ViewSonic PX703HDH

ViewSonic PX703HDH Review

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ViewSonic PX703HDH 1080p Projector,

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Whether you want to watch movies, play video games, or watch sports, the ViewSonic PX703HD will provide you with the viewing quality you desire. And its price will surprise you!

However, is the ViewSonic PX703HD the right value for the money? In our opinion, the answer is a resounding yes. Let’s take a look at what each feature can accomplish so you can understand why.

ViewSonic PX703HD Review of Main Specs:

Resolution 1920×1080

Brightness (Lumens) 3,500

Contrast Ratio 12,000:1

Zoom 1.3x manual

Throw Distance 3.2′ – 24.7′

Input lag 16ms

Screen size 30” – 300”

Speakers 10 Watts

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Installation Flexibility

In addition to being relatively light, the ViewSonic PX703HD projector is also relatively compact, making installation easier. Its design makes it very flexible, as it can be mounted ceiling, set on a table, or even reversed behind the screen. You can fine-tune the alignment of the lens quickly thanks to its 1.3x optical zoom and both vertical and horizontal lens shifts.

A projector’s versatility is heavily influenced by its throw distance. Although the ViewSonic PX703HD has a slightly shorter throw than most home theater projectors, you will still need about 8 feet of distance for a 100″ screen. Although this could be problematic in smaller spaces, at least the amount of ambient light in the space does not need to be considered. Colors remain vibrant even on 200” and larger screens.

A number of content sources are supported by the PX703HD, including game consoles, mobile devices, PCs, and media players. Several input options including HDMI, USB, composite, and monitor connections mean you can connect a variety of devices.

If you wish to enjoy an immersive audio experience, you’ll want to use external speakers, since the PX703HD’s 10-watt speaker isn’t as good as it could be for TV viewing and basic gaming.


Bright, accurate hues are possible thanks to a wide color gamut

Low latency is impressive in Game Mode

Both movies and games feature smooth on-screen action

Sports fans will appreciate the dedicated sports mode

Rooms with good lighting can use this lamp

Installation flexibility

Compatible with 3D


Game mode does not support lens shift

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Picture Quality

On-screen details remain sharp and clear at all screen sizes due to the Full HD resolution of the ViewSonic PX703HD. A high level of color accuracy makes it easy to immerse yourself in what you’re watching, with vibrant hues that are true to life and easy to read captions and subtitles.

ViewSonic’s PX703HD has a number of dedicated viewing modes. For example, the Sports Mode optimizes the image for smoother frame-by-frame motion without blurring or choppiness. If you’re playing hockey, we’d like to know if you can track the puck. For small, fast-moving details like that, the ViewSonic PX703HD is ideal.

As well as full HD resolution, you will also get 3D compatibility. You can view 3D content with any compatible device using any DLP-type glasses. In 3D mode, the image dims slightly, but the color accuracy and image quality remain the same. ViewSonic PX703HD connectivity

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Is the ViewSonic PX703HD Good for Gaming?

It has a high score on every specification gamers care about, which makes it a great projector to use for gaming. Foremost among this is a low input latency. There is only 16ms of lag during game play on the PX703HD, so you won’t have to worry about it ruining your game. Here you can find more great projectors for gaming and simulators.

The smooth on-screen action and bright color that make it great for home theaters is another thing gamers will appreciate. Gamer’s quality of what happens on screen is also important. The bright lamp saves you from losing any on-screen detail, even in darker horror games, even though the contrast ratio is low.

Changing to Gaming Mode deactivates vertical and horizontal lens shift, which is our only problem with the ViewSonic PX703HD for gamers. It’s best to mount it precisely if you’re going to use it for gaming, and avoid using these image adjustment options, which can cause problems in some installations.

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Final Thoughts on the ViewSonic PX703HDH review 

It’s not possible to play 4K ultra HD content on the ViewSonic PX703HD, but the full HD resolution gives plenty of detail for most people. Here’s a buyer’s guide if you’re looking for a 4K projector. If you’re looking for a big picture at a great price, the PX703HD is a budget-friendly, user-friendly option. 

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