Unagi Model One e500 review

Unagi Model One e500

Unagi Model One e500 review

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Unagi Model One e500 review
Unagi Model One e500 review

Unagi Model One e500 is among the best mid-tier scooters in the market. In this review, we discuss the motor, IP rating, range, battery and many more.

This scooter is low maintenance, beautiful to look at, and comes with an industry-leading warranty. With lightweight exotic materials such as magnesium carbon fiber, aluminum, and aluminum, the Unagi Model One is a futuristic scooter. With an easy-to-use mechanism and zero-maintenance tires and brakes, it is easy to fold and store. As for this Unagi Model One e500 review, our main concern is in the range, speed, motor, battery, size of wheel and suspension. Such are factors that determine performance of a scooter

The scooter might be right for you if you don’t like the average design, want something easy to maintain, quick, and come with a long warranty.           

A summary of specs

It is only wise to cover a summary of specs first in this Unagi Model One e500 review. You may not have enough time to read through the whole document. Or perhaps you are looking for a specific piece of information. In that case, the table below should be of great help to you.

Top Speed20 kph (32mph)
Max Range25 km (15.5 miles)
Scooter weight12 kg (26.5  lbs.)
Maximum Load275 lbs. (125 kg)
Tires typesolid rubber
Tires7.5 inches
Motortwo 250 W ( with sinusoidal pulse modulation)
number of motorsdual
Battery typeLithium-Ion
Battery capacity33.6 V 9. Ah
SuspensionNo suspension
Brakesrear fender, regenerative  brakes ( with ABS)
regenerative brakingyes
Charging time4-5 hours
Hill climb15 degree
LightsLED~ Headlights (18W), rare braking
FrameAluminum carbon fiber
water resistanceIP54
HornElectric horn


specs overview

The Unagi manufacturing process guarantees high-quality products that are safe, stylish, durable, reliable, and high-performing. Each part of the Model One has been engineered with precision to guarantee the scooter’s structural integrity. You will be hard-pressed to find a scooter that looks better than Unagi’s Model One E500 and we challenge you to do so. A variety of elegant colors is available for the E500, including Matte Black, Scarlet Fire Red, Sea Salt White, and Cosmic Blue.


Its compact design and lower maintenance requirements are facilitated by the use of high-end materials. There are no overly exposed wires on the scooter’s exterior, and its control display is positioned in the cockpit. A magnesium alloy is used for the handlebars, which have a stylish appearance. According to the manufacturer, the handlebars required over thirty prototypes to reach the level of perfection now featured on the scooter.


Aluminum is the material used for the frame. The lightweight nature of aluminum and magnesium makes them ideal for making scooters easier to transport. To meet the demands of heavy-duty strength and lightweight, the Unagi stem is constructed from TORAY carbon fiber. You can easily fold the stem by pressing a button. It weighs 26.5 pounds (12 kilograms), making the scooter extremely portable.


Your Scooters can reach speeds of 20 mph. There is, however, a hidden factory setting that you need to unlock. While it isn’t the fastest scooter, it performs well, especially in urban areas. Your scooter runs on two 250-watt motors on the rear and front hubs. In combination, they can transport 275 lbs. (125kgs) of rider weight. There is a single lithium battery in the Model One that provides enough juice to cover 15.5 miles (25 kilometers). It takes approximately 4-5 hours for the battery to recharge.

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Performance overview

As far as eliminating lags is concerned, the Unagi Model One E500 works exceptionally well. The scooter accelerates from 0 to 14.9mph in 4.4 seconds according to our performance tests. There are currently many 12 kg scooters on the market that are significantly slower than this. The Unagi scooter  One E500 has an electronic top speed limiter, limiting it to approximately 17 mph. It has three power modes, which cater to beginners, intermediates, and professionals.

Due to the dual motors, the Unagi climbs hills with ease, providing adequate torque (32 N.m of power) to handle inclinations of up to 15 degrees. This scooter is quicker than many scooters in its class at climbing hills at 10.9mph or in 12.5 seconds. This is slightly better than the Glion scooter.

According to the manufacturer, the scooter has a braking distance of 13 feet (396 cm) on dry roads. Tests conducted in real-world conditions indicate, however, that dual electronic brakes offer an effective braking distance of 800 cm – quite impressive for electronic brakes. The braking distance is further reduced to 510 cm when the rear foot brake is engaged.

Under ideal conditions, the Unagi Model One E500 claims to go approximately 16 miles. The battery range, however, is only about 8.5 miles if constantly riding at 16 mph, even under realistic urban conditions, such as hills and stops.


A range of 16 miles (25 kilometers) is possible when your Unagi Model One operates under ideal conditions. If you load the Model One with 165 lbs (75kg), it will travel closer to 8.5 miles (13.6 km) in city conditions.

