Best Ultra short throw projector 4K 2022

Best Ultra short throw projector 4K


Best Ultra short throw projector 4K 2022

There is an increase in the size of televisions every day. However, most homeowners do not have the opportunity to experience a real movie theater experience. It is also important to note that nowadays, larger televisions are not only expensive, but also they do not complement the aesthetics of your home. Considering that it costs around $7,000 to buy an 85-inch smart TV that can display a 120-inch image on the wall, it is often perceived that there is no point in spending half the amount on an Ultra Short Throw (UST) 4K projector that can show the same image on a wall that is 120 inches long. Best Ultra short throw projector 4K 2022 comes with incredible features such laser source of light, quality audio output, excellent contrast ratio and exceptional short throw distance

Ultra Short Throw projectors offer high color precision and brightness, even during daylight hours, thanks to the ultra-short throw technology. The best Ultra Short Throw projectors have been designed to solve the biggest problem that the industry is currently facing, which is space. Traditionally, most homes had a lot of room space, so displaying videos on giant screens was not a problem since most homes had plenty of room space.

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Why should I go for an ultra-short throw projector 4k?

A growing number of people are using projectors as technology advances. A TV or monitor can be a hassle to operate, so these devices are great for watching movies, watching presentations, and playing video games. As they become more affordable, they become more popular.

Projectors with ultra-short throws are becoming more and more popular. In addition, they can be placed very close to the surface on which you plan to project your image, which makes them a perfect choice for small spaces.

It is important to note that there are several reasons why ultra short throw projectors could be a great purchase choice for your next projector purchase. Some of the most common ones are l

Increased Flexibility

Projectors with ultra-short throws allow you to place the projector in more places. It’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t have much space and wants the projector to be easy to move.

Increased Image Quality

With ultra-short throw projectors, you can get a sharper and more detailed image due to the closer distance between the projector and the screen. Laser projectors are better than the LED projectors.

Reduced Glare

It won’t block your view or cause glare when you use an ultra-short throw projector. It won’t block your view or cause glare when you use an ultra-short throw projector.

Easy Installation

Easy installation is one of the main advantages of ultra-short throw projectors. Both homes and businesses can benefit from their use. The projector can usually be placed on any table or shelf. You should consider an ultra-short throw projector if you are looking for a projector with excellent image quality, affordability, and ease of use.

What Makes the Best Ultra Short Throw 4K Projector?

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Picture Quality Issues

Short throw laser projectors are primarily focused on picture quality, even though the components of picture quality that should be considered are often not so obvious. There is not much difference between models in terms of color, clarity, and sharpness of ultra-short throw 4K projectors. In our our article, DLP vs LCD, we found out that DLP has better image quality than the LCD.

It is in the details, however, that the best UST projectors differ, such as how they handle regular rooms in natural daylight as well as how they deal with rainbow effects.

The following terms are important:

Light disperses outside the intended range of the screen, resulting in fuzzy on-screen text and points of light, such as stars, blending into the surroundings. Chromatic dispersion causes these problems. The focusing control of the projector may be poor at closer viewing distances, but this is usually more apparent at closer viewing distances. A high-end projector is less likely to exhibit this problem.

On the edges of objects, chromatic aberration produces a multicolored halo when light is split between different color bands. In this case, the glass in the lens is of lower quality. In addition, lag has to be taken into account when gaming with your projector. Some projectors have a delay of 45ms to 65ms, which can make playing FPS games difficult.

Number of Lasers

It is possible to purchase 3 laser models for short throw 4K laser projectors, but they are rarely available. There are only a few of these 4K UST laser projectors around, but even among the best, they are pretty rare.

As opposed to a 2 laser model, where a single color laser is used (normally blue), a 3 laser model uses three successive images that are offset in time, resulting in a picture that is essentially built up in three successive images.

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1 laser vs 3 lasers for ultra-short throw 4k projectors

optima color wheel

A color wheel for Optoma Projectors
Best Ultra short throw projector 4K
Best Ultra short throw projector 4K

It’s important to note, however, that this approach results in both noise and rainbow effects since the color wheel must move very fast. There is usually a colored rainbow around objects on screen if you move your eyes about the screen during dark films with bright contrasts.

There is only a 10-15% chance that you will notice the rainbow effect, and it can diminish with time if it is present.

