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Pure air pro e-scooter review

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Looking for an electric scooter that doesn’t pollute the air? Look no further than the Pure Air pro e-scooter! Our scooter is completely emissions-free, making it the perfect way to get around town without harming the environment. Plus, our scooter is super lightweight and easy to maneuver, so you’ll get where you’re going in no time. Learn more about the Pure Air e-scooter today!

Of great importance to us in this Pure Air Pro e-scooter review are features and performance of the scooter. The features include 350 W motor, Led light, 10 inch wheels, aluminium frame and a powerful battery.

Due to electric scooters’ youthful nature, some people feel uncertain about driving them, which is perhaps why Pure created the Air Pro electric scooter – it seems to be designed for individuals who otherwise would not feel comfortable riding them.

The Pure Air Pro (2021) is not Pure’s newest model, but it comes with a few improvements to this 2020 model – including a lower price. The scooter is definitely more appealing if you are in the market for a new model. As part of the 2022 generation, there is also an entry-level and non-Pro Go version.

It’s Air Pro (2020) is the first scooter released under its name, and Pure is one of the largest sellers of electric scooters and bikes in the United Kingdom. In other words, it feels like it was designed based on what the big scooters have been like up to this point.

Pure Air Pro e-scooter review

Let us get into individual features of this scooters in more details.

A summary of the specs

Suppose you do not have time to go through all of our detailed pure air Pro e-scooter review here? Do not worry, here is a summary of the most important scooter specs to help you make your decision carefully. You can also read our e-scooter`s buyers guide here.

Top Speed 25 kph (15.5mph)
Max Range 36 km (22.4 miles)
Scooter weight16.5 kg ( 36 lbs.)
Maximum Load264 lbs. (120 kg)
Tires typePneumatic
Tires10 inch
Motor350 W front wheel hub
number of motors1
Battery typeLithium-ion
Battery capacity36 v  9.6  Ah 345 W
SuspensionNo suspension
BrakesKERS front and drums on the rear
regenerative brakingno
Charging time5.5   hours
Hill climb15 degree
LightsLED~ Headlights (3W), rare braking, side reflectors
FrameAluminum alloy (aircraft grade)
water resistanceIP65
HornBell ( thumb-activated


Performance overview

It’s hard to deny that the Pure Air Pro has good performance. It is equipped with a 350W front-wheel motor, which can deliver excellent acceleration in urban settings. When it reaches full speed, it doesn’t feel breathless, and it picks up speed really well.

Although legally, a max speed of 15 mph is allowed, the extra power helps when climbing hills and carrying heavy loads.

Using your thumb, you can easily control the throttle, and it is very responsive, permitting you to precisely control how fast you’re going.

You simply squeeze the anti-lock electronic brakes to stop the Air Pro. This e-scooter is very easy to maneuver thanks to the single lever brake on both wheels. Use your left hand to move and your right hand to stop.

Pure Air Pro features air-filled tires mounted on 10-inch wheels. There are larger tires than those on the Xiaomi M365 of 8.5 inches.

The largest tires offer a number of advantages, including a smoother ride, a safer ride, and easier maintenance.

During testing, we were impressed with the Pure Air Pro’s performance. It is quick, functional, and comfortable, and its battery pack will outlast many of its competitors.


With a 36V 345wh battery, the Pro can offer a reasonable (22.4-mile, 36 km) range with its 350W motor. The range is roughly 4 miles longer than the Pure Air.  A rider’s weight, environmental conditions, and other factors affect the total distance.


Regardless of how fast you drive the Pure Air Pro, its time between charges is dependent on how fast you travel. Faster speeds will generate a lower battery life.

According to Pure, in Eco mode, the slowest mode you can travel (which we will describe more thoroughly later), you would be able to travel 36km, but in the fastest mode, you would be able to travel 30km or less. In our pure air vs Pure air pro article we discovered that battery is one of the few features pro is better that the Pure Air.

The battery stayed fairly strong in Eco mode, but the power was dropping very quickly when the scooter was driving as fast as possible. To operate it in this mode for even 30km, we’d guess you’d need some really clever driving skills.

If you need to travel only 25km or less every day, you’ll find the Pure Air Pro good enough to do the job. Distances between 30km and 36km might not matter much depending on your commute or regular journeys. There are other scooters that last longer, so it might not be suitable for those who frequently travel long distances. Longer distances, you may choose to use a G3 scooter.

It’s not surprising that Pure’s comparatively short battery life may irk you, but the speed at which it charges should compensate for that, as it charges in just four and a half hours, which is roughly half the amount of time it takes other scooters to charge. Therefore, you won’t need to power it up every time you use it. Just a couple of bursts before and after use will be sufficient.

The scooter comes with a power cable that plugs into the vehicle’s board – it is very easy to connect.

Charging time

Does it suffice? We found that it did. With 5.5 hours of charge time, it’s fast enough for you to finish a full charge while working. The app allows you to monitor the charge status.

Generally, you can charge the battery over 500 times before it needs to be replaced. In the long run, you can save money by performing the installation yourself with some standard tools at home when it is time to replace the battery.


Its 350W motor is powerful enough to accelerate you to 15.5mph (25 km/h), which is enough to make you smile as it pulls you along.

This Pro has a reliable and tried-and-true motor that’s capable of logging some serious mileage. Should we consider this scooter to be a daily rider? Most certainly.


With a maximum speed of 15.5mph, the Pure Air Pro is similar to most commuter electric scooters. You can keep out of trouble if it’s fast enough, but not too fast. The speed is also similar to rental scooters out there.

Due to UK legislation, electric commuter devices are only allowed to travel at speeds of up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h).

