Razor power core E-90 electric scooter review

Razor power core E-90 electric scooter review

If you are looking for a modest e-scooter for your kid, Razor Power Core E-90 electric scooter is a good choice. This design is for kids or anyone whose wait does not exceed 54 kg or 118 lbs. This article  contains information about Razor  Power Core E90 electric scooter review. Just like the other reviews we have done before, this one is also thorough and unbiased. Our goal is to give our readers honest and trustworthy information so that they can make an informed decision.

Razor Power Core E-90 electric scooter review

This is not a scooter designed for heavy people. Its motor, battery, and frame are not strong enough to handle the weight of an average person.  Its plastic rims will likely crumble under an average weight of a human. Besides, it has to be lightweight so that your kid can lift it or carry it. This is why it has been made using plastic materials for most part.  However, it is most suitable for kids since they are hardly anywhere above 45 kg or 99 lbs.

Because the target audience is your kids, it comes in fun colors like pink and green. The e-scooter itself weighs 21.75 lbs. or 9.9 kg so that your kid can carry it around easily.   Let us now look into the general specifications.

General specifications for Razor Power Core E-90 electric scooter

The general specifications for the Razor Power Core E-90 e-scooter are as shown in the table below.

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Now let us dig deep into design features :

Razor power core E-90 electric scooter review

Whenever you are looking for a good scooter, always examine features because they determine user experience. We are going to dig into the Razor Power Core e-90 electric scooter features and tell you what is desirable and what is not.  Razor is one of the cheap electric scooters for adults.


The first feature we will look into in this Razor Power Core e-90 electric scooter review is the motor. Using the analogy of a gasoline car, the motor is equivalent to an engine. The more powerful it is, the better the performance.

Razor Power Core e-90 electric scooter comes with an 85 W hub motor. It is good considering this scooter was not designed for adults.  An 85 W hub motor will give your kid all the power necessary to cruise in tracks and hills that are not very steep. So, this is an OK motor for your kid.


The Razor Power Core e-90 electric scooter comes with two 12 V SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries. This scooter gives your kid enough juice to enjoy the ride for 80 minutes.

Remember in the above section we said motor is the engine? Well, the battery is the fuel tank and the charge is the fuel.

So, the larger the tank (battery), the larger the amount of fuel (the charge). From my perspective, the 12 v hardly makes it to the mid-tier.

The advantage associated with the SLA batteries is that they do not deteriorate as lithium-ion batteries do. We saw this in my article on charging e-scooters. Lithium batteries have the ion stuck in the electrodes inhibiting the flow of charges. This reduces the battery efficiency.  Overheating, overcharging, and discharging completely accelerate the formation of ions on the electrodes.

The disadvantage associated with the SLA battery is that you cannot use chargers that charge faster. This would destroy the cells completely. You would then need to replace the batteries.

As for the Razor Power Core e-90 electric scooter, there are a few things I do not like about these 12 V SLA batteries. One, 80 minutes of the ride is very little time for your kid. Though it is hard to tell for how long your kid will play with it, am pretty sure they may want to spend more time with their toy.

Two, 12 hours of charging is a very long time. Simply put, your child has got to play with his or her e-scooter once per day. When the charge gets depleted, he or she is done for the day.

Nonetheless, the thrill of having an e-scooter with them will not allow them to take note of this.


Razor Power Core e-90 e-scooter has handlebars height designed to be 32.9″ or 84 cm high. This is an appropriate height for a child who is 8 years old and above. When we looked into the Megawheels S5 e-scooter we saw its height was 120 cm which was appropriate for adults.

The Razor Power Core e-90 e-scooter has been ergonomically designed to discourage heavy adults from riding it.

For a height of 32.9 inches or 84 cm, your kid is guaranteed a very comfortable ride for the entire 80 minutes.

The only downside associated with this e-scooter for kids is that the height of the handlebars cannot be adjusted. This is not something you ought to worry about. Besides, very few e-scooters have adjustable handlebars. A good example is the Hiboy S2, it is considered a mid-tier e-scooter yet its handlebars are not adjustable.

Moreover, your kids will get used to the height of the bars after a few rides.  Also, remember that your kid is also growing.

On the right side of the handlebar is where your throttle is located, the push-button type. Your kid won’t be able to adjust his or her speed. I think this is why your kid has got 80 minutes only of cruising because they cannot adjust their speed  and hence the charge consumption.

To start the e-scooter, your kid has to use the kick while holding onto the throttle.


According to the information we found on the amazon.com, Razor Power Core E-90 e-scooter has two different types of tires.  The front wheel uses urethane materiials. The rear wheel uses a rubber material.

Your e-scooter will not have to worry about punctures at all.  Furthermore, urethane is known for being both cut and abrasion-resistant.