4K ultra short throw projectors with 3 channel laser technology create the projected image using three different laser signals (usually red, blue, and blue with a green phosphor filter). A one-channel laser plus color wheel eliminates the rainbow effect, but in practice, it is difficult to differentiate between the two.

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An ANSI lumen is a simple measure of brightness for a short throw home theater projector. However, this isn’t the only factor to consider.

The brightness of a 4K ultra short throw projector is mainly relevant to situations with less than ideal lighting, such as normal daylight. However, 2K ultra short throw projectors only deliver good images in darkened rooms. This situation will negatively affect all UST projectors, but theoretically, superior performance should be seen with those with a higher lumen value.

Generally, this is not true, since lumens are calculated as a lab-based measurement, not in real life. In the full reviews below, I have outlined which projectors perform better in non-ideal lighting, so you can’t rely solely on lumens to identify projectors that work in bright rooms.

Throw Ratios

There is a difference between an ultra-short throw and a short throw projector, so before we proceed with the projector reviews, it’s important to understand the difference.

Depending on your throw ratio, they may be separated as 0.3:1 or just as 0.3. The 0.3 corresponds to 0.3 inches between the projector and the screen for every inch of screen width. The distance between the projector and the screen or wall is determined by multiplying the decimal number by the width of the projected image.

The projector needs to be 30 inches from the screen if the ratio is 0.3. Typically, a short throw 4K projector has a throw ratio between 0.4 and 1.0, and an ultra-short throw projector has a throw ratio of less than 0.4. If you have a smaller throw ratio, you can place the projector closer to the screen.

Here is a video of the pros and cons of ultra short throw projectors that can help you decide whether or not one is right for you.

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Smart Features, Apps & Ease of Setup

Every UST projector comes with different smart features, apps, and operating systems. The best projectors, especially from companies like LG and Samsung, are the ones with custom-designed menus, remotes, and operating systems that enable you to use Netflix, Disney+, and other services directly with them.

As they often use a basic version of Android, cheaper, non-major-brand projectors such as the Vava are unable to run streaming apps such as Netflix and others. To stream videos, you need an external streaming device, such as a Roku or FireStick.

Using a second remote, an extra expense and hassle makes you feel like you aren’t using a premium product any longer. Ease of setup is also related to this. As with the top companies, their software is easy to install and takes only a few minutes to set up, whereas budget brands require more effort and time to install. To prevent seeing a distorted image, any movement of the projector, regardless of how small, will have to be re-completed. Laser projectors in churches need smart features such as ability to install bible among others

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Among the projectors discussed in this article, all are 4K resolutions, which I believe produce better images at screen sizes of 100 inches and larger. Also, lasers are used instead of bulbs in most 1080p projectors, which result in clearer, more vivid images and saturated colors, and can be used under normal lighting conditions.

When comparing laser projectors to OLED screens, a laser projector (and projectors in general) will lose some shadow detail.  If it wasn’t for very dark scenes, you’d have a hard time observing this. Read more on Best laser projectors for church

Although some 4K projectors display a true 4K picture, some models, such as those from Vava, upscale a 1080p source to 4K. A projector that displays a real 4K source, on the other hand, produces a noticeably worse image due to pixel shifting.

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Best Ultra short throw projector 4K
Best Ultra short throw projector 4K

In 4K projectors, WiFi is standard, but you should make sure your home theater system can connect to the ports so that you can watch movies in a beautiful 4K resolution. Although all of the projectors in this article include in-built speakers, most people will want to use a separate sound system to accompany their projectors, and there can sometimes be problems with this, particularly if you choose a budget model.





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Ultra short throw vs traditional projectors

No installation problem

There are multiple challenges to overcome when installing traditional projectors. The first problem with such projectors is that they are cumbersome and not easily mounted on ceilings or walls. When located in a newly decorated room with fresh paint on the walls, it may even damage the original interior design. A projector has to be connected to a cable box, receiver, or other device using a bunch of wires that need to be arranged accurately.

It is not necessary to deal with the hardships mentioned above when placing a UST projector. The screen can easily be set several inches below the wall and 4-10 inches from the wall. This concludes the installation process. Cords are neatly tucked away within furniture, while sources and audio elements are hidden. Screens are the only items that need to be handled more carefully.

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No need for light control

To get the most out of a projector, it should be placed and switched on in a completely dark environment. Dark rooms are generally accepted, but not every viewer likes watching movies, TV shows, or presentations in one.