Charging time

It takes just under five hours to charge the Unagi Model One. This is when the battery is empty. If the battery is fully charged, an LED will turn green to indicate it.


Unagi Model One is powered by twin 250W rear and front hub motors that are encased to prevent dust and moisture from getting into the motors.

The motor is controlled using a technique called Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM). In an instant, these motors can output 1000W of power and 32 N.m of torque.

Speed and acceleration


Unagi model one top speed is 20 mph or 32 kph. This is a very great speed even for best scooters for adults. Besides, it is only in private properties you can cruise at this speed. Speeds beyond 15 mph in most countries would require one to have a driving license.


According to Unagi, its Model One has a range of 15.5 miles, but as with all-electric scooters, that is an optimistic estimate. The Model One’s battery lasted me about 10 miles while riding, which involved the use of both motors and some hills. If you’re looking for a longer range, check out our HiBoy S2 scooter review.

 Intelligent Battery Management System

Unagi Model One’s batteries are made by LG. That means you can trust their quality. You can depend on them for years to come. Because of this, there is no need to worry about the Model One requiring much maintenance.

A custom-built performance monitoring system is installed in Model One. your device will function efficiently and safely without overheating. In contrast to some of Unagi’s competitors, there is no corresponding smartphone app. Even though you cannot get exact information about the performance of your scooter, you have a simpler experience overall.

Build quality

The build quality is what often differentiates entry-level electric scooters from more expensive models. To keep costs down, manufacturers tend to cut corners.  The result is sometimes poor design solutions, inefficient materials, and a lack of safety features.

Unagi’s Model One isn’t like this. It meets and exceeds expectations at this price point in terms of build quality. Handlebars, for example, are made of magnesium alloy, which is both more expensive to produce and 33% lighter than their aluminum counterpart.

Rather than cutting corners and cutting costs, Unagi took extra steps to ensure this was as light and durable as possible without sacrificing functionality or sturdiness.

Stainless steel is used for the folding mechanism hinge, which offers good corrosion resistance and high strength, so it doesn’t wear down.

The Unagi stem is made of Toray carbon fiber, which offers a good balance between weight and strength. Even Elon Musk uses TORAY carbon fiber on his Space-X rockets because it’s such an expensive material.

Each deck is crafted from one piece of solid aluminum that is machined to perfection. In addition, Unagi applies a layer of silicone for grip. In addition to looking better than ordinary grip tape, it is also much easier to clean and will last much longer than plain grip tape. With a max load capacity of 275 pounds, the scooter is extremely strong thanks to the deck design


The Unagi logo is emblazoned on the rubberized deck of the scooter. Despite the deck’s size, its taper gives you better riding comfort, especially if you have wider feet.

Last but not least, the kickstand almost disappears when it is retracted. Do we need it? Not really, but it adds a cool touch.

 Control panel/ cockpit

In Model One’s command center, you will find the same refined quality.

You can see your speed, dual motor or single motor status, your odometer, the amount of charge left on your battery, and riding mode on the perfectly placed display. When riding on a sunny day, you won’t need to squint because the panel is clear. You will find the power button below the control center.

In addition to the iPhone-like appearance, it also displays the same information that is available on cheaper scooters with LED displays, though with a much less futuristic design.

Lean dashboards come with LED headlights, brakes, throttles, and horns. This scooter’s horn is loud enough to signal your presence to other road users. There is a compact but efficient front light that produces 47 lumens. In summary, the Model One is a wonderful scooter that offers many features tailored to urban commuters seeking style, portability, and performance.

 LED Lights

When you ride around busy cities during commuting hours, you’ll be glad to know the Model One allows you to see and be seen easily. Its 47 Lumen LED front and rear headlights and rear blinking LED ensure you are seen by passing vehicles, and they will certainly see you as well.


The tires only provide a limited amount of cushioning, and there is no suspension system. Despite being smooth on smooth roads, the ride gets bumpy when the road becomes rough. As you ride on bumpy roads, your arms are feeling the road vibrations.

Spring suspension would significantly improve the ride quality of a scooter like this. I don’t deny that when the roads are smooth, it’s a great experience to ride, but if you hit sketchy roads, the ride quality will be compromised


Airless, ventilated tires on the Model One function in multiple ways:

Reducing tire weight

Assist in absorbing shock

Stop flats from occurring

As far as shock absorption is concerned, an airless tire cannot compare to a pneumatic tire (filled with air). Despite this, you can still get a good compromise if you don’t want to worry about flats.

Despite being able to brake at their limits, we couldn’t test the traction of these tires much. With eABS, you won’t be able to lock them under maximum braking. The last thing for you to remember is that these tires will have worse traction when wet.

