute you. The voltage and current are not strong enough.  All these precautions are taken to protect your e-scooter.

Replacing components and repairing an e-scooter is a very expensive endeavor. Spare parts for electric scooters with big wheels or those designed for adults are very expensive. Besides, the warrant for most e-scooters does not extend beyond one year.


All e-scooters classified as mid-tier have a suspension system. while some e-scooters adopt the swingarm suspension system, a good number go for the spring suspension type. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter does use the swingarm suspension coupled with the shock absorbers on the front and rare wheel. This is a very interesting design meant to offer you the smoothest ride possible. Since the MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter is designed mainly for off-terrain uses, shock will absorb excessive shock. Scooters with suspension systems are comfortable to ride

The Swingarm suspension also increases the stability of the MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter. When you hit a bump or an obstacle, the friction between the scooter tires and the ground increases. This enables the scooter stability when you are riding on wet ground. In other words, the suspension system prevents the wheels from leaving the ground when you hit a bump or an obstacle. Instead, the rest of the body of the scooter rises leaving the wheel still in contact with the ground. If all the roads are flat, the suspension system and shocks would not be used.

When your suspension system fails, whenever you hit a pothole or an obstacle, the vertical energy is transferred to the frame of your e-scooter. The whole vehicle would leave the surface of the road. Then the whole body would slum back to the surface of the road. One or a few components would break. Your ride would be very uncomfortable.

The role played by your suspension and shock absorbers

The shock absorbers and suspensions play two roles. The first role is to protect the electric scooter and its components from vibrations and shocks. The screws can get lose and the electric circuit board can get destroyed completely.  The second role is to offer you, the rider, the smoothest ride possible. Potholes and obstacles on the path can make your ride less enjoyable. Some people are known to vomit when their ride becomes very rough.

Signs that the shocks are failing

Leaking fluid is the sure way your shocks are failing.  When the shock is damaged, it cannot hold the oil inside. So, it is important to check whether the seal is damaged or worn out. If they are, then change them before more damage is done to your e-scooter.  Further delays would lead to dirt and debris getting inside the shock.

Another way you would know that your shocks have failed is when you cannot control your e-scooter very well on rough terrain or over a bump. Since the vertical energy is not sufficiently absorbed, the wheels start to bounce; this phenomenon compromises the rider’s ability to steering his or her e-scooter.  The feeling that the wheels are not in contact with the ground can cause you to fall over.


MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter uses disc brakes on both the rare and front wheels.

Lights and weight limit

The MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter has two LED front lights. It also has a taillight. Lights are very important on the road for many reasons. Other than making you see in the darkness it is an indicator for pedestrians to move out of the way.

Lights make you visible to both pedestrians and motorists on the road. This reduces the chances of accidents. You won’t hit an unsuspecting pedestrian because they can see you and you can see.  It is also common knowledge that you are less likely to run into stationary obstacles when riding a scooter that has lights.

If you ever find yourself with an e-scooter with no lights, use your phone and phone holder to light your path. It will keep both you and your e-scooter safe. Note that you will need to purchase a phone holder separately.

The weight limit of this electric scooter is 310 lbs. or 140 kg. You may not weigh 310 lbs. or 140 kg but you can ride in pairs. However, ensure you do not exceed the weight limit. If you are alone, you can use the extra weight capacity to carry your baggage or any other load with you.

The load on your e-scooter determines how fast your battery will drain. If you are less loaded, you can cover an extensive range. The e-scooter itself weighs 48 kg or 105 lbs. This is quite heavy. This means one thing; you cannot carry it on your arms or shoulder. It would be disastrous if it fails several miles away from home. You can, however, fold it and have it within you the train or a bus.

Deck size and frame

You need ample space in your deck to place both of your feet with ease. You will be riding while standing and sometimes while you are seated. The MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter has a very wide wooden deck where you can sufficiently place your feet. You will not place one foot in front of the other but you can keep them together.

If you will be riding in pairs, there is still enough room for the feet of your esteemed passenger. If you happen to remove the seat, there is enough room for a passenger. However, if you choose to put on the seat, you only carry yourself. With the seat in place, you can place your load behind the seat. You will need to look for a creative way to carry any load if you remove the seat.

The MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter features a very strong high tensile steel frame. Steel is a very heavy metal. The weight of the frame together with that of the batteries makes this e-scooter very heavy. Nonetheless, stainless steel is very strong and won’t buckle under your weight. The added weight makes your e-scooter tough and very stable. Besides, it is designed for off-terrain uses where the landscape is very rough.

Additional features


The first additional feature that the MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter has is a seat. Several e-scooters that we have come across do not have a seat for the rider.  So, this is a plus for this scooter.  The seat is adjustable to suit the heights of various riders.  Besides, you may not be the only one riding it in your family. And if you are not interested in the seat, you can remove it yourself and ride it without. This is cool, don’t you think?

Considering you may want to ride for more than an hour, a seat may be a very important accessory. It will make your ride very comfortable. Besides, seating down will also increase your ability to steer around. Who knows? You may be using it to go home after a long day of work. A seat would make your journey way more comfortable. E-scooters that have seats also fetch higher prices when sold second-hand.

Adjustable handlebars

An adjustable handlebar is a feature you will rarely come across in e-scooters. It appears the designers pay little to no attention height of the handlebars. No need to worry for MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter has taken care of this.

