Tips to Increase Scooter Range

Tips to Increase Scooter Range

Tips to Increase Scooter Range 

In this article, you will discover how to extend your electric scooter’s range. Doing so is easy and does not cost anything. Today’s models are so powerful that they travel over 50 miles on a single charge without charging. Regenerative brakes (see below) are even available on some models. Here are tips to increase scooter range regardless of the model.

Looking for tips on how to increase the range of your electric scooter? Check out our blog post for some helpful tips. From making sure your scooter is fully charged to using the scooter’s regenerative braking, we’ve got you covered.

With this technology, the battery can be charged as the brakes are applied, extending the vehicle’s range further. When you drive a car, you probably know how much fuel you save. The same is true for electric scooters.

In summary, the following tips to increase scooter range

1. Charge the Battery!

It’s true! If you forget to charge your scooter after a long ride, you may not be pleased when it runs out while you’re out.

2. Maintain the battery

With a healthy battery, you will have more power and a longer range. Generally, Li-ion batteries perform best at a temperature around 77°F (25°C).  Battery life is reduced at higher temperatures, and battery performance is reduced at lower temperatures.  So, don’t let your battery get too warm or too cold.

3. Tire pressure.

It is important to maintain correct tire pressure for efficiency and comfort.

Tire pressure has a direct effect on the travel range, much like the pressure in a car.  You should check the owner’s manual for specific information about each model of e-scooter.

Based on the weight of the rider, the front and rear tires may have different pressures. We recommend checking the tire pressure weekly.  I have it checked every three or four weeks.

4. Steady as she goes.

Accelerate slowly if you want to increase the range of your electric scooter. Accelerating quickly puts a lot of strain on the battery.

5. Terrain.

Going uphill isn’t going to help you… but once you’ve arrived, you can coast downhill afterward! There is less resistance on a smooth tarmac surface than on a grass or dirt track.

6. Weight.

Even though a ‘dad-bod might seem sexy, the heavier you are, the slower your metabolism becomes. You will not help either if you attempt to deliver bowling balls on your scooter!

7. Look after your scooter.

Maintain the scooter’s parts properly by cleaning, lubricating, and fitting them correctly to ensure their peak performance and efficiency.

Electric scooters have an impressive range, and extending their range is a simple and inexpensive process. However, a pressure gauge on the foot pump isn’t necessary.

You will get a feel for the pressure levels that work best for your scooter after some time.

 Clean your scooter

You think that’s too simple to be true, don’t you?

Here is a story I would like to share with you. My Xiaomi M365 Pro had been peaking at lower speeds than usual at that time, but at the same time seemed to be struggling more than usual. My battery appeared to be draining faster too. Initially, I thought I would wait a day or two to see if it returned to normal, but it did not.

After looking at my scooter for some time, I decided to give it a closer glance. I found it to be in good condition, except…

Between the rear wheel and fender was a hunk of junk made of chewing gum, dust, sand, grass, leaves, and tiny branches.

While it had not produced any unusual sounds, the friction had been increased. It was as if I had awoken my scooter from a coma when I removed it.

These kinds of things usually damage the wheels. You might limit your range if they aren’t clean, so make sure that they are. You should also check the disc brakes if your scooter has them (not as important for range as it is for maintenance purposes).

In addition to cleaning the outside of the scooter, it is a good idea to keep the battery clean from time to time.

Please bear in mind that you may have your warranty void if you even unscrew one screw on your scooter. Warranty periods sometimes last a year, so you won’t notice a range decrease in the first year due to battery filth.

Whenever you drive, the battery will heat up faster if it is covered in dust or gunk. This reduces its efficiency. You can get it back to shape simply by wiping it with a dry towel or by cleaning it with a toothbrush. You should take particular care if you live in an area that is dusty or polluted. 

High-power Battery.

The only modification that requires a little bit of work consists of replacing the original battery with a powerful one.  There are two things you should keep in mind when choosing a new battery:

1) Choose the same voltage battery,

2) Purchase a battery with a higher amp rating (Ah).  With a greater amp-hour capacity, you will gain more battery power (although you must take into account the extra weight the battery will add to the scooter).

Changing the battery is as easy as disconnecting the old one and connecting the new one.  A high-power battery is often physically larger than the original one and thus will not fit into the same slot as the original one, making the task somewhat more challenging.  In most cases, the battery is placed in a protective container and attached to the handlebars.

Due to a higher center of gravity, this results in another stability issue.  I usually discourage the addition of any extra weight to the handlebars.  It’s a noticeable difference when you are riding with the battery attached to the handlebars, as I have personally tried it. It’s not a huge difference, however. Consequently, some individuals may adapt to it, while others may not. Battery packs for lime scooters are mounted high on the handlebars.  The difference in handling is barely noticeable for most riders.

