Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter

Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter

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Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter
Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter

An E-scooter’s ease of use combined with its cost-effectiveness can make it a perfect way to travel to work or run small errands. Thus, e-scooters are becoming more and more popular. In this Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter review we shall examine features that makes worthy to consider. For instance its battery, range, wheels among others.

And the Turboant x7 pro price? At the time of this writing, the Turboant X7 Pro retailed for $549.98, making it a good choice for those who do not want to use public transportation or drive a car. In this competitive, emerging market, how does it compare to its competitors? Let’s find out.

Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter review

A summary of the specs

We have made a summary of the Turboant X7 pro review in case you do not have time to go through everything in this article

Top Speed (20mph)
Max Range48  km (30 miles)
Scooter weight15 kg ( 33  lbs.)
Maximum Load275 lbs. (125 kg)
Tires typePneumatic
number of motors1
Battery typeLithium-ion
Battery capacity36 v 10 Ah
SuspensionNo suspension
Brakesrear fender, rear disc brake
regenerative brakingno
Charging time6  hours
Hill climb15 degree
LightsLED~ Headlights (3W), rare braking
FrameAluminum alloy
water resistanceIPx4


A bigger battery is one of the major improvements you get with the Turboant X7 Pro. This version has a 36V, 10Ah battery instead of the regular version’s 36V, 6.4Ah battery (230.4Wh). Your battery power is increased by around 65%.

With the improved battery, you can expect the total distance you can cover to be between 20-30 miles. In ideal conditions, you can expect the total distance to be between 30 miles. Based on the same rigorous conditions, version X7 scores 8.3-16 miles, indicating a substantial increase in range.

The X7 Pro has retained Turboant’s detachable battery design, which is my favorite feature. There is no need to carry the scooter up and down the stairs to charge the battery as you can just take out the battery and plug it in instead. (And who likes muddy scooters in their house?)

I believe this is pretty good for a 360 watthour battery that took 5 hours to fully charge.

charging time

To fully charge the battery, it takes about 4-6 hours.

However, this X7 Pro stands out because its battery can be removed and charged wherever you like. It also comes with additional batteries that can be swapped out if needed, making the X7 Pro a great scooter for those who tend to forget to charge their scooters (such as me).


Its range of 30 miles makes it more competitive than scooters in the same price bracket such as the Dualtron mini. When I looked at my database of 80+ scooters, I found that the average price of models that delivered 28-33 miles was $1,185. The Mantis Base, which is included in the average price, costs $1,699, which is more than triple that of the Turboant X7 Pro.

The range can be reduced if you ride more aggressively, so keep an eye on battery levels. You can conserve energy by using the Eco mode, however. You can expect about 14-16 miles if you push the X7 Pro to its maximum capabilities.

A detachable battery is also an advantage of the X7 Pro. To double the mileage on your scooter, simply remove the handlebar stem battery and replace it with a new, fully charged one.


On the handlebars of the Turboant X7 Pro is an ergonomically designed throttle that powers a 36 V, 350 W motor. It comes equipped with a maintenance-free motor encased in the front wheel, as well as a front fender for increased protection against splashes and debris.


Those who drive the TurboAnt X7 Pro will have no problem balancing speed with comfort. The electric scooter’s 350 W motor can propel it to 20 mph in seconds, one of the fastest scooters on the market.

Three riding modes are included so that you can become familiar with them before moving up to a higher level. If you’re aiming to preserve the battery, start in Beginner mode or switch to Sport mode for a faster ride.

This electric scooter is equipped with triple braking.   In addition to an Electronic Braking System (EBS), there are rear disc brakes and rear fender foot brakes (convenient for inexperienced riders).

build quality

Unlike most electric scooters, this scooter retains virtually the same design, except that the battery is located under the steering tube rather than under the deck.

This model retains the same folding mechanism, as well as the same braking system, consisting of a rear disc brake, a foot brake (for the rear wheel), and a motor brake for the front wheel.

The Mi Scooter Pro 2 does not have an energy-recovery system, nor does it have a companion app (which some may deem to be a pro rather than a disadvantage).

The X7 Pro wheels are 10 inches in diameter, unlike the X7 and Mi Scooters with 8.5-inch wheels. With a regular bike pump, you can pump them up to about 35psi, which makes them much smoother and more comfortable to ride over bumpy surfaces than the other two. Read about how to put air in the wheel of a scooter.

