msi meg z790 godlike review

si meg z790 godlike review

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Intel’s 13th-Gen CPUs brought a slew of brand-new Z790 motherboards with them. As manufacturers compete to outdo one another, motherboards appear to be getting more feature-rich and outrageous by the day! Yet, with such countless choices available, how to you find which Z790 motherboard is really awesome, and is MSI’s Z790 Exceptional plan simply that?

After being impressed by the Z690 Godlike motherboard of the previous generation, our expectations are understandably high that MSI will surpass it two years later… but have they? Let’s take a look at their Z790 Godlike and talk about everything from the board’s BIOS and overclocking settings to the extras in the box.

What are the features of the Z790 chipset~msi meg z790 godlike review?

MSI MEG Z790 ACE Gaming Motherboard (Supports 12th/13th Gen Intel Processors,

The Z790 chipset is the leader chipset, sending off close by Intel’s thirteenth Gen computer processors and bringing the buyers the most elite via highlights. Although many of these motherboards are aimed at the highest end of the market, we have also seen numerous mid-range Z790 designs that perform well even at lower prices.

Z790 GODLIKE CPU Socket Cover Despite the fact that the Z790 chipset hasn’t changed much over the last ten Z690 designs, there are certain advantages to choosing Z790 over Z690. Access to USB4 ports and other high-speed rear IO as well as the widespread adoption of PCI-E 5.0 are the primary advantages of using Z790 motherboards. PCI-E Gen 5 was present on a few Z690 motherboards, but it is much more widely available on Z790 motherboards. More boards also have Gen5 M.2 slots, which is great for people who want to buy new drives when they come out.

Additionally, support for DDR4 and DDR5 memory has been maintained on Z790 boards. We ought to make totally certain that while the chipset upholds both memory types, sheets need to pick a norm, as the openings are genuinely unique. We applaud Intel for offering this option to board manufacturers like MSI, ASUS, and Gigabyte because we believe it is a very consumer-friendly strategy.

Since the MSI GODLIKE is so high-end, it will undoubtedly come pre-installed with DDR5 support, which is to be expected from a design like this. For the GODLIKE, we recommend purchasing a low latency kit because higher latency kits can significantly hinder performance in high-end builds.

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Are Costly Motherboards Worth The effort?


I thought that instead of comparing the Z690 and Z790 motherboards, I should talk about the importance of expensive motherboards in the market. These motherboards have a variety of features intended for gaming and workstation PCs and are built to house the most powerful CPUs.

The MSI Z790 Heavenly shouldn’t be a board for everybody. Actually, the majority of people shouldn’t buy it. However, it is a blessing in disguise for those in need.

In the end, your use case will determine whether you need an expensive motherboard. A motherboard with a sufficient number of VRM phases is required here if you intend to begin overclocking to increase performance. In the event that you’re fabricating a workstation PC and you require more USB ports for peripherals and extras, you might have to look towards the very good quality market to provide you with how much ports you really want. In a similar fashion, multiple PCI-E slots can accommodate multiple graphics cards on high-end motherboards, which is great for video editing and rendering but not so much for gaming.

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Design and Aesthetics~msi meg z790 godlike review

While the MSI Z790 GODLIKE certainly plays it safe, MSI motherboards typically have some of the best-looking designs. Although it is not a bad-looking board, I would have preferred MSI to be a little more outrageous here.

The sheer number of metal heatsinks and heat spreaders helps to break up the system and conceals seven SSD slots.

Z790 GODLIKE Whole Motherboard I was a big fan of the black and gold design that came with the Z690 MEG ACE, so it’s a little disappointing that MSI didn’t come up with a design that was just as cool here. This is understandable given that you are not really paying for “looks” but rather for an absurd number of features. Given the launch target audience of professionals using this board as a high-end workstation, I can also understand why MSI avoided anything too offensive.

