Pure air e-scooter review

Pure air e-scooter review

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Pure air e-scooter review
Pure air e-scooter review

Pure Electric produces high-quality scooters which are available at many global stores and outlets in the UK. Since they have been around for over 3 years, Pure Electric has developed its line of pure air scooters. Typical scooter performance metrics range from 350w to 500w on their commuter and general use scooters. They offer comprehensive warranties of 12 months. Let us go into details about the Pure Air e-scooter review.

A summary of the specs

You may not have ample time to good through our Pure Air e-scooter review. Here is a summary of the most important specs you need to know about this scooter. Read our e-scooter buyer`s guide.


Top Speed (15.5mph)
Max Range (18.6 miles)
Scooter weight17 kg ( 37.4  lbs.)
Maximum Load264 lbs. (120 kg)
Tires typePneumatic
Motor250 W
number of motors1
Battery typeLithium-ion
Battery capacity36 v 7.8 Ah 280.8
SuspensionNo suspension
regenerative brakingno
Charging time5.5   hours
Hill climb~
Lights???LED~ Headlights (3W), rare ??? braking
FrameAluminum alloy
water resistanceIPx5


Air pro Range

While Pure Air is an entry-level model, it doesn’t lack in performance. Power comes from a 250W motor mounted at the rear of the vehicle. This motor offers decent acceleration for urban areas.

Your steering inputs are handled by the wheel at the front because the motor is situated at the rear.

Our test vehicle picked up speed fairly quickly and did not feel breathless at high speeds. In steep hills, however, the 250W motor can seem a little underpowered.

A maximum speed of 15 mph is allowed legally, but that’s plenty fast enough for most users.

You can control the throttle with your thumb quite easily, and it is very responsive, so you can accurately modulate how fast you go. Pro, simply squeeze the anti-lock electronic brake. The single le

Pure Air has air-filled tires measuring 10 inches in diameter. Xiaomi M365, on the other hand, is equipped with 8.5-inch wheels. Larger tires provide a better, safer ride as well as easier removal and maintenance.

Our overall impression is that Pure Air performed well, especially given its affordable price. Due to its large tires, this e-scooter is fast, capable, and comfortable.

Pure Air  Battery

From our testing, we would agree with Pure’s estimate that the range of the Air is 30km, but obviously, it depends on how you ride. A maximum speed of 15kmph is only possible in the slowest mode.

The range you’ll get before depleting the battery decreases much more quickly when you’re going at the fastest speed, which is 25kmph (or 15mph in the UK, which is the limit for electric scooters). The range at this speed hasn’t been officially evaluated, but we found the battery dropped dramatically when we drove fast like this, so we don’t expect it to be near 30 kilometers. If you have to travel far, you might not want to ride around at top speeds.

Middle speed, which goes as fast as 20kmph, was preferable to us. Considering the speed at which we drove, the battery lasted admirably, and though we didn’t take an official measurement, it felt that the maximum range might have been around 30 kilometers.

As long as you can get to your destination without running out of charge, a bigger battery doesn’t matter too much. The fastest model on the Pure Air Pro gets you 30 km, and the other modes get you even further.

It takes four hours and fifteen minutes to charge the Pure Air, which is faster than the Pro and other scooters, which can take eight hours or more. Our experience was a little faster than this, but it doesn’t hurt to leave it plugged in a little longer for it to fully charge. However, you must be careful not to ruin your battery. Here is our e-scooter battery guide you can read to help you take care of your battery well.

Charging time

To charge a pure air scooter requires about 5.5 hours. This is an average amount of time. The shortest amount of time we have scooters charge is 3.5 hours. Some scooters take up to 22 hours. Such scooters use Sealed lead-acid accumulators though.

Pure Air pro Motor

Its 250-watt motor in the rear wheel has a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, but I didn’t win any races, but I still managed to get to work quickly on the Pure Air. When the Dolly had to climb a hill with a 6 percent grade, it crawled at just 5-6 mph but eventually made it to the top. I had to get off the Swagger 5 and walk on the same hill because the vehicle slowed even more.

Pure Air  Speed

I would like to start by sharing my thoughts about this scooter’s speed. I find it fast enough to commute daily. The “pure air” can reach speeds of 15.5 mph in the streets.

Due to the 25W motor powering the “pure air”, the speed and acceleration are significantly higher, so the motor is incredibly efficient. With its snappy feel and responsive control, this scooter is an excellent choice for anyone looking to switch to electronic transportation to save money on costly fuel.

Electric scooters are available at Urban Machina, but this one can be compared easily to the Apollo Light and Zero 8. Both scooters share a similar construction, acceleration, and maneuverability. The two former scooters we’ve reviewed are quite popular (you can see them in our reviews) and the “pure air” can safely be added to that list as well.

It isn’t exactly the most budget-friendly scooter model out there, but it isn’t the most expensive either. Compared to the other scooters in our top-rated list, the “pure air” fares well as far as price goes.


