best short distance laser projector

The Best short distance laser projector

best short distance laser projector

A short throw projector is essential if you want to build a home theater or play games. There might be a difference in brightness and resolution between short throw and non-short throw projectors. You may feel out of your element in the world of projectors, however. We can help you with that. The best short distance laser  projectors on the market have been vetted over countless hours to ensure we find only the best.

Without the hassle of reading Amazon reviews and model specifications, you will find the best short-throw projector for your budget and needs.

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G HF65LA Ultra Short Throw Projector

HF65LA LED ULTRA SHORT THROW PROJECTOR is our #1 pick. The TOP PICK award has been given


A system like this can be used as an in-house cinema. Having a lumen rating of 1,000 ANSI, it is extremely bright. As well as the battery life of 30,000 hours, you’ll be able to watch more while charging less.


A 1,000 ANSI lumen in-house cinema system
A lamp that lasts 30,000 hours


Wear and tear may occur on parts

Like many LG projectors, this projector also incorporates Bluetooth technology, making it an excellent option for anyone seeking advanced technology. A full HD resolution and an immersive experience are guaranteed when it’s coupled with most sound systems. Some consumers have reported having their projectors wear out a little sooner than they expected. You can easily resolve this issue by contacting the manufacturer for repairs. You can still get maintenance and repairs covered by the manufacturer even if you use this frequently for work purposes.

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Using this projector, you can get images as large as sixty inches when you set it up five inches from the screen. The screen can be filled up to one hundred inches when you pull it back a little further. With it, you enjoy a big, vivid picture similar to what you experience in a movie theater. Using 4-corner keystone technology, you can align your images perfectly.

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  Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw Projector

The second projector we picked was the Optoma Cinemamax P2 ULTRA SHORT THROW PROJECTOR

HONORABLE MENTION: The award is presented to


You will be able to enjoy a wider spectrum of colors while watching your favorite movies and shows with this extremely vibrant option. A built-in sound system and a TV tuner are also included with this model for those who want to set up their home cinema. This may be the best projector that Optoma has ever produced. Read more on LG CineBeam UHD


It comes with an extremely bright option, a built-in sound system, and smart controls


There might not be enough contrast

A big screen is available with this model. It offers 4K ultra-high-definition. The display is HDR10 compatible and has a laser light source as well as pure glass optics. Also, you’ll be able to take advantage of PyreMotion image processing for better pictures than competing units. In addition to the deep, rich colors provided by the six-segment color wheel, the immersive experience is further enhanced by the deep hues available. Consumers have complained about a slight lack of contrast in their reports. Nevertheless, you may want to compare Optoma UHD60 with Optoma UHD65 before choosing this one. The best laser projectors offer more models with laser technology.

You will also be able to experience stunning imagery thanks to a large color gamut. Your projector can achieve the best color quality when it receives information in the DCI-P3 color space. Even if you’re just a few inches away, you can get a 120-inch image on your projector screen. The SmartFIT app also allows for easy alignment of images. If you’re planning to use this as an outdoor projector, its excellent visual performance will certainly make movie watching more enjoyable. Read more on  ViewSonic X2000B-4K Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD

   Epson EpiqVision LS300 Ultra Short Throw Projector

Epson’s Equipvision Ls300 Ultra Short Throw Projector is our #3 pick

Video Game Award: Best of the Best


With this option, you will receive 2.1 sound of audiophile quality. Its full high-definition capabilities further enhance its spectacular picture quality. You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of bright colors.


It features stunning picture quality and full high-definition capabilities. It also has an Audiophile 2.1 sound system.


Color accuracy is not great

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With this super bright projector, you can enjoy 3,600 lumens of brightness. As well as using 3-chip technology, it also runs on a processor. Your project will be wow-worthy with dazzling images created by laser light sources. This monitor provides an incredible dynamic contrast ratio of up to 1,500,000:1, which is perfect for viewing deeper colors. There is, unfortunately, some room for improvement when it comes to color accuracy. People who need high-quality images with ultra-accurate colors may find this a deal breaker. Though it does not have great color accuracy, it is good projector to use in homes.