Many manufacturers experimented with special screen materials to achieve crisp pictures in moderate ambient light. Colors are vivid and contrast is enhanced in such materials.

ALR screens (ambient-light rejecting screens) were invented as a result of their experiments. It is impossible to locate a projector & screen system in a brightly lit room because such screens suppress most natural and artificial light. You can use a bundled screen if you don’t have the budget for an ALR screen and your ultra short throw projector for home theater doesn’t come with one, but colors won’t be as bright.

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No lamp replacements

4K ultra short throw laser projectors need to include solid-state lasers of LED light sources, which can last as long as 20,000 hours, with modern laser projectors having at least 18,000 hours of useful life. Taking into account this value, it would mean that you could use a projector for five hours a day for ten years in a row without its damage. Indeed, the expected service life of a standard lamp in a traditional projector does not exceed 5000 hours, if we are talking about traditional projectors.

When this happens, you will have to replace the lamp with a new one, which is usually very expensive. The fact that LED lights and solid-state lasers are not degraded after the projection sessions are repeated is another added benefit to LED lights and solid-state lasers. This means that after several hours of viewing a bright image with crisp details, you will still be able to get the same result. This why they are best suited for use in the best projectors for Christmas.

The best way to understand how UST projectors work in real life is to observe how they function. A retail demonstration may be available or your friend who has already purchased and tested an ALR screen and projector may be able to help.

Here are the best ultra-short throw projectors

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LG HU85LA Ultra Short Throw projector – Best overall

Check and buy on Amazon

Best Ultra short throw projector 4K
Best Ultra short throw projector 4K

Bringing a stunning cinema experience right into your living room is the LG HU85LA UST projector. The 120-inch screen in 4K resolution can be projected from an astonishing 7.2 inches away, transforming your home theatre.

Despite ambient lighting in a room, it will produce clear images thanks to its 2,700 ANSI Lumens brightness and high color accuracy.


It offers the following features:

High-definition 4K UHD


Best Ultra short throw projector 4K
Best Ultra short throw projector 4K

Google Assistant and Alexa compatible

The following connectivity options are available: Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, and RJ45

Stereo speakers with a power output of 5W and 5W

Compatible with HDR10


The images are crisp, vibrant, and bright

The device is easy to use and set up

The sound quality is better


There is a price tag attached to it

For homeowners looking to create a cinematic experience in their homes, the LG HU85LA is the most impressive Ultra Short Throw projector. Although it is expensive, the LG HU85LA is the best Ultra Short Throw projector.

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Vava DIP 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Va-lt002

buy on amazon

Vava DIP 4K  review

Best Ultra short throw projector 4K
Best Ultra short throw projector 4K

Featuring 2500 ANSI Lumens, HDR10, a built-in Harman Kardon sound bar, and Ultra HD Smart Laser Projector, this projector combines 4K and laser technology to deliver outstanding results for your home theater.

You can project a 150″ image on the wall using the Vava DIP 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector.Aside from that, your guests will enjoy an immersive experience with the 6,000 lumens brightness that ensures the most realistic colors to be displayed during their event.

The HDR10 technology ensures that the blacks will be deeper and the whites will be brighter to create lifelike images.For big-screen gaming and watching, this projector offers a variety of ways to connect various devices, such as gaming consoles and media players, for a great cinematic experience.


Best Ultra short throw projector 4K
Best Ultra short throw projector 4K

Streaming videos, playing games, and sharing photos are all possible with it.With its auto keystone and four corner correction features, the projector ensures simple image adjustments.The Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short Throw LS300 3LCD Smart Laser Projector can be considered if the Vava DIP ultra-short throw projector is not available.


A 4K UHD resolution is available

Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Apple TV are all smart features

The lamp has a brightness of 6,000 lumens.

The quality of the audio is good


Installation is easy

Adjusting an image is simple

You can connect multiple devices to it and it’s versatile

Style and modernity are its hallmarks


If you move white objects over a dark background, you may notice a rainbow effect

Visit Amazon to see the latest prices on the Vava DIP 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

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WEMAX Nova 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

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A smart laser projector that supports 4K UHD and ultra short throws produced by WEMAX Nova

  1. TVs with Android OS
  2. Projection with HDR 10 150
  3. With UST Laser TV, you can watch movies, watch videos, and play games
  4. The remote controls are controlled by voice commands
  5. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth projectors

You can find an affordable Best Ultra short throw projector 4K 2022  in the WEMAX Nova 4K.The price makes it a great choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Manufacturers of WEMAX Nova 4K may think that they compromised on quality to make the product inexpensive.There are features in the projector that would be found in expensive models.As an example, the projector provides crystal clear audio as well as quality pictures.Additionally, you will enjoy the most cinematic experience with the 30W speakers by Dolby Audio.