Considering all of that, we believe that the price is quite reasonable. When you consider what you’re getting, we believe the price is quite reasonable. However, we want to get a little ahead of ourselves. Keep reading to find out why we believe the price is just right.

Pure Air Deck

There is ample standing room on the Pure Air scooter’s deck, which allows for a more comfortable ride. There is quality grip tape covering almost the entire deck. It has a ground clearance of 10.2 centimeters. In our Pure Air vs Pure air Pro, we discovered that pro has a bigger deck than the pure air scooter

Control panel/ cockpit

You can view speed, battery status, and speed setting through an integrated display in the handlebar. With a glance down, it’s a very bright and easily readable display.

Pure Air Lights

Additionally, Pure Air has integrated LED lights in front and back to help you see in low light. By default, this feature is on, which also helps you be more visible to drivers.

As the front beam of an e-scooter is wide and bright, you will feel more confident when riding at night, and as the rear light has multiple functions, you will be seen more easily by others (this is further enhanced by side reflectors).

Pure Air Suspension

No suspension system. This is one of the few downsides that the Pure Air e-scooter has. E-scooters with suspensions have their ride quality enhanced in a very great margin. However, The Pure Air scooter has pneumatic wheels which serve as cushioning.

Pure Air Tires

Each of the scooter’s front and rear tires have an inner tube of 25.4-centimeter diameter. These tires deliver the highest level of performance.  This is another scooter that has fat tires.

Tires filled with air are often prone to flats. A split rim design makes replacing the inner tubes on the Pure Air easy without removing the tires.

By using tire sealant, you can prevent and even repair most flats.

Pure Air Water resistance

The manufacturer has given this scooter an IP rating of IP65. This is higher than most scooters you find in the market. You can ride in light rain. However, avoid submerging it in water. The iron core of the wheel drive motor hub is affected by water.

Pure Air Hill climb

The manufacturer has not provided any information about the hill climbing capability of the pure. However, given that there are other scooters in the market with similar motors, wheels, and batteries, here on the pure Air e-scooter review we can give a very rough estimate.  A similar scooter is the Glion. With 10 inches wheels and a 250 W motor, the Pure air scooter can climb a 10 hill comfortably. This is

Pure Air Portability

The Pure Air can be folded, but it’s a fiddly process as opposed to the Pro’s simple catch. The board and the bar are held together by a metal U-shaped catch which is unscrewed by hand (by hand) to shut it down.

While this took a few minutes longer to set up, it did not get stuck as often as an alternative system – and that was when the U-shaped catch didn’t get stuck.

You can pick up the Pure Air after unbolting the handlebars from the rear wheel and attaching a small metal bar to the handlebars. Still, it’s not light at 16.5kg. In comparison to other electric scooters that weigh about 12kg / 13kg, the Pro was heavier. It weighs 17kg, so it’s not the heaviest scooter we’ve seen. Our flat is on the top floor, so carrying the scooter around is going to be tough.

The Pure Air does not come with a lock to physically tie it up, so unless you’re leaving it in a safe place, you must lock it using the app.

Pure Air Build quality

You can choose between two colors: black or gray for Pure Air. Although I prefer the gray model, it has contrasting colors, and both have black handlebars, front lights, and stands, as well as black mudguards.

On the ergonomic side, the left grip houses the E-scooters single brake and bell, while a small display panel is located in the middle of the handlebar. You will find the USB charging port to the left of the throttle, which supplies power to your smartphone and external lights.

We’ve seen similar folding mechanisms on other e-scooters, but this one uses a slightly different process. Thankfully, it’s rather simple and doesn’t require much effort. Folding it up involves unscrewing the U-clamp above the front wheel, and folding the stem inward. The rear wheel is then hooked on the handlebar by attaching the silver ring on the front of the handlebar. 116 x 50 x 51 cm are Pure Air’s folded dimensions, making it a car boot-friendly size.

Pure Air’s aesthetic has changed slightly this year: it now has reflective strips on either side of the front wheel to provide increased visibility in the dark. Also included is a 1W front light with an adjustable angle that can be adjusted manually. Furthermore, the standing deck is wide enough to accommodate even feet that are quite large (50cm).

Pure Air Where to buy

You can get a pure air e-scooter from the manufacturers’ website, Pureelectric.com.  They sell at an affordable price. They do not sell their products on Amazon. I do not know why. You cannot find them in Walmart either.

Final thoughts on pure Air e-scooter review

There may not be anything better than Pure Air when it comes to electric scooters. It has a similar performance and range to other electric scooters on the market; however, its build quality, safety, comfort, and affordability make it one of the best in its class.

In the UK, if you’re planning to use your e-scooter in all seasons, its IP65 water resistance is a necessity.

There are some flaws with Pure Air, however. E-scooters that have extra engineering to make them sturdy and water-resistant are heavier than their rivals.

Pure Air is not the most advanced electric scooter on the market, as we discussed at the beginning. Despite its limitations, it’s a safe, reliable, and affordable electric scooter with decent performance.

the Pure Air may just be for you.


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