verified way to check CAS latency of A ram

verified way to check CAS latency of A ram

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3 verified way to check CAS latency of A ram

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CAS Latency (CL) ratio is something you may have searched a lot about, have you? Not sure what it means or where it can be found? You don’t have to worry, we’ll explain everything to you as best as we can.

Buying add-on RAM requires consideration of the CL Ratio. Whenever RAM modules are upgraded or replaced, it plays an important role. It can be difficult to achieve optimal performance when RAM has different CL numbers.

The methods to find CAS latency ratio may be helpful if you would like more information.

Let’s take a moment to see the full form of CAS before diving into the definition.

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What does CAS stands for

CAS ➔ Column Address Strobe

I bet you still have a skepticism regarding the CAS latency ratio. There is no understanding of the full form, since it doesn’t reveal any meaningful information.

Don’t worry, we’re here for a reason. Our team is dedicated to solving doubts. 🤩 The CAS latency ratio will be examined step by step in the following paragraphs.

Latency (CL) refers to the amount of time that passes between the moment that the memory controller initiates a read command and the time that the RAM makes the data available. By definition, it is a delay in producing data by RAM column.

A lower CAS latency ratio, therefore, signifies that the performance of the application is better. It is important to note, however, that while the CAS latency ratio is crucial in predicting performance, other factors are equally as important, including the clock speed, rank, DDR generation, and ability to overclock as well as many others. The reason we recommend the use of RAM with the same CL ratio & the same clock speed is so that the performance of the system will be optimum.

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What is CAS Latency (CL) Ratio?

As a result, it is obvious to have doubts about whose data is being requested for RAM. Do you agree?

Some people may have difficulty understanding it, even if they are not technical. Before I begin my technical story, I’ll take you outside of it. There is good CAS latency  for RAMs MACbook 2008.

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cas cl ratio non technical illustration

The CL Ratio is illustrated in a nontechnical way to make it easier to understand

The salesman is asked by Manager for a box containing three mangoes. The salesman finally found three mangoes in box ‘C’ after searching for 2 minutes.

There is a 2 minute gap between the above illustration and the actual request processing time. As a result, the 2 minutes that we are illustrating are nothing more than CAS latency ratios.

Here is an example taken from real life that illustrates the above illustration.

cas cl ratio illustration

An illustration of CL Ratio to help you understand it better. There are 16 CAS latency ratios shown in the illustration above. CPU processors are among the most important components of a computer, as you may be aware. There are three types of cache memory: L1, L2 and L3, which are responsible for processing the datasets from the cache memory.

The processor instructs the memory controller to fetch the required dataset from RAM if it is not available in the caches.

Memory controllers act as intermediaries between processors and RAM.

By using the memory controller, the request is sent to RAM.

RAM requests are received and processed by memory controllers.

Requesting and receiving datasets are delayed according to the CAS latency or CL ratio of the RAM.

The CL ratio for asynchronous DRAM is expressed in nanoseconds. On the other hand, clock cycles are used when defining the CL ratio for synchronous DRAM.


It’s possible that you have some doubts right now. Below are a few of them.

Is a higher or lower CAS latency better?

CAS Latency Ratios below 0.05 are always more desirable than those above 0.05. For example, when you choose two RAM modules racing at 3200 MHz, CAS Latency Ratios below 0.05 are always more desirable.

Can you mix CAS latency RAM?

CAS latency RAM modules can technically be mixed, although it’s not recommended. A higher CAS ratio will be set among the installed RAM modules by the motherboard, matching the CAS latency ratio.

Suppose, for example, that you have installed two RAM modules with CL ratios of 15 and 16. CL ratio will be set to 16 by the motherboard for both RAMs. By matched the higher latency ratio of another RAM indirectly, low latency RAM will be degraded.

What is a good CAS latency for RAM?