The rear rubber wheel may not be able to offer some form of cushion.  This Razor electric scooter is not one of the e-scooters fitted with suspension. But since when are kids worried about a bumpy ride?

There are threads on both the rear and front wheel.  It is, therefore, anti-slip. The wheels can hold well on slippery and wet roads.


This is what your kid will use to pack their scooter with ease.  He or she does not need to look for support structures such as walls, fences, or poles to pack the e-scooter. It is a very cool feature to have with you.


Brakes are essential when it comes to the safety of your kid. They have to stop when they want to. Otherwise, they will keep on running into things. This way, they will end up with injuries.

Your Razor Power Core E-90 e-scooter comes with front wheel brakes which are hand-operated. The manufacturer has made them efficient so that your kid will be safe all the time.

Performance and quality

For a scooter designed for kids, razor electric scooter is very good. It has all the safety features in place such as limited speed, and brakes in place. Additionally, the tires are such that you will never have to worry about punctures. The abrasion resistance  of the urethane tires makes it long-lasting.

On relatively flat tracks and roads, the e-scooter will give your kid a smooth ride. It is hard to say how the e-scooter will perform on hills. However, I expect the motor to be strong enough to offer the necessary torque to climb gently sloping hills.

As for the constant speed on the hills, it will not hold on for long. The higher torque demanded when climbing hills will have the speed reduce significantly.

Kickstart is an additional safety feature. It does not allow the scooter to start unintentionally and injure your kid.

To start your e-scooter, you hold the throttle and then kickstart it to turn on. Once started, the motor attains the 10 mph (16 kph) almost immediately. As you may know, the kids may not be able to adjust speeds well. This is why the Razor e-scooter comes with a constant speed.

When we did an article on oil changes in EV, we discovered that motors require very little maintenance. They are well greased and will require zero maintenance from you.

This e-scooter is not a direct drive type. It uses a chain instead. However, you will pay little attention to it because it is designed to give your kid no alignment problems.

Your kid can use it manually if the battery runs dry.

Made to withstand rough outdoor conditions

Children know very little about maintenance and taking care of their toys. This also goes for the e-scooter.

The Razor manufacturer took care of this by making this e-scooter with a steel frame. Steel is known for its toughness and resilience. So, repeated outdoor use will do no harm to it.

Despite its strong and resilient frame, Razor Power Core E-90 is a lightweight e-scooter. We saw in the general specs section that it weighs only 9.9 kg or 21 lbs. Your kid will not have control issues while riding the e-scooter.

Besides, your e-scooter comes with  hand operate braking system which your can access at moment’s notice. So, you do not have to worry about your kids knocking over things in the yard.

Power and efficiency

Electric scooters are not only quiet but also very efficient. Motors are not as round as car engines.

For small kids, 80 minutes is a very long time to cruise on a Razor E-scooter. Though I do not like the long time it takes to charge, the Razor e-scooter gives you the value of your money. Furthermore, with a proper and careful charging plan, your kid will enjoy adventures and many outdoor sports.  Besides, the scooter can be used as a kick scooter if it runs out of charge

The 85 W hub motor is unbelievably strong. It is guaranteed to offer your kid a very smooth and quiet ride.


Can you ride Razor Power Core E-90 in the rain?

it is not recommended for your kids to ride when it raining. In my previous article about IP ratings, we discovered that only a handful of electric scooters can withstand being in the water for a prolonged period. Most of them are neither waterproof nor have a high level of water resistance.

Though the manufacturer has not included the IP ratings on the manual nor on their website, it is not safe to assume it can withstand splashes.

Roads are not only slippery when it is raining but also are not clear. Accidents are likely to happen because of poor visibility.

Besides, it is not wise for a kid to ride in the rain. They will catch cold.

The cons and the pros of the Razor Power Core E-90 electric scooter.


  • Your kid can always use the scooter manually once the battery runs dry.
  • It is lightweight so your kid can carry it around and use it as a kick scooter
  • The 85 W motor is very efficient. It will not waste power because of overheating


  • The battery takes too long to charge
  • Kids have got 80 minutes only of ride
  • The e-scooter do not have an adjustable speed, the speed is constant
  • It is a kick start type.
  • Does not offer a lot of traction
  • It does not have a suspension

Who is most suited to use the Razor Power Core E-90 electric scooter?

The manufacturer of this awesome scooter targeted adventurous kids who are 8 years old and above. However, it is not restricted to kids only. If you weigh anything not greater than 54 kg or 118 lbs., the Razor Power Core E-90 e-scooter was meant for you as well.

So, this e-scooter can be used by kids of varying ages and weight so long as the weight limit is not exceeded. If you want something bigger, you can check the e-scooter for adults here.

