Pure air vs Pure air Pro scooters

Pure air vs Pure air Pro scooters

Pure air vs Pure air Pro scooters
Pure air vs Pure air Pro scooters

In this Pure Air vs Pure Air Pro scooters article, we uncover the differences between them. The a major difference can be seen in motor, battery size, size of deck and the range they can cover. The rest of the attributes are almost similar.

Need a way to get around town without spending a fortune on gas? Pure Air and Pure Air Pro scooters are a great option. But which one is right for you? Our review will help you decide. Click here to learn more.

Are there any foldable electric scooters that are suitable for micromobility? You’ve surely heard of Pure Air and the Pure Air Pro if you’re looking for the best electric scooters. With two wheels, Pure Electric’s electric scooters are meant to stand out from the crowd, but which is the best electric scooter?

It may look like the Pure Air Pro is an upgraded version of the Pure Air, but it’s not. A version of the Pure Air pro that launches a few months earlier, the Pure Air will replace it when it launches in August 2020.


Pure Air and the Pure Air Pro have a lot in common, but they appeal to different users. Pure Air is one of the best budget electric scooters, while the Pure Air Pro is one of the best electric scooters of all time.


Our ultimate comparison and comparison of Pure Air and the Pure Air Pro will help you decide which electric scooter is best for your needs.

Pure air vs pure air pro


Pure air pro e-scooter review

PROS (Pure Air)

A smooth ride is provided by large wheels

The price point is good for the range

The best water resistance in the industry

Overall, the value is outstanding

PROS (Pro Version)

Smooth ride with large wheels

Powerful with a respectable range

Water resistance that is class-leading

CONS (Pure Air)

Weighs more than its closest competitors

There is no suspension

Uninspired, but sensible

It’s not as powerful as it could be

CONS (Pro version)

Weighs more than its closest competitors

Suspension not necessary

The cheaper cousin does not have Bluetooth

The Pure Air is a better value


While Pure Air is a wonderful electric scooter on a budget, it claims no compromises in design. Neither model has exposed cables or wires, so they both maintain a sleek and smooth design. This comes with manual handlebar drum brakes & electronic anti-lock braking at the rear, allowing users to stop quickly and accurately.

Additionally, the rider has greater control during sudden stops thanks to the large, puncture-resistant & anti-skid tires. There is puncture protection fluid in every tire, so you won’t be injured by objects that poke out of the road. A convenient display on both models allows riders to easily view their battery life and speed at a glance.

Pure Air has a display that is dead center, while the Pro’s display is situated just to the left of the handle. It’s to prevent riders from accidentally looking down to check their speed or distance while leaning forward. The Pure Air Pro has a slightly larger deck, offering more standing room than the Pure Air. Both models offer an enjoyable ride and comfortable standing space. They are equipped with integrated kickstands, which make parking and quick stops a breeze.

The scooters are easy to fold and are one of the quickest scooters on the market. Riders can fold it in seconds and catch a bus or train without a problem. We discuss several safety and roadside-use features in the following sections, including the front & rear lighting. Learn more about the build quality and ease of use of the 2022 Pure Air in our review.



The top speed of both vehicles is 15.5 mph

Pure Air and Pure Air Pro Range

There is an 18.6-mile range on Pure Air and a 22.4-mile range on the Pro. Both specify that the test is performed on a stable surface at 25 degrees Celcius ambient temperature with a weight of 75kg / 12th on a rider of 12th standing (rather than speed).


A 350W motor on the Pro is slightly more powerful than the 250W motor on the Pure Air, thus enabling it to climb hills, carry heavier riders, and accelerate more quickly.

Max Load

Pure air and pure air pro scooters are scooters for heavy adults. Both can carry up to 120 kg of loaded weight, which is higher than the common 100 kg limit. Heavy riders who only need a basic scooter will be pleased with this level of capability.