With this projector, you’ll be able to stream your favorite movies and TV shows seamlessly using the Android TV operating system. In terms of projection size, the largest screen is 120 inches, while the smallest screen is 61 inches. The distance between your projector and the screen needs to be 15.2 inches to get 120 inches. Yamaha 2.1 Sound is also built into the speaker.

   JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw Projector

We recommend the JMGGO O1 Ultra Short Throw Projector as our #4 pick.

87 Reviews


We like it for the following reasons:

The projector will give you a screen size up to 100 inches. Luna OS is the brand’s unique operating system.


Has a screen size of up to 100″ and is powered by Luna OS. Specifies a custom sound system.


There may be a reduction in brightness

In addition to great imagery and dazzling color, the 1080P resolution also provides a great viewing experience. Choosing this option is the right choice if you want a large screen. The projector is capable of displaying up to 100 inches when only 10.6 inches from the screen. The projector can thus be conveniently mounted close to the screen, making it an ideal solution for tight spaces. Despite this, the overall brightness of this projector seems to be lacking. Compared to some competing models, this one has fewer lumens.

As well as a music visualizer, the Luna OS system includes a digital art gallery, among other features. Using your projector, you can easily share pictures or information. With this projector, you can choose either companion mode or movie mode depending on what experience you need right now. This projector features an impressive Dynaudio sound system that allows you to experience immersive audio along with brilliant image displays.

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   Xiaomi Mijia Ultra Short Throw Projector

Xiaomi Mijia Ultra Short Throw Projector Is Our #5 Pick In Our Top 5 Best Picks

The Best Entertaining Award was given to this restaurant


Super bright, this model enables full high-definition functionality. When the room has ambient lighting, you can still see well with this lamp, which emits 5000 lumens. In addition, it runs MIUI TV, a unique operating system.


The MIUI TV OS is supported by this high-definition TV that produces 5,000 lumens


This product lacks a few basic functions

You can experience a screen size of 150 inches with this projector. This is a huge difference from most of the competition, particularly for a short-throw model. A dazzling image is displayed just like you would see in a cinema thanks to the full-HD viewing capabilities. In addition to being black and white, the projector should enhance the aesthetics of almost any home. It does seem to be lacking some basic features, however. Starting it up, for instance, does not switch to the standard HDMI port.

In addition to a voice assistant, this system includes other features. Regardless of where you are in the room, you’ll be able to control the screen using the remote control. To pause and change settings, you no longer have to go to your projector. In place of doing all the adjustments at your desk, you can make them from your chair. This option has an approximate life expectancy of 25,000 hours. Also related:   CASIRIS A6 Ultra Short Throw Projector

   Gobran FH3 Ultra Short Throw Projector

In this edition, we have chosen the Gobran Fh3 Ultra Short Throw Projector at #6

Presented with the Best Value Award


Streaming systems compatible with this option are available. You can also experience gorgeous full-color imagery thanks to its high-definition capabilities. It is a fantastic lighting system because of the use of light-emitting diodes.


Streams without a problem high-definition capability Use light emitting diodes


A carry bag is not included

Portable and lightweight, this option is ready to go anywhere you go. Those who want a truly cinematic experience will enjoy the 1920 x 1080P native resolution. Due to the latest in full-screen technology, there is minimal blurring and a sharp image in the corners. You will need to buy a carry bag if you wish to travel with this projector. The product does not include a transportation option. To determine which projector is the most suitable for your needs, compare standard projectors with mini projectors.

Bright and crisp images are ensured by the 8,000 lumens provided. The display also has a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1. A deep, accurate, and sharp image will result from this. The screen can be adjusted from 100% to 50% thanks to digital zoom. By using SmarEco technology, you can minimize your lamp’s power consumption. The result is an extremely long lifespan compared to competing models. The comparison of laser projectors vs lamp projectors will help you find models that will last even longer.

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Best Ultra-short Throw Projector for Most People – Vava 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Vava 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector is the best ultra-short throw laser projector for the majority of people.

Vava 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Lamp life

This ultra short throw projector from Vava balances price and performance to provide you with a beautiful, bright, and big image on the screen. As a result of its laser light source, this projector offers a particularly bright image and a long life span of 25,000 hours. Despite its 2500 ANSI lumens, it is capable of producing excellent picture quality and boasts a 3000:1 contrast ratio.