Add a second battery.

You might want to consider installing a second battery in your e-scooter if you want more than just a more powerful battery.  It will require a little more skill to complete, but it is possible.  There is no change to the original battery, only a second battery is added.

With the two batteries connected to a switch, you’ll be able to select which battery to use at any given time.  As a second option, both batteries can be connected in parallel so that the voltage will remain unchanged whereas the capacity of the system is increased.  Parallel connections require batteries of the same voltage.

Battery controller.

The following option should be considered only by professionals or experienced electrical amateurs who are aware of the ramifications of doing so.  Your e-scooter battery, motor, and other electrical components may be damaged if you replace the battery controller.

Here’s what you need to know about battery controllers and scooters.  The majority of battery controllers and electric motors are matched by wattage (e.g., a 500-Watt battery controller with a 500 Watt motor).  You should see a significant increase in your scooter’s range if you switch to a less-powerful controller but keep the motor at 500 Watts.

The downside, however, is that acceleration and maximum speed will also be affected.  The entire process, to say the least, becomes very questionable once you factor in the possibility that the replacement of the battery controller may also damage your electrical system.  As I haven’t tested this on my M365, I am not really in a position to comment on how much more range you might expect.

Use Regenerative braking if it’s possible

The energy you create by braking can be fed back into the battery if the scooter has regenerative braking. Gently braking over a while will recharge the battery. You’ll get more recharge from this than from hard braking.

Don’t over-accelerate

Trying to accelerate too fast on your electric scooter can lead to rapid battery drain. Moto GP isn’t something you should play on a scooter. Driving through smooth areas and keeping your speed at a normal level is key. By doing so, you can extend the range of your electric scooter.

Save power

Don’t forget to switch your ride off whenever you’re not using it and pay attention to it. Even though this seems like a reasonable thing to do, there are times when we stop to grab a drink or to see a friend whom we haven’t seen in a while our electric scooter consumes the energy.

Whenever you stop driving your car, turn it off immediately, so that you will save an extraordinary amount of energy, therefore, you will be able to increase the range significantly simply by observing different whatnots which consume a great deal of power when combined. If you apply the suggestions above, you will be able to extend the range and ride time of your electric scooter. As long as your vehicle can provide you with an array of possibilities, you will be able to utilize it more than you are used to.

If you combine different tips and tricks for the improvement of range, you’ll get even better results. If some suggestions seem more challenging than others (especially the first one), skip them. Nonetheless, the best results can only be achieved if you make every modification, you can. Regardless of the final strategy you choose, we’re certain that it will be successful if you just try it!

Regardless of your needs, you’re sure to find something that can hold a greater load.

Several shops sell electric scooters that are suitable for heavy people, for example, ApolloScooter.

Upgrade the battery

You need a good battery to get a good range, as we mentioned before.

It is possible to boost the range of your mobile device by upgrading your battery (usually with higher voltage).

Some scooters will not support this. The battery can only be stronger if your controller and motor can support voltage levels that are much higher than your current battery.

Here is an excellent example of this: the Xiaomi M365 standard model.

The motor and controller are capable of operating at 63 volts.

The battery does, however, work at 37 V out of the box.

The Xiaomi M365 is a highly popular scooter but does not have a very long-range (*30 km). For this reason, people often get a 48 V battery that is quite standard and easily accessible, thus extending the range by up to 30%.

You should also look at the battery’s charge in addition to the voltage. An Ampere-hour is a measure of how much energy a battery can store, so the higher the number, the greater the charge stored. Higher performance batteries also have a longer range.

In the end, your battery will probably reach the point where it has been charged too many times and will need to be replaced. When you are removing your old battery, you may want to consider getting a stronger battery if you require more range.

Rewind the motor (advanced)

It is possible that you need to rewind the motor of your scooter if you have owned it for a long time.

In this article, we will not discuss the details of this complicated mechanical process.

The simple fact is that motors wear and tear over time, just like all mechanical components. Whenever a motor is rewound, its efficiency is increased, and it is sort of like refreshing it. This is probably not necessary on new scooters.

This task must be handled by a professional unless you know how to do it and have the proper tools for motor rewinding.

Reduce the scooter’s own weight (advanced)

Your scooter’s load does not have to be reduced for it to pull weight. By reducing the weight of the scooter, it will become more energy-efficient, hence it will have a longer range.