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Features~msi meg z790 godlike review

The MSI MEG Z790 GODLIKE is one of the most feature-packed boards we’ve ever seen, and given its price, you can probably imagine how extensive the list is. The following is a list of some of our favorite features that are included with the Z790 GODLIKE:

LCD Display

Apparently quite possibly of the greatest component on this board is the M-Vision Dashboard. With a touch-responsive USB C fueled, 4.5 inch IPS LCD board, you can screen your framework in realtime. This display has everything—system temperatures, hardware status, live weather, a countdown time, or just some good-old-fashioned GIFs!

Z790 GODLIKE M-Vision Dashboard VRMs and Overclocking Any high-end motherboard should have plenty of VRM power phases and cooling, allowing you to start overclocking. The Heavenly has the most measure of force stages I’ve at any point seen on a customer motherboard, sitting a 28 altogether. In order to maintain a high boost clock and an overclock, a CPU like the Core i9 13900K requires constant power delivery.

Z790 GODLIKE VRMs and Heatsink Despite the possibility that this many power phases are excessive, I would contend that if you purchase the GODLIKE, you are probably building an excessive gaming or workstation PC. As a result, the insane heatsink design and the absurd number of VRM power phases will be sufficient to propel your CPU past the 6GHz threshold!

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PCI-Express Slots

The GODLIKE motherboard is a huge one. Because of its size, it has a lot of PCI-E slots for graphics cards and SSDs. On the GPU side, you can use two Gen5 x16 slots that can run at full x16 speed or x8 speed if you want to build a system with multiple GPUs.

Z790 Heavenly PCI-E ports


The MSI Z790 Heavenly likewise cooks well to clients needing loads of capacity. You can include as many drives as you want with seven M.2 connectors. Furthermore, most are Gen4 standard, with one of them being Gen5 agreeable and just a single Gen3!

Thunderbolt 4 Ports

One of the significant advantages of purchasing a costly motherboard is how much back IO you gain admittance to. With the send off of select Intel twelfth Gen motherboards, shoppers gained admittance to Thunderclap 4 Sort C ports. There are two of these on the GODLIKE, and each of them has a speed of up to 40Gb/s. They also support 8K displays and fast charging, so your gaming peripherals and accessories won’t run out of power!

Z790 GODLIKE Thunderbolt 4 Rear IO In addition to the Thunderbolt 4 ports, the Z790 GODLIKE has an absurd number of rear IO ports, demonstrating the device’s capacity to connect a large number of peripherals. The majority of ports on this board support the USB 3.2 Gen2 standard, so there is no USB 2.0 in sight. WiFi 6E and Dual Lan ports, one of which is a 10 Gigabit port that is ideal for file transfers, provide excellent networking.

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audio outputs

With gold-plated 3.5mm and optical audio outputs, the Z790 GODLIKE Rear IO Audio is also well-equipped. The MSI Godlike probably has the port or connector you’re looking for!

Headers and Connectors with Angles The board’s angled headers are a distinctive design feature that I believe merits mention. MSI probably changed the angle of all USB and SATA headers to a 90-degree angle because of the extended heatsink design. Because of its adaptability, it makes cable management and installation much simpler. Your various headers can easily plug into the right side of the board, so you won’t have to worry about cable strain.

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Z790 GODLIKE 90-Degree Angled Headers Usability Features

The MSI Z790 GODLIKE comes equipped with a plethora of additional features that aid in the process of building a personal computer. To begin, the latch-less design of two of the M.2 SSDs makes it possible to secure any drive without the need for additional tools or awkwardly small screws. Towards the upper right of the board you’ll likewise find a Q-Code Drove show which permits you to analyze any issues rapidly.

Z790 GODLIKE Latchless M.2 SSDs Have a Clear CMOS and Flash BIOS button on the rear IO. You can use either of these buttons to simplify the process of installing a new BIOS update or fixing boot issues. In addition, the M-Vision Dashboard offers a plethora of usability options, such as hardware monitor and CPU overhead detection, to guarantee that all of your components are in excellent working order.

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