Swagtron Swagger Classic 2 Electric Scooter Review

Swagtron Swagger Classic 2 Electric Scooter Review

Swagtron Swagger Classic 2 Electric Scooter Review

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Do you know that your journey can be made short by the use of an electric scooter? Electric scooters have not only become affordable, but also very efficient.  In this article, I will to cover the Swagtron Swagger classic 2 electric scooter review.  It is one of the best electric scooters you will find in the market at a fair price. The e-scooters feature very impressive attributes that would make your journey not only interesting but also worth a while.

Swaggertron swagger classic 2 electric scooter is a product of SWAGTRON company that specializes in the production of electric scooters, electric bikes, hoverboards, and their accessories. You will find Swagtron company offers electric scooters for adults, kits, heavy people, and even e-scooters you can use in the snow.  This product is among the most structurally sound electric scooters in the market. It does offer you exceptional performance for all your needs. Let us now look at the features in detail.



A summary of specifications of the Swagtron Swagger classic 2 electric scooter

The Swagtron latest Swagger classic 2 e-scooter model includes a lot of hard to ignore features. These are the features that make the e-scooter suitable for you and many other users. A motor hub (which is a direct drive) doubles as the braking system.  An LED display is attached to give you very important information about your scooter. From the LED display, you can read the level of the battery, your speed, and also serves as a percentage indicator when you are charging it.  This is a perfect e-scooter for adults and teens.

What makes this piece of engineering masterpiece more intriguing is that is fordable even so, lightweight. This means you can carry it with you in other forms of transport such as the train or buses. You do not have to mind whether you stay on the ground floor or 10th  floors since you can easily carry it.

battery capacity29.4 V 3.28 Ah
motor200 W (0.27 hp)
range9 miles (14.4 km)
charging time5- 6 hours
max load capacity200 lbs. (90kg)
max speed15.5 mph(24.8 kph)
suspensionfront fork( on the front wheel)
brake systemtwo types ( the electronic brakes and the friction brake (on the rate)
max. inclination20 degree
weight of the e-scooter22.5 lbs. ( 10 kg)
size43.3 x 17 x 37.8 “
battery typelithium-ion ( rechargeable)



Swaggertron swagger classic 2 electric scooter packs a 200 W motor. When we wrote about how fast electrics scooters are and how well they can climb hills, we saw that the motor was the determining factor. The 200 W hub gives you the ability to climb hills as steep as 20 . This, is not the only thing it can do. The motor is powerful enough to carry a maximum load of 200 lbs. or 90 kg. This is why the Swaggertron swagger classic 2 electric scooter is very amazing. Unfortunately, this electric scooter cannot carry heavier people than that. This is fine since most people just weigh between 162 lbs and 176 lbs. This hub motor is very silent.

While this motor may not be the most powerful one in the market, it can give the best performance you can ask for when cruising.


Like many electric scooters worth your attention, the Swaggertron swagger classic 2 electric scooter uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It is from this device that the juice to power the 200 W comes. This battery is rated 29.4 v 5.28 Ah. The only thing disappointing about this battery is the long charging, 5 to 6 hours of charging. Nonetheless, this does not make it less useful than any other electric scooter in the market. All you need is to plan carefully all your charging and cruising time.

This battery is powerful enough to give you 9 miles of range.  This is very impressive for a 29.4 v 5.28 Ah battery and 200 W hub motor. For the price it comes with (as of 2021 as listed on the Swaggtron website), this is a very powerful scooter.

This is a low-maintenance electronic scooter. Just like electric cars, the motor and the whole scooter require no oil changes.


Any time you need to enjoy your ride, comfort has to be factored in. Swagtron Swagger classic 2 e-scooter comes with a suspension system mounted on the front wheel. It is mounted on the front wheel since the direct drive motor is located there as well.  This suspension doubles as protection for the motor. The tracks and the roads you are likely to use are not that smooth and that is why the suspension system is very important. Furthermore, some of the features such as the brake fixtures and the display may go loose from the excessive vibration.


Swagtron latest Swagger classic 2 e-scooter has a feature that allows you to fold it. This is a feature meant to play two functions. First, it helps reduce the amount of space your scooters require. So, you can place it in your locker, the boot of your car, or any other place. Second, it is meant to help you when carrying it. You may have noted that the scooters slightly less than 23 lbs. It is by design.  The lightweight nature of your e-scooter is so that you can carry it around with you if you exceed the 9 miles range.

In addition to that, there is a folding latch so that you do not have it folding itself by accident when you are riding. When folding it, you just need to use a lever located on the deck.

e-scooters from other manufacturers with a similar feature include the Dualtron e-scooter. Very few electric scooters have this feature.


Swagtron Swagger classic 2 e-scooter manufacturer had your safety in mind. This is why they created this e-scooter with a double braking system. other than a very well-fixed handlebar, brakes are the most important safety feature in any vehicle.