This method has several drawbacks:

Your warranty will most likely be voided if you modify the weight of your scooter. If you modify your scooter’s weight, it will no longer be stable and therefore less safe since scooters are tested at their normal weight. Lighter scooters may shake more (if it’s safety that is most important to you, have a look at our list of the safest electric scooters). If you do not know exactly what you’re doing, then look for someone who does.

I wouldn’t recommend it for that reason. Getting lighter tires may help you lose weight. You can Also remove fenders. You might want to try replacing an aluminum part with a carbon fiber one (not a good idea!). It is really not worth it in my opinion.

Do not consider it more than a last resort, no matter how important those extra few kilometers seem. A scooter that was intended to have a long-range would be better than heavily modifying one that didn’t have one, to begin with.

Without modifying your electric scooter heavily, what can you do to reduce its weight?

Sadly, there aren’t many things you can do. You should remove all the extras, such as holders, and avoid carrying bags.


A misalignment or too tight brake system may cause rubbing.  Due to the additional resistance from the brakes, your electric motor will have to work harder.  Although the issue may be so small that you won’t notice it while riding, it will affect the range of motion.

It is a good idea to inspect your brakes every few months, and more often if you ride off-road a lot.  Try spinning the wheels manually and watch for any signs of friction while you’re doing so. Lift the wheels and check the brakes.

This is the easiest way to increase the range of your electric scooter. In the end, you decide whether to apply some or all of them based on your present needs and expectations.

 Ride at slow and steady speeds

Your electric scooter’s range is greatly influenced by its speed. Your battery will quickly deplete if you ride continuously at high speeds or accelerate frequently. This will greatly decrease the range of your electric scooter.

You can fix this by riding at a slower speed and avoiding accelerating frequently. Additionally, you can maximize your electric scooter’s range by using the lowest speed setting. As a matter of fact, most e-scooter tests measure the scooter’s maximum range in the lowest speed mode. When you do this, you get a close representation of the scooter’s maximum range.

 Lose some weight

You might think about making your favorite way of transportation more convenient since you take it with you everywhere. A ride with more weight will have a shorter range due to its excessive power consumption. You will not only feel better for losing a few pounds, but your e-scooter will appreciate the fact that it is handling things more easily and using less power. So, you will gain some range while losing some weight.

For those who find this suggestion ridiculous, whether they have no weight to lose or simply do not wish to change their lifestyle for any number of reasons, you may choose to opt for an electric scooter, which will cover the desired distance from the start, without having to deal with it afterward. You can find e-scooters with amazingly long ranges on various websites, such as, as well as a range of electric vehicles.

How much range do electric scooters get?

There is no simple answer to this common question. Electric scooters of this type usually get 8 to 18 miles / 15 to 30 kilometers on a single charge.

These scooters are typically advertised under test lab conditions, which do not represent the conditions under which the scooters are used in the real world. The real range calculator of the electric scooter will help you figure out exactly how much range you will get from your scooter (you can check out the real range calculator of an electric scooter to see the exact range your scooter will have).


We are, however, talking about regular scooters. A lot of the higher-end models have more power and can go much farther. There are even models that can travel over 100 kilometers on one charge!


Electric scooters are growing in popularity and getting better every day.  Until two years ago, an e-scooter could travel a distance of 10-12 miles on average.  In today’s market, some of the most popular scooters feature a range of over 30 miles. In comparison to some of the long-range models that can cover 50 miles on a single charge, 30 + miles are considered average. If you follow tips to increase scooter range mentioned above, you have nothing to worry about.

Regardless of which scooter model you purchase, you will be able to ride from work to home on a single charge because an electric scooter is best used for a commute of less than 5 miles.  Since they aren’t comfortable riding for long distances, my point is that e-scooters can’t be used for long trips.  A typical trip should be no more than five miles.

In that case, you should not worry too much about the range of your e-scooter if you live closer to work than 5 or 6 miles, since virtually all of them can cover that distance on a single charge.  On average, an e-scooter, which I don’t consider long-range, will go around 30 miles on a single charge.  That is plenty of range for most people’s daily commutes. The industry is evolving, and the products are getting more sophisticated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are mobility scooter batteries upgradeable for greater range?

Depending on your model, you may be able to replace your standard battery with a larger, higher-capacity battery that will give you more power

How far can an electric scooter travel?

As of now, it is the Segway Ninebot MAX

A fully charged electric scooter can travel how far?

The battery of the electric scooter determines its range. Most electric scooters have a range of around 15 miles

How can a mobility scooter be made faster?

You can do it. A battery with a greater amp capacity may be available to you. Be cautious, however.

Can I convert my petrol scooter to electric?

You can, if you hire a professional.

Is an electric scooter good for long drives?

A typical electric scooter has a limited range.



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