RAM module performance is influenced by a number of factors. A number of factors influence the speed of the clock, such as the latency ratio, the rank, etc. As a result, RAM should not be judged solely based on its CAS latency (CL) ratio. There is never a reason to choose RAM with a high CAS latency ratio over RAM with a low one. With a low latency, data is processed in the shortest possible amount of time. Additionally, it is recommended that you limit yourself to mixing RAM that has different clock speeds or different CL ratios at the same time. In any case, if RAM modules of this type do not meet their specified speed, they will not operate at their maximum capacity.

For example, we have two RAM modules with following specification.


A         2600 MHz       17

B         2600 MHz       15

A comparison of CL ratios

How would you vote if you had to choose between these two options? In accordance with our theory, we’ll choose a RAM with a lower CL ratio. There is a difference in speed between RAM modules B and A here. CL ratios should be lower.

How do I check my CAS latency?

There are three methods you can use to find out just how much CAS latency a memory module has, or CAS latency ratios (CL).

Method A: via CPU-Z

CAS Latency (CL) Ratio can be calculated by following these steps. offers CPU-Z as a free download

To access the Memory tab, open the app and select it

CAS# Latency (CL) should be outlined in the text

That’s it!

Clock Speed (CAS) Ratio CPU-Z

In that case, you are currently running on RAM that has a CL9 ratio (CAS#Latency (CL) = 9.0 clocks). Then you must purchase another RAM with the same CL ratio and clock speed if you wish to increase the total RAM size without replacing the existing RAM.

How to find the clock speed of RAM?

DRAM frequency (i.e., 3200 MHz) and RAM speed are also known as clock speed. The following method can be used to determine your RAM’s clock speed without the need for any utility if you’re running Windows 8, 8.1, or 10.

Using the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC shortcut key, open Task Manager.

Memory with high performance.

Using Task Manager to locate RAM Clock Speed

You can also get a detailed RAM report from CPU-Z’s SPD tab. The manufacturer and part number of your current RAM can also be found by searching Google. Identifying the second RAM might be helpful. In order to ensure maximum compatibility, it is best to purchase RAM from the same manufacturer. It is my hope that the information provided here will assist you in purchasing your next RAM.

Method B: via Piriform Speccy

In addition to Piriform Speccy, you can also use it to find out your CL Ratio. You can also find out a lot about your device through this tool. Different components’ temperatures and usage graphs could be displayed live. It is possible to export the details as text files, XML files, or print/PDF files. You can find the RAM section by opening the app and navigating there. With this new feature, you can view information about slot types, sizes, CL ratios, and much more.

Method C: via Command Prompt / DOS

It is sometimes not possible to install new software due to restrictions imposed by administrators. (Computer restarting in DOS mode if user cannot enter GUI mode). The solution we are writing for you is in the works. This post has been updated thanks to Fazlul Haque’s comment.

Launch the Command Prompt

To open the “Run” window, press the Start + R key. Press OK after writing CMD


Press the ENTER key after clicking the START button & typing CMD

Here is the command you need to type

Find out the manufacturer, capacity, part number, speed, memory type, device locator, and form factor of a WMIC memory chip

Using this tool, you can find out what RAM you have installed. This includes information like the manufacturer, the part number, the speed (MHz), the device locator (slot), and the capacity (in bytes).

The manufacturer’s or shopping sites’ websites provide latency ratio information if you copy a part number and Google it.

Method D: via Inspecting RAM

PCs and laptops sometimes fail to turn on. Therefore, how can we determine this CL ratio? There is a solution available at this moment. The RAM itself can be used to see what information is stored on it. Desktop computers make this process easier. It’s a little more difficult for laptop users. Despite this, disassembling a laptop can be a challenge, especially for non-techies.

The sticker of the RAM can be found on Google by searching for details such as the brand and serial number.

Final thoughts on verified way to check CAS latency

You can easily access the information after the serial number on the printed product matches the model number in the search. It is recommended that you view the information on the manufacturer’s website. In terms of specifications, it will ensure accuracy. Hopefully, you will find this post helpful in finding RAM that is compatible with your computer. We would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and doubts. If you were able to solve the above problem, please let us know.

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