The Razor e-scooter has been made such that it is extremely easy for kids to use. It also comes with colors that excite kids. You or I may go for a different color altogether. Like many people out there, I favor the black color.

What I liked about the Razor Power Core E-90 e-scooter

Safety in mind

This product from the Razor manufacturers is a powerful scooter for kids. The features are as such that the kid’s safety is in mind. Your kid will definitely enjoy this e-scooter.

Can be used as a kick scooter

For most kids, 80 minutes is sufficient time to have fun with this magnificent toy. It is a toy they can use as a kick scooter if it runs out of charge. No need to worry if they travel some distance away from home. So, your adventurous kid can roam in your backyard, park, or even the playground all he wants.

The razor Power Core E-90 electric scooter is a very light scooter. This benefits your kid in two ways. One, your kid can use it as a kick scooter for a long distance. There are some e-scooters that are direct drive. They cannot be used as kick scooters.

Two, in case it breaks down, your kid can lift it or carry it with him or her for some substantial distance. You do not know what will happen in the playground or the park.


it does not have a seat. Electric scooters fitted with seats are heavier than those without. The additional weight due to the seat would reduce the total range. Weight is a factor that determines the range an e-scooter can cover. The heavier it is, the shorter the range.

If you have access to other SLAs, in my own opinion, you can interchange them with those in your scooter if they run dry.  It would increase the time your kid has with the scooter.

What I did not like about the Razor Power Core E-90 e-scooter

Low ground clearance

The low ground clearance may not be a big problem for your kid since most of the time they will play on the tracks and pavements. However, things may start to change if your kid starts using it off terrain. It is likely to get stuck on the lamps.

This should not worry your though. Your kid can select the tracks, pavement of roads where they can play. You can check, if you are interested, the e-scooters built with large wheels. They are most suitable for the off terrain uses.

Battery type

Sealed acid batteries are not the best batteries in the market. They are very heavy and have a lower power density than the lithium-ion type.

This is not the only problem I have with this battery.  It also takes a ridiculously large amount of time to charge to capacity.

SLA batteries do not support the use of chargers with higher amperage. They only use the standard chargers which the manufacturer supplied you with.

Handles are not adjustable

The kids who are short may have trouble using the 84 cm high handlebars. Nonetheless, this should not stop you from buying a razor e-scooter. Your kids are growing and soon, they will outgrow the scooter itself.

Does not have a suspension

If the road, track, or path that your children go for is not smooth, they will have to endure every little bump and pothole they come across. The type of wheels it comes with has very little shock absorption characteristics.

Kids do not care much about this. They may even enjoy their ride more when the road is bumpy.

Furthermore, lack of suspension could be one contributing factor why it is cheaper than most e-scooters in the market.

Not foldable

This is another drawback of the Razor Power Core E-90 e-scooter. It means you cannot fit it in a small and compact space. It is an e-scooter you cannot carry with you on other public transport systems such as buses.

Though it can fit in the trunk of the car, it will end up taking a lot of space.

You can have it within a train but it will be hectic.

What you ought to look for in an e-scooter

What you need to look for in an e-scooter is determined by what your needs are. For instance, you might be looking for speed, while another person could be interested in the power. Here are some of the things you ought to consider when going for an electric scooter.

The first thing you ought to have in mind is the battery. The type and the size of your batteries determine two things. One, the range your scooter can cover. Of course, the larger the battery, the longer the range. Two, the time it takes to charge to capacity. Lithium batteries can be charged faster by the use of a charger with more amperage. SLA batteries are a different case altogether.

The second thing you ought to consider is the maximum weight that an e-scooter can carry. Lower-tier electric scooters can hardly handle any weight above 100 kg. If you way more than that, you have to search well for what suits you.

The third thing is the motor. The motor of your e-scooter. As I said before, this is the engine of your e-scooter. Motors determine how fast an e-scooter can go and whether it can climb hills or not. Of course, the stronger the motor, the faster it can go and steeper the hills it can climb. Weak motors will need you to push scooters on a hill.

Lastly, the wheels. For off terrain uses, go for e-scooters that have large wheels. On the other hand, if you plan to use your e-scooter on tracks and roads, any size of the wheels will do.

Final thoughts on the Razor Power Core electric scooter review

Razor Power Core E-scooter comes with all benefits other electric scooters and cars have. It is not only a good scooter for your kid but it will also give you the value of your money.

This is an extremely affordable scooter. It is good when you have a tight budget and needs to buy a gift for your kid.

The safety features are incredible too.  You will not have to worry about accidents. The frame on itself is very strong. No matter how many times it is dropped down, it will remain intact.

The plastic materials are an addition to the safety features. In case of a crash, the e-scooter takes the most damage while the kid remains relatively unharmed. This does not mean they become careless.

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