There are many apps available for your convenience, and it runs on Android TV.Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO Max, and Disney+ are just a few of the streaming services that you can access.There is also the convenience of using it on different devices, such as iPhones, iPods, tablets, and laptop computers.Lastly, it has multiple connection slots on the back of the device that make it easy to connect to other devices if you wish.

You will enjoy realistic and beautiful color and image quality thanks to the 2100 lumens and 4K UHD resolution. The 80, 100, 120, and 150-inch models are available.  This ultra short-throw projector has a 0.233:1 throw ratio, which allows you to place it a few inches from the wall and get a 150-inch image for a cinematic experience.


A resolution of 3840×2160 has been set

Disney+, Hulu, Showtime, and other streaming services are available on Android TV

The brightness of this lamp is 2100 ANSI lumens

A 30W audio system is recommended


Experience the best audio quality

The images are as good as those in more expensive options despite being cheaper

Mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and laptops can be used with it

Games and other activities can be performed on it. Hence it is a suitable projector for gaming.


Hulu and Netflix can be streamed via a streamer stick, but Netflix requires a separate stick

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Hisense PX1-PRO 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Check and buy from Amazon

Best Ultra short throw projector 4K
Hisense PX1-PRO 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Projector with triple lasers for ultra-short throws. An ultra-short throw projector from Hisense, the PX1-PRO 4K


The maximum. Size of the image: 130 inches

The number of lasers is three

The light has a brightness of 2200 lumens

Hisense PX1-PRO 4K connection ports

A native 4K resolution is available

The throw ratio is 0.25

Does Netflix offer streaming services? Streaming sticks are required for this – no

Easy to set up and use

Hisense’s PX1-Pro ultra short throw projector offers three lasers at a good price, which makes it one of the latest models.



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Picture Quality

It would make sense that Hisense would have excellent picture quality since it pioneered the laser projector market in 2007.

With three separate laser beams, the PX1-Pro does not require a color wheel, which explains its ability to prevent the rainbow effect found in many cheap short throw projectors.The three separate laser beams further enhance the otherwise low 2200 ANSI Lumens brightness of this projector, which can be used in daylight, although it is best used in a darkened room as all projectors are.

In a smaller space, you may not need a separate speaker system routed via HDMI, although the in-built 30W speakers with Dolby Atmos complete the high-end experience. This projector produces a 90-130-inch image between 0.9 and 1.7 feet from the wall because of its 0.25 throw ratio. When in gaming mode, a lag of 30ms is acceptable but not as good as Epson’s EpiqVison LS500 16ms lag.

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Streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube can be accessed using Hisense’s Android TV, which comes pre-installed for easy set-up.

In the current state, Netflix is not supported, and there is no indication whether this will be added in the future. You can access Netflix using a Roku connected to the projector’s USB port, though it takes two remote controls to do so, which is a little annoying. The real advantage of this projector is that it does not require that a separate audio system is connected through HDMI, although you can connect a separate audio system through HDMI. There is very little fuss involved when it comes to using it straight out of the box.

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With a beautiful look and amazingly colorful image, the Hisense PX1-Pro is a stunning machine. The setup is straightforward and the sound quality is excellent. It is easy to use and has a short throw distance of up to 160 feet.  You should choose the PX1-Pro if you want an affordable, but high-quality image.


A native 4K image and three lasers for phenomenal detail

For 2200 lumens, the colors are surprisingly bright and vivid

With decent sound quality and a good look, this speaker would look great in any room

Sports and action movies stutter less with a 30ms lag


The Netflix app is not native

The price is fairly high

Find out the latest price here

The Hisense PX1, which comes with 2000 ANSI Lumens and lacks Dolby Vision, but is otherwise the same as its larger brother, is a nice alternative if you want to save some money and are using it in a properly lit room.

