NexiGo PJ90 Aurora Projector

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NexiGo PJ90 Aurora Projector

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NexiGo Aurora PJ90, 4K Ultra-Short Throw Projector review
NexiGo Aurora PJ90, 4K Ultra-Short Throw Projector

NexiGo Aurora PJ90 is one of the few jaw-dropping UST projectors we’ve seen at the 2023 International CES. In addition to projecting onto 150-inch screens, this device has a sophisticated automatic keystone adjustment mechanism that can adjust the screen’s keystone distance to a very short throw distance (think like a TV console sitting under the screen). There are 60 W (RMS) Dolby Audio 2.1 speakers in the screen, along with a fully-featured Android TV package, as well as an HDMI 2.0 input, and a pristine 4K Ultra HD display with HDR10 projection at a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and brightness of up to 2,500 ANSI lumens. The price is $2,100; however, if you live in a studio apartment, this is a good one for you.

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Who is NexiGo?

With a great deal of growth potential, NexiGo is an international e-commerce company. The parent company is based in Los Angeles, California. With more than 30000 square meters of operating space in North America, the company has been in business for over ten years. Mostly engaged in electronic products (PCs, game consoles, video cameras, etc.), they have vast experience in cross-border and e-commerce.

Shenzhen branch opened in 2019 and NexiGo brand was established in the same year, indicating that the next generation of innovation is underway. Using high quality development and brand construction, we are committed to creating high quality, user-friendly consumer electronics products. Its products have been ranked among the top among similar products on Amazon, winning the “Amazon’s Choice” and “Best Seller” logos.

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 Design for ultra-short throws (UST);

 Brightness of 2,200 ANSI Lm;

 Resolution of 4K UHD;

 Streaming of Android 9.0 apps;

 WiFi connection at 5 GHz;

 Speakers with Dolby DTS HD technology;

The autofocus feature.


 Processing of color is limited to 8 bits.

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NexiGo PJ90 Aurora Projector

Calculate Throw Distance

In addition to presenting a bright image quality of 2200 ANSI lumens and a native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, the NexiGo PJ90 ultra-short throw projector supports HDR10. 

Powered by Dolby and DTS, the NexiGo PJ90 Laser Projector delivers crisp, clear sound and a 120″ razor-sharp display. The dual 15 watt woofers deliver powerful bass while the dual 10 watt tweeters deliver crystal-clear highs.

 It comes pre-installed with a wide range of apps as well as a 32GB internal storage, so you can enjoy any new show you love or relive old blockbusters using the preinstalled apps.

A large viewing area with an ultra-short throw

Stunning visuals in 4K UHD

Streaming apps on Android 9.0

Connection to Wi-Fi at 5 GHz

Bluetooth 4.2 and powerful Dolby DTS HD speakers

There is support for Dolby / DTS HDR10 audio decoding

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The main features of NexiGo Aurora PJ90:

4K UHD Resolution

Featuring immersive 3D display technology, this smart 4K laser projector will help you immerse yourself in a spectacular cinematic experience.

True-to-Life Color

Aurora boasts advanced laser technology for hyper-realistic images with vibrant colors and dynamic contrast. It supports HDR10 and HLG technologies, as well as 3000:1 high contrast, which contributes to its remarkable picture quality.

Powerful Stereo Sound

You can choose from internal speakers, Bluetooth, HDMI 2.0 (supports ARC), or a 3.5mm audio jack if you want to use external ones. The projector has 60W stereo audio (2x15W tweeters and 2x15W woofers).

Ultra-Short Throw Technology

This Ultra-Short Throw projector offers a 2.36:1 throw ratio, which makes it a perfect fit for any room. It displays a 150″ display from 1.6 feet away, and you are able to make micro-adjustments according to the image shape.

user-Friendly and Endless Entertainment

The Android TV system includes many streaming services such as Disney+/Netflix/Hulu/Plex. It also supports wireless mirroring and displaying content no matter what device you own.

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NexiGo Aurora PJ90 – Specifications

Product Details For This Projector


Item Name: NexiGo Aurora PJ90

Brand: NexiGo

Model: Aurora PJ90

Type: Projector

Status: Available

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4K UHD stunning visual

Feature 2: 2500 ANSI brightness

Feature 3: Professional calibrated color

Cinematic sound with 60W


Smart Android TV

Throw Distance: 0.4 m – 0.6 m Calculate Throw Distance

Image Size: 202 cm – 306 cm

Throw Ratio: 0.23:1 (D:W)

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Package Contents

  1. 1 x NexiGo Aurora PJ90 projector
  2. 1 x remote control
  3. 1 x user manual
  4. 1 x Warranty card


PJ90 laser projector has a 60 x 120-inch lens, provides razor-sharp and brilliant picture quality. Its 15 watt woofers produce powerful bass, while its twin 10-watt tweeters deliver crystal-clear highs.

NexiGo Aurora PJ90 powerful soc

You can stream your favorite reveals or blockbusters instantly thanks to the NexiGo PJ90 projector’s superior Android 9.0 operating system and 32GB internal storage.

Laser operated

In addition to delivering razor-sharp, stunningly realistic images, PRISM lasers also enhance brightness, saturation, and distinction.

Stunning picture particulars

With 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness, this projector is able to deliver high-quality images, deliver hyper-realistic images, and enhance efficiency in the shade, intelligence, and distinction. Featuring a 121% Rec 709 shade area and HDR10 support, MEMC technology makes fast-paced video games and sports move buttery-smoothly.

Powerful Dolby encompasses sound.

There are two 15W bass speakers on the Aurora, which provide deep, rumbling bass, and two tweeter speakers, which deliver crisp and clear highs.

Ultra-short throw know-how

The ultra-short throw projector provides a powerful 0.233:1 throw ratio for a 150″ image just 1.61 feet from the wall. This projector also includes 8-point keystone correction, so you can make micro-adjustments as needed.

Price and Availability

NexiGo Aurora PJ90 4K UST Laser Projector available on NexiGo and its Price is $2,099.00

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What we think 

The UST laser projector is different. I tested five and decided on the Hisense PX1-Pro. It has a lower max brightness than others (like Optoma P1/D1), but it’s a triple laser and the setup/options/config are awesome (a lot of fine-tuning). It is magnificent when you have the right screen (I got an Elite-Screen UST-CLR).

I love the picture even without the CLR-Screen, but with it? I’m not bothered by ambient light, and my ceiling light isn’t an issue either. Although you lose some contrast if it is super bright, I have no reflections or problems with sunlight compared to my 65″ Sony before (and even that image still looks great, but it’s hard to describe the “difference in looks” otherwise). Even on a very bright day, the Sony didn’t perform much better (or worse than now when the ceiling lights were on).

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The details, color, contrast, and feel are amazing at night or with the shades closed completely. With my Sony, water/fire/smoke looked incredible, but boy, is a laser projector on a good CLR screen so much better. In addition to being convenient, it is absolutely stunning to use the “intended settings” instead of worrying about which HDR-Setting to choose.

After setting up the screen, setting up the projector, and fine tuning the screen, I used the app for the last touch, which centered on adjusting the keystone/screen to projection. I adjusted the screen for the projection, and then used the app for the final touch. After that, it just worked as it should. No adjustment needed, no setup, no focus, nothing. UST Laser PJ just works. I love it (currently using it in 100″ until we move to the new place where we have room for a 130″ screen.

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