So, the swagger classic 2 e-scooter has one of the electronic hand-operated brakes located on the front wheel and the second one on the rare wheel. The rare wheel braking system is operated with the foot. When you engage the electronic brake, the motor is disengaged.

At high speeds, the electronic brakes work better than the friction brake. However, you can have the two braking systems working together.


The handlebars are ergonomically designed to make them suitable for an average height human being. You find the following located on the handlebars; the LED display, throttle, charging port, and the hand brake. The brake and the throttle are located on the opposite side; the brakes to the left and the throttle to the right. The LED display is centrally located on the handlebars so that you can take a quick look even when at great speeds. The LED display has the up/down feature to help you scroll various items on the menu. Other than the things aforementioned in this article, you can also see the current gear on the LED display. I may not have mentioned earlier that you can choose three gears. The gear selection is done on the LED display.

As a way to preserve the amount of charge in your battery, the LED display turns off after 5 minutes when not in use.


It is not all the streets that have lights. Furthermore, you may want to enjoy riding your Swagtron Swagger classic 2 e-scooter far away from the roads.  This is why the manufacturer made sure this is an e-scooter with headlights. This model comes with a very powerful LED headlight so that you can see very well in the dark. LED is preferred because it consumes little power yet gives very bright light.


This is where you place your feet on the scooter. The elegance and design of this scooter did not allow the use of a seat. Furthermore, a seat on an e-scooter will only add to the weight of the scooter. The heavier your scooter is, the less the range it will cover.

The deck is medium-sized. The deck has been ergonomically designed so that you can have both feet on the scooter comfortably. Furthermore, you need to be stable if you are going to use the rare wheel brake.

Besides ample space for your feet, the deck is designed such that it will give you the maximum grip. The aluminium deck is coated with a material whose texture is similar to that of sandpaper.

You do not have to worry about walls to lean your e-scooter when you stop because this is already taken care of. There is a kickstand on the deck. The primary function of the kickstand is to stand the motor manually though.


The Swagtron Swagger classic 2 e-scooter is rated 9 miles (or 14.4 km). It is a good range if you are connecting between places that are not far apart. In my previous article on how fast electric scooters are, we saw several factors determine the range of your scooter. The first thing is the weight or load on the scooter.  A 122 lbs. (or 60 kg) person will enjoy a longer range than 200 lbs. (90 kg) person.  The other reason is the condition of the battery. As your battery wears out, it will have the range reduced.  The final factor is the efficiency of the motor.  Less efficient motors cover less range compared to highly efficient motors.

Is swagger classic 2 e-scooter waterproof?

All e-scooters have a water resistance rating. After I carefully examined the Swagtron swagger classic 2 e-scooter, I did not see the water resistance rating. Do not use it in water or wet conditions. Avoid rain.

So, why does the water-resistance matter for an e-scooter? The Swagtron swagger classic 2 model like all other e-scooters has circuitry that can be ruined by water.  This is true for all electronic devices.

Only a limited e-scooters can be submerged in water without causing any damage.

            Reliability and warranty of the e-scooter

Swagtron company offers you a one-year limited warranty. This is not the only good thing about the company itself, it also offers very responsive customer support on their website and emails during the weekdays.

The swagger classic true is a masterpiece designed to withstand tough conditions. this is why it is fitted with features that are meant to offer the rider an exceptional user experience.  Let us now look at some of the cons of this scooter.


  • It has small wheels that make it unsuitable for off terrain uses.
  • Has no reflectors for other motorists on the road.
  • The battery is small and therefore gives the rider a limited range
  • While it is suitable for adults, it is not an e-scooter for heavy adults.
  • Has no water resistance rating this leaves the rider assuming it is not water resistance to be on the safe side.


  • It is a portable e-scooter so you do not have to worry too much if the battery drains before you reach your destinations.
  • Has exceptionally designed features that give you the value of your money.
  • The motor is relatively powerful such that it handles up to 200 lbs. or 90 kg.
  • Dual braking systems for safety purposes and you would stop instantly.
  • Good tires with no tube so you will not have to worry about punctures.

 final thoughts on Swagtron swagger classic 2 electric scooter

Swagtron Swagger classic 2 electric scooter is impressive.  They are only two downsides I have found about this e-scooter.  The first downside is its battery and even so its range. A person who needs to cover extended ranges or use the e-scooter for fun will find this limiting.

The second downside is its charging time. 5-6 hours is a very long time. This would imply you need to plan carefully how you will charge and use your scooter. Nonetheless, the Swagtron swagger classic 2 electric scooter is a very good scooter because of its many other features.

There is a general trend of people going for electric vehicles, electric bikes and e-scooters.  This is because of the zero-emission attribute they have.  We hope further more efficient batteries with greater charger density will be made in the near future.