This soundbar features 60 Watts of Harman Kardon power and Dolby and DTS-HD sound processing for an immersive home cinema experience. There is nothing better than a bright, crisp image with outstanding image quality. The chip inside this 4K projector isn’t a native 4K chip, even though it displays 8 million pixels on the screen. Pixel shifting is used instead by the Vava.

Vava 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector connectivity

With three HDMI ports, ARC for soundbars and receivers, and optical audio, the connectivity is excellent. As such, certain apps, such as YouTube and Netflix, may not work successfully due to a preinstalled Android operating system (OS). However, you can stream content with an external device, such as an Nvidia Shield TV or a Roku. Due to this large vertical offset, the Vava may need to be moved closer to the ceiling depending on the height of your projector screen.

Vava 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Performance

The lag for gaming is around 100ms, which is quite high. So it is not among the best projectors for gaming. I’m not quite sure how noticeable it will be for single players and some video games that are being played at a slower pace, but it won’t be usable for hardcore gamers. Still, if one is looking for an ultra-short throw projector, the Vava 4K laser TV is the best option for most users.

Among the many impressive features of this model, there are a bright image, good color accuracy, and great speakers for a very affordable price. The Vava Chroma projector is one of the most notable announcements of the year. In nearly every aspect, this tri-color laser projector is a significant improvement over the original Vava projector, with low input lag and more accurate color reproduction than before. As a result of the Indiegogo campaign, Chroma has been able to exceed its funding goal.


High dynamic range (HDR10) 4K laser projector

The image is bright
Great reproduction of color
A light source that lasts 25,000 hours
Harman Kardon speakers with 60 Watts provide excellent audio quality
Supports 3D
The laser light source is protected from your eyes by a safety sensor
The lamp emits 2500 lumens according to ANSI
A contrast ratio of 1000:1 is required

The device is equipped with three HDMI inputs with ARC, USB, audio output, AV input, Ethernet, SPDIF optical, HDMI, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Android operating system is integrated


Remote control without backlighting

The gameplay is unsuitable due to lag (100ms)

Not compatible with Android TV

An excessive vertical offset

There is no native 4K, just pixel shifting

Best Value Tri-color Ultra-short Throw Laser Projector – JMGO U2

A tri-color laser UST at a competitive price, the JMGO U2 is well worth considering. This spotlight features a triple laser light source with a REC.2020 rating of 114%, as well as a super bright 2400 ANSI lumen output. The image produced by the JMGO U2 is extremely bright and color-accurate due to its 4K ultra-high definition pixel-shifting resolution. It is a pleasure to test the JMGO U2, especially as we found the picture quality very good, the image to be punchy and lifelike, and the speakers to be powerful.

A pair of HDMI ports (one with ARC) as well as an Ethernet LAN port complete the hookup options. A Luna operating system is included with JMGO’s U2. While it works well for streaming, it’s better to connect an NVIDIA Shield or Chromecast, which are dedicated streaming boxes that work with all smart TVs and projectors.

Texas Instruments has included a 0.47-inch DLP DMD imaging chip in the U2. This chip allows for pixel-shifting 4K video. Excellent color accuracy and excellent image quality. Dolby Audio is processed by its Dynaudio speakers, and the sound quality is excellent. It’s still a good idea to use a surround sound system or soundbar, but the U2 performs well enough even without them.

3D features

It looks fantastic in 3D. A more than playable 42ms input lag is achievable with the Computer mode preset when input lag is over 100ms in default mode. The footprint is fairly large. To place the U2 on your media cabinet, you’ll need one of decent size. There is no doubt that its heft is caused by the RGB triple-laser light source, which is responsible for the superior image quality, along with maintaining a very low level of fan noise due to the excellent ventilation system. JMGO U2 comes with a whopping MSRP of about $2,100, making it one of the best tricolor laser televisions out there.