It should be noted that the Mi Scooter Pro 2 does not come with a spare tire and innertube.

Besides cruise control and a decent display displaying current speed, battery level, and mode, it also has front and rear lights. X7 Pro is one step ahead of Xiaomi in that it has a 3W LED instead of a 2W LED. The lights in both are bright enough to ensure that you are seen, though.


With the battery of the X7 Pro not in the deck, it has higher ground clearance, making it easier for riders to negotiate rough terrain without damaging the battery.

Riders’ feet are firmly anchored on the deck thanks to silicone rubber lining the deck’s surface. Most adults can enjoy a comfortable ride on this surface because it is wide and roomy.  When riding around, changing your feet around and transitioning is very comfortable.

control panel/ cockpit

An LED display is located at the center of the handlebars on the X7 Pro. You can see information such as the status of your battery, the speed, and the mode you are in on the screen. The mode displayed on the screen changes depending on which color the mode is assigned.

You’ll find the throttle between the LED display and the right-hand grip. That is where the command center is located. In it, you can power on and off the scooter, select a mode, and turn the motor on. You can also activate cruise control by holding down the button for more than 10 seconds while traveling at a constant speed.


A 3W LED is used for the headlight on the Turboant X7 Pro. In most urban areas – such as those where lights already abound – it is bright enough. If you’re going to be riding on dark streets, I wouldn’t rely on it.

There are no worries about blinding anyone coming the other way because the headlights are angled downward.


The plush air-filled tires ensure a comfortable ride even without a suspension system.

This scooter isn’t designed for off-road usage, but it can handle paths and roads that are less well-maintained without much trouble.

Additionally, the battery-free deck means the deck rides a little higher off the ground which confers greater comfort to the rider, as it does not scrape against the terrain.


X7 Pro uses pneumatic tires with an overall diameter of 10 inches, as previously described.

Electric scooter wheels are often given low priority when choosing a new model, even though they should be among your top considerations. Your ride’s comfort depends on many factors, including the size, type, and pattern of the tires.

Compared to budget scooters, the X7 Pro’s tires are bigger. This is the first benefit of the larger size. Furthermore, some budget scooters offer solid rubber tires to save manufacturing costs. I haven’t been a big fan of this type of tire before, as you will know if you have read any of my previous reviews. Your scooter’s solid tires don’t provide any shock absorption and if it doesn’t have suspension you’re in for an uncomfortable ride. X7 Pro tires come with good cushioning and are air-filled. A third advantage of the X7 Pro’s tires is their slick tread pattern, which is perfect for urban settings.


Any good scooter must offer multiple braking methods to ensure a safe ride, and the Turboant X7 Pro does not disappoint.

A total of three brakes are present.  The result is a quick stop when they are combined.

To engage the disc brakes on the rear wheels, you use the hand-operated brake. You’ll use this braking method the most and it’ll slow you down easily. In addition, stomping on the rear fender is a good trick if you need to stop quickly. In addition, you can use regenerative braking to recover battery power while you are braking.

When viewed from a broader perspective, Turboant’s braking system falls between electronic braking (on its own) and hydraulics at the lowest end of the spectrum. The brakes on the X7 Pro are sufficient for the amount of power it produces.

The hand-operated brake on the main part of the scooter is another plus – it gives you greater control and makes the transition between riding a bike and a scooter easier.

Water resistance

Is Turboant x7 pro waterproof? Yes, it is. A water-resistance rating of IPX4 is conferred upon the X7 Pro. It is therefore protected from all kinds of water splashes, including those generated by low-pressure jets. It is one of the best waterproof e-scooters in the market. Water-resistant technology combined with a grippy deck makes this scooter suitable for commuting in light rain.

If possible, you should avoid riding in extremely heavy downpours, as you would with many other electric scooters.

Hill climb

There is an aspect of electric scooters that are often overlooked: their ability to climb inclines. Motor power and acceleration directly affect a scooter’s ability to handle steep terrain. Hilly areas require something that can adjust to the terrain.