While the 350W motor didn’t lay down as much power as the slightly cheaper Pure Air, it was quicker than a rental e scooter if you were heading down the highway. As a result of the motor’s mapping feature, it is very easy to operate, especially for those who have little experience or confidence using such a device.


A battery-saving Eco mode, as well as a Speed mode for people who don’t care as much about preserving power, are available.

Control panel/ cockpit

You can see all the basics on the integrated display, including battery life, speed, and flight status. At night and during the day, the screen is clearly visible due to its backlight. This is an impressive feature! This e-scooter has a minimalistic look, with the motor being integrated rather than sticking out.

An app for your smartphone can be paired with a scooter. This is another area in which Pure has shown its expertise, with an app that offers an excellent user experience and impressive functionality.


LED lights to perform fairly well on the road, both at the front and the rear. It is among the few scooters with light.

Due to Pure’s expertise in building scooters for UK conditions, its lights are superior to those found on other scooters. It is also possible to adjust the front LED so that it can be tilted down to light unlit tracks and paths (such as cycle paths).

In addition, side reflectors make the vehicle a little safer. The lights here are sufficient to keep you safe and visible, but you can always add more if you need them


A benefit of the Pure Air Pro is that its tires are air-filled pneumatically. Since there is no suspension fitted, they are great at absorbing judder and knocks. The fixed front fork and the fixed rear wheel will reveal that.


It is another one of the few scooters that have large wheels. In comparison with its competitors, the Pro’s 10-inch air-filled tires impressed us the most. Even in damp conditions, the tread pattern provided adequate grip, and with good maintenance, it should last for hundreds of miles.

Pure adds free puncture protection fluid to their pneumatic tires as a bonus to protect against punctures. I find it to be a valuable addition right out of the box. It shows that Pure is on top of their game. It would be nice to see other scooter builders follow Pure’s lead.


On the left side of the handlebars is a single lever that activates the front mechanical brake. On the right side of the handlebars are two regenerative brakes. Most commuter e-scooters come with this feature.

We slowed down to 0mph from 15mph with little or no skidding because of the intelligent braking system.

This isn’t a place for complaining or crying. The scooter does what it should, and they do it well.

Water resistance

Its IP65 waterproof rating puts it in a league of its own when it comes to classic British and European weather conditions. The suppliers of Pure Electric’s covers are so confident that they warrant their products against water ingress. Pure air pro is a scooter you can ride in light rain.

Yet, what do all these things mean? In addition to its excellent build quality, the Pure Air Pro is protected against rain and puddles thanks to concealed electronics.

Hill climb

It’s a fantastic urban commuter, the Pure Air Pro. Nevertheless, it’s only meant for urban commutes. Any urban environment has inclines and hills, but do not expect this electric scooter to climb at the highest speed, the steepest grade.


We tested the quality and grip of the deck’s thick, thick rubber while we were moving. It is natural to forget about something like this when it is working well, and we forgot about it and just enjoyed the ride.


There are two ways to fold the Pure Air Pro down. On the front is a catch, and on the back, there is a clasp that you can use to keep the device folded. Using this method, it can be taken on public transportation and reduced so it can be stored at home

It’s quite a bit shorter when folded, but it’s not tiny either, so when folded its dimensions are 115 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm. While most scooters weigh 10-14kg, the 17kg scooter is heavier than most, and it might be difficult to transport when folded.

It might be the heaviest scooter you see unless you’re looking at a high-end model (because those usually have massive batteries and motors). Frequent carrying of this device will represent quite a workout.

A lock cannot be easily attached to the scooter, so depending on where you live, you might not be able to leave it outside.

Build quality

You might feel like you’re staring at the Xiaomi M365 when you first see the Pure Air Pro – that’s because it resembles the Xiaomi M365 very closely. Xiaomi is among the most popular electric scooters in the UK (and possibly the world), and for a very good reason.

In line with the design goals, Pure engineers a superior folding mechanism that creates a more stable ride (while at the same time being easy to fold).

Aside from the water-resistant design, Pure has also sealed the electronics inside with an IP65-rated water seal. Pure recommends that you don’t ride it in wet weather and that you don’t submerge it for any length of time (although making that claim will void the warranty).

You will also benefit from superior build quality because this is a brand from the UK. The device feels robust, well-built, and durable.

It was constructed to support a maximum load of 120kg safely. It should be able to handle you and your heavy bag more easily than most scooters.

The chassis is reinforced and the deck is large and grippy, providing great stability.

Obviously, such extra engineering (and a larger battery) carry a slight weight penalty. The Pure Air Pro weighs 17kg, which is a little more than its competitors.

Additionally, we like the sleek design of the Pure Air Pro, which is available in both black and grey.

Where to buy

If you need a Pure air pro e-scooter, you need to buy one from their website-the pure electric.com. this scooter, like its brother the pure air, they are neither sold in Walmart nor Amazon.com.

However, you may find one in one of the few stays they have opened in various cities.

Final thoughts on Pure Air Pro e-scooter review

We can just about stay atop our favorite electric scooter list for a while longer, thanks to a few welcome changes and a lower launch price than the original.

One concern I have is that it’s almost the same as Pure Air, which costs £150 less. With Pure Air, the range is a bit shorter (18 miles) and the weight is slightly more (17kg), but apart from that, you get everything that the Pure Air Pro offers, and you save a bunch of money while doing so.

Most of the decision has to do with how frequently you plan to ride your e-scooter and how far you plan to travel. While Pure Air is a better value on paper, you should still consider the Pure Air Pro if you didn’t need to charge it very often.



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