The light output is 2400 lumens ANSI

A laser light source that produces three colors

Coverage of REC.2020 color standards is 114%

Accurate color reproduction

Dolby-compatible Dynaudio speakers provide great audio quality

Inputs and outputs include an Ethernet LAN port, an optical TOSLink audio output, two HDMI ports (one of which has ARC support), and one USB port.

When using a computer, there is a 42ms input lag

The price is reasonable

Supports 3D


During normal operation (outside of computer presets), there is a high input lag of 100ms.

An extensive footprint

Buy from Amazon

Buy on Indiegogo

Beginners Guides to the Best Ultra Short Throw Projector

Ultra Short Throw Projectors: Which Are the Best?

A short throw ultra short throw projector projects images from a distance closer to the screen than a regular projector. In general, a traditional projector produces a smaller image as the distance between it and the projection screen increases. In contrast, ultra-short throw projectors are capable of projecting a larger picture, even at a close distance. An extremely wide lens can even be placed close to your screen while still providing an excellent image.

In small rooms or spaces where a standard or long throw projector cannot be mounted, ultra-short throw projectors are a great option. It is a great solution for nearly any room, even if its size is larger. Ultra short throw projectors are compact, won’t take up much space, and are a great solution for nearly any project or site.

Nevertheless, long-throw projectors might be useful in some areas. It’s therefore important to understand the main differences between short-throw and long-throw projectors.

Ultra Short Throw Projectors vs. Standard Projectors

Ultra short throw projectors project images from a short distance using a wide-angle lens, which is similar to a traditional projector. Furthermore, they provide more vibrant colors in bright spaces thanks to laser technology.

Traditional or wide-angle lenses may be used in other types of projectors, but they aren’t nearly as wide as those used in USTs, which is why they cannot be used from short distances. The unit also generally requires a room with complete darkness since some come with the lamp or bulb lighting instead of laser or LED lighting.

They last longer than other types of projectors and are somewhat more convenient to use due to their laser or LED lights. They are, however, quite expensive due to all of these updated technologies.

In addition to offering great picture quality, ultra-short throw projectors take up far less space when they’re not in use. Modern homes and families often find them to be the best solution.

How the best short distance laser projectors work

An ultra short throw projector, on the other hand, sends light directly to the screen through a mirror instead of traveling through a lens. In most cases, these devices cannot be zoomed, so you must position the projector physically to fit your screen.

Distance between the projector and the screen is known as throw distance. With ultra short throw projectors, the image is projected over a shorter distance by using a wide angle lens. In other words, if the projector is extremely close to the viewing surface, a large picture can still be projected onto it. Small rooms benefit from this device’s space-saving capabilities.

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Why Should You Buy the best  Short distance Projectors?

A 120-inch screen is the ultimate entertainment screen for sports enthusiasts, movie buffs, gamers, and people who enjoy things like golf simulators. The ideal projector for this task is an ultra-short throw model.

Unlike flat-screen TVs or short-throw projectors of the past, these devices have fewer limitations. Those who live in small apartments but enjoy movie nights occasionally will love these solutions.

It is easy to find models with high lumens and laser technology that are incredibly functional, even in light-filled rooms. Additionally, their small size makes them easy to move around the house.

Is an Ultra Short Throw Projectors Worth Buying?

Short throw projectors are great for small spaces: They can project images of up to 100 inches from two feet away. If you don’t worry too much about placement, large, clear, bright images can be created in even the smallest spaces.

The installation of these projectors is relatively easy since there is no need for a ceiling outlet as there is with a traditional projector. Furthermore, HDMI cables can be run from the source to the projector without running incredibly long distances. You can place the unit close to any necessary components, which eliminates these issues.

Unlike dedicated home theaters, you don’t even need a completely dark room to use these ultra short throw projectors. UST projectors are designed specifically for well-lit rooms with lots of windows and bright light, which can be an issue with a normal projector. A 2000 ANSI lumens or more light source is built into them so they can be built with extra bright light sources.

Traditional projectors use bulbs or lamps, which last much shorter than UST projectors. 20,000 hours is the minimum life expectancy of the laser and LED light engines. Color shifting and dim pictures won’t occur with these light sources since they lose brightness more slowly.