A 15-degree maximum climbing ability is advertised by Turboant X7 Pro. I have found it to be true in my tests. With a weight of 165 pounds, I had a hard time going up a 15 degree incline. It should be noted that the climbing ability decreases as the battery level and performance drop a little. Overall, the climbing capability seems to be pretty good.  That’s probably about what you’d expect from an electric scooter in this price range. You may consider this scooter among the scooters that can climb hills.


The portability is a function of two things, foldability and the weight. As of foldability, Turboant X7 is among the best adults scooters that folds. Portability may be a deciding factor in your decision to purchase an electric scooter based on how you intend to use it. Some people prefer folding ultra-portable scooters, and others prefer heavy-duty high-speed scooters. Turboant X7 Pro lies in the compact category of electric scooters.

Weighing 33 pounds (15 kg), it is a relatively lightweight device. The EVOLV City and the Boosted Rev have similar battery capacities, but they each weigh more than 40 pounds.

With the Turboant X7 Pro, you are not only going to have a lightweight but also a highly portable scooter.  It easily folds back at the stem so that it is compact enough to be carried around. Because it has a half external battery, it’s a little more difficult to carry, but it’s still not much of an issue. A scooter like this one can be quite front-heavy, which can make it a little difficult to carry or lift.

It is extremely convenient to carry around since the battery comes off. The narrow handlebar design also means it does not take up as much space as other scooters with larger batteries.

Folded, the dimensions are only 42.6 * 16.5 * 18.1 in (1083 * 420 * 460 mm) when unfolded and 42.6 * 16.5 * 46.7 in (1083 * 420 * 1186 mm) when folded.

Are turboant scooters good?

During our Turboant review, we noted that it has very good ride quality on smooth roads. Thanks to the large pneumatic tires, the Turboant does provide some damping on rough roads, though you will still get some significant road vibrations.

Is Turboant a good brand

Is Turboant a good brand? Turboant is known to be one of the best budget-friendly brands on the market. We love the Turboant X7 Pro especially, thanks to its long-range, high speeds, and endless durability.

Where is Turboant made?

Based in Shenzhen, China’s “Silicon Valley,” with over 15,000 tech companies Turboant is in a prime location for an electric scooter manufacturing base. Turboant adheres to ISO9000, ISO9001 as well as quality and safety certificates including CE, RoHS, FCC, and UL.

Turboant x7 pro vs Xiaomi m365

From the specs point of view, Xiaomi M365 may be ahead of the Turboant in almost every aspect. However, the Turboant is a pocket-friendly scooter that is more than the last mile scooter. However, if you need a beast of a scooter, go for the M365 instead.

where to buy

If the Turboant X7 Pro is purchased without a discount, the cost is approximately $699.98, or £540.

Since the scooters come from a German warehouse, that includes shipping and VAT. Turboant says it will try to stock the products in a UK warehouse after the UK leaves the EU. Otherwise, the price goes up by 20% at £648. Additionally, import duty is usually charged, which can amount to 30 percent of the scooter’s price.

While the price has been reduced to $499.98 (seemingly permanently), it works out to around £387 when VAT and shipping are calculated. The price is very competitive.

In addition, there’s a bundle deal that includes an X7 Pro and a spare battery for $579.96 (approximately £450). If you need two X7 Pros, you can also buy them for $859.96 (roughly £667, or £334 each, which is very good value … if you need two, of course).

Post-purchase support

Our Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter review won`t be complete without looking inot post-purchase support. It’s important to mention warranty because if you spend this much money, then you expect that the company will fix any problems that may arise.

Turboant provides a six-month warranty, with an additional six months added if a scooter is purchased through its website. At the time of review, the X7 Pro wasn’t available on Amazon US or UK, but you can apply for a warranty extension if you buy from Amazon.

When you need to file a warranty claim, the procedure depends on the timing of the problem. During the first week, you have the option to return the item, replace it, or get a refund. Within 30 days, you have the option of choosing a repair or replacement, and after that, Turboant will send the scooter to a repair center near you (which are located in the UK and Germany for Europeans).

Final thoughts on Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter review

You can’t go wrong with the TurboAnt X7 Pro as a first choice if you’re looking for a high-quality scooter. This amazing bargain has both simple operation and great performance and is a better option than the bus or car.

There might not be as many features as you’d like, but so what? To move and, therefore, the scooter, it’s best not to deal with apps or multiple operations. The simplicity of the X7 Pro makes it an attractive purchase if you want to invest in a PEV.




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