Ride Quality


A scooter with 10 inches of wheels offers a smoother, safer ride than most electric scooters on the market. A scooter with wheels this size is almost unheard of in this price range, and this is probably what sets this scooter apart from its competitors. Having wheels larger than average offers a distinct advantage when riding over cracks and small potholes. read more about scooters with large wheels here.


Tires equipped with pneumatics come with a built-in puncture prevention fluid. Despite this, they are still susceptible to punctures, but it certainly reduces the number. A 10-inch tire, for example, is also likely to be easier to change than competitors like the M365, which is a huge advantage.


Suspension is not included with either the Pure Air or the Pure Air Pro. It can still offer a smooth ride, however, thanks to the larger wheels and pneumatic tires.

Size of Pure Air and Pure Air Pro

There is almost no difference in size between Pure Air and Pure Air Pro. Both are quite bulky and do not fold up well for compact storage, but they will fit in most car trunks


There is a slight difference in weight between the Pro’s 17 kg and the Pure Air’s 16.5 kg. Short distances can be carried without much difficulty, but stair climbing regularly isn’t recommended. Although these scooters are not as heavy as their rivals (the M365 weighs just 12.5 kg), they are rather heavy.



There is no information available on the exact capacity of these scooters, so we have estimated that it is 280 Wh for the Pure Air and 400 Wh for the Pro. In these estimations, scooters with similar power ranges have been compared.


It takes approximately 4.5 hours for both scooters to charge.



The newer Pure Air bicycles feature an oval display mounted on the handlebars indicating speed (in km/h), a battery level indicator, a riding mode switch, and a speed indicator (15.5, 12.5, and 9.5 mph).

Bluetooth / App

However, Pure Air has Bluetooth while the older Pro does not. It is still in development since the scooter is so new.


Light mounted on the handlebar is slightly brighter than the M365, so it should be adequate for most nighttime riding conditions. So if you are looking for scooters with light, pure air, and pure air pro is the way to go.


In both vehicles, drum brakes are on the front and electronic anti-lock brakes are on the rear.

Safety and usability on the road: Pure Air vs Pure Air Pro

Adding safety & usability to our review of the 2021 Pure Air in one of our most crucial sections. With the LED front & rear lighting previously mentioned, riders can be seen at all times, no matter what time of day. Additionally, each model comes with side reflectors, resulting in 360-degree 360-degree lighting. When riding on dark days, we still recommend riders wear appropriate safety gear, such as high visibility jackets, helmets, gloves, etc. These anti-skid, puncture-resistant tires enhance rider safety by giving them much more stability and control where sudden stops or sharp objects are encountered.

An integrated bell lets riders signal pedestrians that they are present or alert traffic. Though not explicitly intended for use only on the roadside, the lack of off-road functionality suggests it is. The lack of suspension makes riders responsible for battling bumps on their own, especially when considering the lack of suspension. In conclusion, we think either model can be used at the roadside provided you stick to smooth surfaces and don’t try any crazy tricks. Make sure that your region allows escooters to be ridden on pavements or roads by checking local laws & regulations.

Pure Air vs Pro – which is better?

There are some key differences between the two models, despite their striking similarities in appearance and specs. The deck of the Pro is slightly larger than that of the Pure Air, offering more room and space for the feet. The Pro also offers a larger battery, a bigger motor, and an extended range of 36 kilometers, in addition to the backlit display located near the left handle. Even though the cost of both models has increased significantly, they remain remarkably affordable. You should always choose the model that is most suitable for your budget or needs.

Final thoughts on the pure air vs pure air pro

In terms of power, range, and style, the Pure Air Pro LR delivers all three. It’s easy to ride on steep hills, and you can keep going forever without having to stop for a recharge. Despite that, the experience isn’t flawless.

Despite its long-range, it is cumbersome and lacks cruise control, something that would be very useful. So even though the Pure Air Pro LR outshines the rest of the Pure Air fleet, it isn’t quite worth the premium. In most cases, the standard Pure Air is much better suited to your needs unless the e-scooter range is paramount.



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