NanRobot D6+ review

NanRobot D6+

NanRobot D6+ review

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The Nanrobot D6+ off-road vehicle features full-sized 10-inch pneumatic tires to provide traction, stability, and comfort for long journeys.  It is equipped with 2 x 1000W motors which can be used either in a single or dual mode.

Nanrobot D6+ is an electric scooter with dual motors and dual suspensions that offers off-road performance in an urban environment.  Disc brakes on the front and rear (with hydraulic brakes option) provide reliable stopping power. A pair of spring shock absorbers supports the suspension arms for extra comfort.

Nanrobot D6+ provides the rider with two modes: the ECO mode, and the TURBO mode, allowing them to switch between single-motor and dual-motor drive. By riding in single-motor mode, the range of the scooter will be more than three times what it would be in dual-motor mode.

With its ultra-long-range and well-considered safety features, the new Nanrobot D6+ is an excellent option for anyone looking for an electric scooter.

A summary  of Specs


The first thing we shall do here in the NanRobot D6+ review is a summary of its specs. They are summarized in the table below.

Top Speed40 mph
Max Range50-120 km (30-75 miles)
Scooter weight35 kg (77 lbs.)
Maximum Load330 lbs. (150 kg)
Tires10 x 3 inches
Motor2 x 1000 W
Battery typeLithium
Battery capacity52 V 26 Ah
SuspensionDual suspension
BreaksHydraulic brakes
Charging time5 – 10 hours
Hill climb30 degrees
LightsLED~ Headlights, taillight, turn signal and deck light
FrameLow density aluminium alloy

Battery and Range — 52 volt 26 ah, 40 miles

With a 52 volt and a huge 26 ah battery, the Nanrobot D6+ electric scooter has a maximum range of around 40 miles. A vehicle’s range depends on a variety of factors including rider weight and style, weather, terrain, and speed in real-world conditions. Due to its power, the D6+’s battery will drain faster at full speed than if it were ridden at about 20 mph.

Designed to keep the center of gravity low, the D6+’s battery is housed in the deck, which results in an exceptionally well-balanced scooter. Its debris-proof and waterproof battery also enable the scooter to run in all types of weather. According to the manufacturer, the scooter is IP53 rated. The most effective protection it offers is from dust and spraying water that falls at any angle up to 60 degrees from the vertical.  As such, it should be fine to ride through small puddles and in the rain, but it’s not that waterproof, so avoid fully submerging the deck.

 Top Speed & Acceleration

It has two motors that produce 1000 watts each, enabling it to reach speeds of up to 40 mph (64 km/h). Despite the speed, you should exercise moderation while riding through busy city streets, especially when you’re riding at such a high speed.

As you cruise on the Nanrobot D6+, accelerating feels smooth and steady. You can choose between two riding modes to adapt the machine to your needs. The Eco mode allows you to enjoy decent speeds while saving battery power. The Turbo mode activates both motors simultaneously for crazy speeds.


We’ve never seen a folding electric scooter with such excellent electronic braking as the Nanrobot D6+. As powerful as it is, it will knock you off the balance if you’re not prepared. We ended up leaving it at 2 factory settings, which works fine. Thankfully, the power of the electronic braking can be adjusted in the settings.

Despite the lack of electronic braking, the hydraulic disc brakes provide even more stopping power, which will bring this scooter to a screeching halt without any trouble. The braking performance is incredibly impressive when paired with electronic braking.


You are looking for an e-scooter with large wheels? Nanrobot D6+ is here for you. A Nanrobot D6+ body is equipped with a 10-inch off-road tire that features amazing rolling efficiency and gripping power for a fantastic ride. The tubed tires will enhance your riding experience no matter what surface you’re on, whether you’re buying a scooter for daily use or just a weekend adventure.

Controls & Display

Ergonomically designed controls on the two handlebars make it comfortable to operate this high-performance electric scooter. The brake levers are located on both handles since the scooter has both rear and front brakes. There are other controls on the left side of the handlebar, including the key lock, horn button, signal-light button, and headlight on/off switch.

An LCD display and an independent voltage meter are both situated on the right side of the handlebars of the Nanrobot D6+ folding electric scooter. It appears that a wheel diameter setting is not available in the settings, despite some functions being able to be adjusted. However, the display works really well at the moment. The display does provide information such as the current power level (1-3), battery status, ride time, tripometer, odometer, and more.

Hill Climbing

Known as the “off-road beast”, the D6+ is well known for its ability to climb hills. Its two 1000W motors allow it to traverse hills up to 30 degrees while maintaining a reasonable speed. A number of factors play a role here, from the rider’s weight to the battery level and whether there is wind to name a few.


This foldable electric scooter will spare you the hassle of trying to balance one foot behind the other. With a deck 24 cm wide, this scooter gives you enough room to keep both feet side by side while handling all the terrain you may encounter. When navigating bumpy roads or taking long rides, you will always be able to assume the correct posture with a wide deck.

 Motor Configuration

A total of 2,000 watts of power is available from the two hub motors that make up Nanrobot D6+ folding electric scooter. When compared to, say, the Dualtron electric scooters, the D6+ has the highest power output.