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LG HU715QW 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Check and buy from Amazon

LG HU715QW 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Projector with ultra-short throw in 4K model MEW. A 4K ultra short throw projector from LG, the HU715QW


Maximum. The image size is 120 inches

The number of lasers is one

Two thousand five hundred lumens of brightness

A native 4K resolution is available


Remote control : LG HU715QW 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

The ratio of throws: 0.22

Streaming Netflix on your computer? You’re right

The ease of setup and use of the software is excellent

At a reasonable price point for this type of projector, the LG HU715QW appears to be one of the top new 4K UST projectors.

Picture Quality

This 120-inch LED monitor has only one laser setup with the color wheel, but the image quality is superb, with vibrant colors that rival those of competitors with higher prices, such as the LG HU85LA.

A 120-inch image can be produced at 12.5 inches from your screen or wall because this model is native 4K with a short throw ratio of 0.22. Although you’ll need an ALR screen to control ambient light, this model is bright enough for bright rooms. It’s not suitable for gaming due to the 54ms input lag, but otherwise, it’s perfect.


You can keystone the image to your wall or screen within minutes after unboxing with the simple guided setup. You can stream Netflix, Disney+, and Prime from the Firestick/similar, though the remote doesn’t seem as intuitive as a Firestick.

This device comes with very good in-built speakers that can be enhanced with external sound systems by connecting them via optical ports, HDMI, and wirelessly via Bluetooth.


I thought that LG CineBeam HU715QW was a very good device that gave the best features of the older HU85LA to what this new model offers through an update of the features. There is no doubt that the HU715QW is one of the best choices of 4K ultra short throw projectors for those who want the latest model of projector with minimal setup time as well as tremendous picture quality right out of the box.


Easily set up and quick to use

Straight out of the box, the image quality is fantastic

Speakers compatible with Bluetooth

Compatibility with HDR10 and HLG


Firesticks and Rokus work best for streaming

The input lag of 54ms makes gaming less enjoyable

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Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 – best under $2000

Check and buy from Amazon

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300
Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 ports

This is another one of the Best Ultra short throw projector 4K 2022. Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 is worth considering if high picture quality is your primary concern. Playing games, watching TV shows, or watching sports competitions, it amazes with full HD resolution and perfectly bright HDR images. In most cases, images can be displayed between 60 and 120 inches, which is sufficient for most needs. Yamaha’s high-end 2.1 speakers are regarded as one of the most powerful audio systems ever built into a projector. Further, a Bluetooth-connected standalone speaker makes listening to music more immersive.

With a throw distance between 0.0 and 1.3 feet, many complimentary words are needed. It is therefore possible to project a clear picture with distinct blacks and whites on a screen by placing a projector near the screen. An included remote control makes the model convenient to use. Using Google Assistant, you can also perform some routine tasks with the help of voice search. LS300 runs on Android TV, which is built into Epson’s EpiqVision Ultra.

Key specs
Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300
Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300

A 3LCD display is used

Lasers are used as light sources

It has a 1920×1080 resolution

In feet, throw distances range from 0.0 to 1.3

The ratio of throwing: 0.27:1

60 – 120 inches in image size

A contrast ratio of 1500000:1 is used

3600 ANSI lumens of brightness

Yes/no on Bluetooth/WiFi

The answer is yes to HDR

Speakers built into the device: yes


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Final thoughts on the Best Ultra short throw projector 4K

Generally, laser projectors can work on any surface, but patterned walls or something like that will produce a poorer image than a flat surface. Screens specifically designed for 4K UHD videos are a good investment if you desire a truly immersive video experience.

Several features help UST projector screens deliver the highest quality projections. Screen gain, Ambient Light Rejection, and screen size are the three factors.

A UST projector’s Ambient Light Rejection filters out light coming from various sources and only permits the light emitted by the projector itself to be captured. Angular reflective surfaces direct light from a laser towards viewers, while ambient light is reflected from above. Even if you’ve placed a projector and a screen in a room filled with light, you will see a detailed image with realistic, bright colors.

Using ultra short throw projectors with certain screen dimensions is no less important since they have fixed focal lengths. The distance from your device to the wall needs to be adjusted for your projector to fit the predefined screen size. It implies an approach toward the wall in most cases. It is common for UST projectors to work with screens ranging from 80 to 120 inches in size. Keeping this in mind will help you choose a screen that is right for you.

It is necessary to have a projector screen to reflect the light emitted by the laser onto the viewers’ eyes. It is called screen gain when the reflectivity is high. Light is reflected more strongly at higher values. Surfaces absorb the most light if their value is too low.