The tires on the Model One are 7.5 inches in diameter. Solid tires aren’t usually as comfortable as pneumatic ones. Therefore, this scooter’s rubber tires have been cut with holes so that they can provide cushioning when traveling over bumpy terrain. The scooter lacks suspension, so this is crucial. The deck is covered in silicon, and the ride is also very comfortable.


While it doesn’t sound as exciting as acceleration, the Unagi’s braking power is pretty impressive.

Electric brakes are available on both the front and rear wheels. The rear fender brake is also included on the scooter. Electronic brakes could be superior to mechanical ones, according to some conjecture. Nevertheless, the Model One’s brakes show just how effective they can be.

What is the main advantage of electronic brakes? They do not require maintenance. As a safety precaution, Unagi added the rear fender brake since electronic brakes will not operate if the power abruptly cuts off.

water resistance

The device is water-resistant with an IP54 rating, so it is safe from water sprinkling in any direction.

It is not a problem if you get caught in the rain or suffer a few splashes. Nonetheless, avoid white water rafting while it is raining. Getting soaked or submerged doesn’t suit your Model One.  Since water-resistance ratings are not guaranteed on every scooter, this is a welcome addition and something you would expect from a product of this price range.


Unagi emphasized safety despite the sleek looks of the Model One.

Because safety can be a lot of fun, can’t it? With the Model One, the traditional bell is replaced by a horn that will be sure to alert others of your presence. When you use it in an emergency, the horn makes a rather unpleasant, high-pitched noise.

You’ll find it right below the handlebars for easy access.

hill climb

Additionally, the extremely superior acceleration of the dual motors is particularly evident on inclines. My scooter was tested on an 18% incline hill around me. A dual-motor vehicle climbs an incline impressively at approximately 10 miles per hour with average speed. The scooter had far too little power in single-motor mode to make it up.


One of the Model One’s best attributes is its portability. At this point, we can see how attentive to detail and thoughtful the design is. This is a scooter in the ultra-portable category, this scooter weighs 23 pounds (10.4 kg) and 26.5 pounds (10.4 kg) respectively.

This patented one-click folding scooter is ideal for commuters on the go because its convenience and ease of use are unmatched. It is the first time I have folded and unfolded my scooter in a matter of seconds with just one hand. Model One’s stem automatically locks itself into a floating position because it doesn’t need to be locked to a rear fender like other scooters. This saves time by reducing the number of steps.

The weight distribution is even and the center of gravity is very convenient because the battery is on the deck, not the stem, making it easy to handle whether you’re pushing it or carrying it.

 Unagi Model One: Price and availability

The Model One is manufactured by Unagi and comes in two variations. A single-motor E250 ($$$) and a double-motor E500 ($$$). Each comes in black, white, red, and blue colors.  However, the E500 is also available in premium and custom colors and designs, which cost an extra $.

If you are interested you can purchase unagi model one from Amazon at an affordable price.

 post-purchase support

Among electric scooter manufacturers, Unagi offers the best warranties and after-sales service.

Unagi will replace your scooter if you encounter a problem in the first three months. The warranty lasts for twelve months.

In the event of a problem within the remaining twelve months, Unagi will provide you with either a refurbished scooter or a new one. For beginners, don’t feel pressured into buying a model you might not like: Unagi offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it.

 Is the Unagi scooter worth it?

I know you can to read this Unagi Model One e500 review to help you make up your mind.

Even though it costs nearly $$$, the Unagi Model One is the best electric scooter, especially for people who find it difficult to climb steep hills. In addition to powerful motors, bright and clear displays, and a strong sense of style, this machine rocks!

 Conclusion on Unagi model one e500 review


An Unagi scooter is more versatile in many ways, thanks to its lighter weight. One can easily carry it with one hand if the handlebar stem is folded. I have no trouble carrying it into and out of my house, nor do I struggle to put it in my trunk.

Dropping something off at my kid’s school was no problem with a bike U-lock attached to the handlebar stem. You can also fit it into a grocery cart, although I suggest you are careful not to smash your cherry tomato bag.

As with other scooters that I have tested, this one has limited utility. Since the Unagi’s wheels are small and stiff, I had to trudge around cracks rather than power through them. As there are no disc brakes on it, it is only rated IP54, which means it is only protected against dust ingress and water splashes. In addition, I would not be comfortable riding it in rain without disc brakes.

Nevertheless, I consider the Unagi to be a good compromise when it comes to scooters. Compared to the Xiaomi M365, it has a bit less power.  On the other hand, it’s lighter and less expensive than the Dualtron mini.  Unagi Model One might be the e-scooter for you if you want to reduce your car’s odometer without getting out of control.



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