In addition, it is unclear whether the wattage listed on the website is nominal or peak. What is clear, however, is the strength of the D6+. Within seconds, it reaches top speed and gets up to speed incredibly quickly. Additionally, you can choose between dual drive and single drive, also known as eco mode and turbo mode. This type of motor configurations makes it one of the best dual-motor electric scooters.


With its dual suspension, the D6+ is able to handle rough or bumpy terrain. With spring-hydraulic shock-absorbers installed on all two wheels and its 10-inch tires, the scooter offers both greater stability and comfort. You can find more about e-scooters with suspension here.

Water Resistance

For water resistance, the D6+ has an IP55 rating. During rainy weather or after it has stopped raining, the majority of the scooter’s parts won’t be affected by water. In any case, it doesn’t mean you must test your miniature vehicle by cascading through every puddle and getting submerged entirely in water. Water still poses a threat to some electrical components, so be cautious around those.


You’re in luck if you like adventures after dark! An integrated light system illuminates your path and signals, other drivers, on the road in this electric scooter from Nanrobot. The scooter features bright, visually appealing LED headlights, sidelights, and rear signal lights. This makes it one of the few scooters with light.


This Nanrobot D6+ electric scooter weighs a whopping 77 pounds (34 kg); riders cannot carry this machine long distances. It does, however, easily fold and latch. With the Two-Snap-On folding mechanism, the stem collapses and connects to the body, resulting in a sturdy, compact structure that can be transported in a medium-sized vehicle’s boot.

 Ride Quality

Among the most stable and comfortable scooters out there, the D6+ stands out. There are many features that make it ideal for families, including a durable, compact frame, a large, comfortable deck, ultra-wide tires, and elegantly placed controls. A dual suspension system helps it absorb shock during rough terrain, and a simple locking mechanism makes it easier to store and transport. It’s easy to stop the e-scooter because it’s equipped with electronic and hydraulic brakes. Also, with IP55 water resistance, your e-scooter is virtually unaffected by water, even if you’re walking in the rain.

Frame and weight — Aluminum alloy, 77 pounds

The aluminum-alloy body and nearly 77 lbs. weight make up the Nanrobot D6+ folding electric scooter. When folded, this scooter is very heavy, but not as hard to carry as it appears.

This frame has a good folding mechanism, and it has a two-stage locking mechanism to keep the stem from collapsing if the primary mechanism fails or is unlatched while riding.

Construction & Build Quality

Besides this scooter’s power, speed, and comfort, its solid construction is the second best feature. The frame of this off-road scooter is made from low-density aluminum alloy and it weighs 77 pounds. Further, the deck and handlebars are made of a rough, rubbery material to provide increased traction, and the deck also has a rubbery material on it to reduce friction. It is possible to carry up to 330 pounds (149 kg or about two adults of average size).

Warranty — Optional 1 or 2 year extended warranty

In addition to the 1-year or 2-year standard warranty, Nanrobot offers a  limited warranty program for $99.99 and $189.00, respectively. What is covered by this warranty is not clear.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The D6+ electric scooter is one of the most reliable models from Nanrobot, one of the biggest electric scooter manufacturers in the world. It offers stability, speed, power, and comfort. Nanorobot offers a warranty that extends from 1 to 2 years, but you must pay more for it.

Additionally, Nanrobot provides reliable and responsive customer support. Since most of the improvements to the D6+ are based on what customers complained about in the original Nanrobot D6 model, it is clear that they listen to their shoppers and respond accordingly.


The rider should check the tire pressure, tighten the screws, and watch for ripped or broken parts to ensure that this scooter is working optimally. After every use, ensure the brakes are adjusted, change the battery when it begins to show signs of aging, and keep the scooter dust-free.

Who’s it for — Scoommuters on a budget

A scooter like this is a good choice for people looking for an electric scooter that can blaze new trails – both on and off the road. A 2000 watts of power and 26 ah battery allow the D6+ to do it all, and it’s fast, powerful, and range-extending. Electric scooter users who are looking for a scooter with REAL suspension and that can handle real terrain will love this. This scooter is capable of single-tracking, hitting jumps, and commuting. Does anyone need anything more?

 Where to buy

This may be the best part of this NanRobot D6+ review! Don’t you think? In the  NanRobot D6+  review, we will tell of possible places to buy yourself a scooter. You can buy the NanRobot D6+ from a variety of sources. First there he the This has several available at their store.

You can also get one from The prices vary from one dealer to another but they are very close to one another.


Final thoughts

That is it about the NanRobot D6+ review. As a trend and as the future of transportation, electric mobility is in high demand. The ever-busy cities of Metro Manila have come to rely on e-scooters as the most efficient and convenient mode of transportation. Electric scooters are an eco-friendly way to travel, whether you are a professional traversing city for work or a keen tourist exploring the sights.

Nanrobot’s D6+ is an electric scooter with dual-motor drive and dual suspension that provides performance comparable to off-road scooters.

To add that extra comfort, spring shock absorbers are used to support the suspension arms.

Nanrobot D6+ provides the rider with two modes: the ECO mode, and the TURBO mode, allowing them to switch between single-motor and dual-motor drive. As opposed to the TURBO dual-motor option, riding on ECO single motor mode will extend the scooter’s range by 3X.


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