There are several reasons why you may not be a good candidate for the best short distance laser projectors

Those things are expensive. It’s likely not a good option for you if you’re having trouble affording an ultra-short throw projector. A cheaper projector is available at a lower price. You might still be able to find a reasonably priced ultra short throw projector among the best ones.

During installation, you may encounter some difficulties. The installation process may appear straightforward at first. A ceiling outlet does not need to be installed, nor are HDMI cables needed to be hidden. The projector, however, must be mounted on a small table 18-24 inches from the screen, putting an object in the middle of the room that may be obtrusive.

A special screen may be required. Almost anything can be projected using a short throw ultra short throw projector. In any case, a screen designed specifically to reject ambient light will be much better than one that doesn’t reject it. Your equipment setup will be more expensive as a result.

There can be noise associated with them.  A fan cools these UST projector models because they generate a lot of heat. Due to the noise that the fan makes, you’ll need a unit with loud enough speakers to counteract it.

How Long Will the best short distance laser projectors

Ultra short throw projectors contain lasers and LEDs that should last for about 20,000 hours. Over two years could pass before these components burned out if you kept your projector on all the time. It is necessary to replace the lasers and LEDs in your projector when they die, unlike the lamps in a traditional projector.

How to Choose the best short-distance laser projectors

Selecting the right projector requires you to take into account several key factors. You can find out more about which UST model is most appropriate for you by reading the following article.

Ultra Short Throw Projector Key Features/Factors

 How long is my throw distance?

You should consider your throw distance most importantly. For a 10-foot image to be projected by a laser projector with a 0.4 throw ratio, the projector must be 4 feet away from the screen. If you want your projector to sit almost flush to the wall, you should look for UST models with throw ratios even lower than that. For an awkward placement of the unit, choose a throw ratio between 0.19 and 0.25.

 What light source should I choose?

There are several types of projectors on the market, including bulbs, LEDs, and lasers. LEDs or lasers are the best light sources for ultra short throw projectors. The laser offers crisper images, more vibrant colors, a higher contrast, and higher brightness than LED models, however. Besides shutting down immediately, laser light sources do not need a cooling down period when they are turned off.

 How many lumens do I need?

Ideally, you should look for 2,500 lumens of brightness for a 10-foot screen in a bright room, but 3,500 lumens would be even better. Projectors designed for bright rooms work best in some cases, but in others, they don’t.

 What resolution should I look for?

Projectors with 4K resolution have four times as many pixels as those with 1080P resolution. It can produce better pictures and more vibrant colors. In any case, this isn’t to say 1080P isn’t good; it’s just that it isn’t as good as 1920×1080. The 1080P resolution can still provide a good image to you if you’re trying to save a bit of money. It is expected that 8K will eventually overtake 4K, allowing 4K models to become even more affordable. 8K and 4K aren’t as different as 4K and 1080P except if you’re incredibly close to the screen.

 What kind of sound quality do I need?

A sound bar or speaker is usually included in UST projectors, but not all manufacturers pay as much attention to audio quality as others. You will need a built-in sound component that has better digital audio if you do not intend to use an external audio component like external speakers. Epson projectors have excellent built-in sound quality, but Hisense projectors have better built-in audio quality. However, there is a chance that they may not be a good choice for quiet projectors.

 What inputs and outputs do I need?

The importance of considering inputs and outputs is often overlooked by many people. All of their external video sources are assumed to be covered by the amount of power available. Your TV must have at least two HDMI ports, a USB port, ethernet, coax, and an audio port.

 Should I be worried about how much noise a UST projector makes?

Whenever light is generated, heat is also produced. The fans used by UST projectors create noise as they chill off excess heat. Make sure the projector doesn’t produce excessive noise, so choose one that does not exceed 25 decibels.

Final thoughts on the best short distance laser projectors

The performance of a traditional projector will be better than a UST projector if you need a large screen (100 inches or larger) in your room and have the space. Find some of our brighter recommendations in our guides to the best budget projectors and best projectors for living rooms. There’s no big difference in the setup required. Several projectors can be mounted on a shelf or placed behind a sofa if you don’t want to hang one on your ceiling. There are still several screen options available, such as pull-down or portable models that are less conspicuous.