When you are riding while standing and while seated, your height is very different. You are shorter while you are seated and hence have a shorter handlebar. This is why the manufacturer made this scooter such that you can adjust the height of the handlebar.

Key start

The key start is a feature that is available in a few mid-tier e-scooters. Many upper-tier e-scooters have key start features. This is another plus for the MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter. The key start is a safety feature to protect your e-scooter from theft. Though a few people know how to navigate this security feature, it will keep your scooter safe. Besides, you will lock your e-scooter whenever you want to leave in public. Some places are not safe. You have to be  prepared all the time. Furthermore, you do want to lose you e-scooter that bought with your hard-earned money.


It is common to find yourself stopping once in a while during your adventures.  Instead of dropping your e-scooter to the ground, MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter has a kickstand. You may be in is a place where there no walls, posts, or trees you can lean your e-scooter on. A kickstand is a feature that will help you a lot. Dropping your e-scooter on the ground will make it very dirty. Remember you cannot wash it with medium pressure water lest you destroy it.


Not all electric scooters are foldable.  This is what makes the MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter special because it is foldable. When it is not folded this e-scooter has the following dimensions; Length 52″, Width 24.5″, 12.5″ at the deck. Height 37.5″ – 43”. When it folded, its dimensions are 1320x320x570mm.

Foldability gives your e-scooter two advantages. The first advantage is that it becomes compact and smaller.  It can fit in small spaces such as the boot of your car. It can fit easily in your locker. So, carrying around it in your car becomes a very easy job. The second advantage is that such foldable scooters are easy to carry by hand. Unfortunately, the weight of this scooter would make it very difficult to carry it around; at least not for long distances.

Can be used manually

The MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter uses the chain to transmit motion from the motor to the rare wheel. This gives your e-scooter one huge advantage, the ability to use it manually. And why would you want to use your e-scooter manually?

For starters, if your battery runs dry some distance from your destination, you will have to push it around. This is true if you do not have a car to carry the scooter for you. Secondly, you may have a loose handlebar. You can ride your e-scooter when the handlebars are loose. The chances of committing an accident are very high. Besides, you ought to know riding your vehicle when it needs repair will make things worse.

Lastly, MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter uses pneumatic tires. Getting a puncture is a common thing for such types of tires. If you have no way of patching the puncture, you will have to improvise.

There are two disadvantages of chain transmission. One, the scooter has to rely on the disc or friction brakes only. You cannot employ electric brakes. Second, such a configuration does not allow the use of regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is a unique feature that EVs have that allow them to convert the braking power into electric energy. The converted electric energy is then stored in the battery.

what we think about MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter

From the information, we have gathered from the manufacturer, testing, and many reviews, MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter is great. What makes a great e-scooter is its battery, range, motor, wheels, and some additional features. Now that we have seen you can cover up to 25 miles or 40 km with this e-scooter, what else would you want?

This mid-tier e-scooter was designed for power and torque. This is why you can cruise at a maximum of 28 mph. You may not know this but torque is greatest when the speed is lowest. This is the same reason the first gear in cars is slowest. When it comes to power, the maximum power is achieved at an average speed. Besides, power is the product of torque and speed.

Issues with this e-scooter

There are, however, some issues we have found with this e-scooter. The first issue is its battery. This e-scooter uses a lead-acid accumulator. This is not the best battery in the market. It is the heaviest and you cannot draw a large amount of current from it. It also requires a relatively long time to charge to capacity. Do not hate this battery yet. There are many ways to charge an e-scooter battery of this nature. Power supply, car jumper among other methods can be used to charge it.

The second issue is its weight. 48 kg is a lot for an e-scooter. I guess this is why it is not suitable for children below the age of 13 years. We also guess that is why it requires such a strong motor to bear almost 100 kg on average when you are riding with no load. This too much weight could be detrimental in case of an accident. Its large momentum could prove to be difficult to stop in case the brakes fail. It would be very dangerous if it falls on you when you are riding.

Disadvantages of MotoTec Mad 1600 W 48 V

Though MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter is a mid-tier e-scooter it is relatively expensive. Its price may be discouraging considering there are other cost less than $ 500 in the market. However, for somebody who is looking for something durable, powerful, and huge, MotoTec Mad 1600w 48 v e-scooter is the scooter for you.


These accessories are not very necessary but they will make your ride even more enjoyable. They are not expensive.

The phone holder is the first accessory that is important. This is for holding your phone so that you can navigate with ease. With a phone holder, you can use light from your phone if your battery is out of charge.

Video recording equipment is very important. It can help prove your innocence in case of an accident. Remember that an e-scooter is not counted as a vehicle so no insurance is required. So, video recording equipment could be useful if you get involved in an accident.

A lock is also very important for an e-scooter. Buy one for yourself. It will keep your e-scooter safe. Do not forget to use safety equipment.


Sometimes back scooters were used only for recreational purposes. Things have changed today since they have enhanced features.  Besides, they are flexible and cheaper than cars. With just less than $ 1500 you have yourself the finest e-scooter in the market.

If your job is traveling from one place to another, an e-scooter that has seat and an excellent suspension system is all you need. In an article we did on the safety of electric cars and gasoline cars, we saw that fuel cost for the former is lower.

In the future, e-scooters are going to be safer, faster, and more affordable. Their batteries will get lighter, safer, and with more charge density. The current Li-ion has a very short life span and their flammable electrolyte solution does not make them any safer.