Weped SST E-scooter review

Weped SST E-scooter

Weped SST E-scooter review

Looking for a way to get around town without having to drive? Check out the Weped SST E-scooter! This scooter is perfect for getting around town or campus, and can even be used for commuting. With a top speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 20 miles, the Weped SST E-scooter is a great option for getting around town.

In this Weped SST E-scooter review, our primary focus is on the range, speed, motor, climb angle and battery. This are most important aspects. This scooter doesn’t just look good, it has plenty of power as well. These babies are fast enough to propel you up to  70 mph in record time and have plenty of power to go along with their top speed. Here we need to emphasize that although they are not lightweight, they are great to ride. WEPED scooters are able to climb steep hills well, which is the most important metric for performance.

Due to the two 1600W motors and the same battery that the RR has, the WEPED SST is no pushover. The SST is capable of speeding up to 70 mph and can handle hills. Since WEPED’s other options are a bit beyond the budget of all but the most enthusiastic riders, the WEPED SST is currently the best deal they have.

A summary of specs

In the Weped SST e-scooter review, we shall start by giving you the summary of specs. We understand you do not have a lot of time or perhaps you are not interested in a long test. The summary of specs should help you make up your mind fast.


Top Speed70 mph
Max Range80 mile  (128 km)
Scooter weight52 kg (115  lbs.)
Maximum Load330 lbs. (150 kg)
Tirestubeless pneumatic
Motor33000 W (dual hub)
Battery typeSamsung 21700 50E cells
Battery capacity3240 Wh
SuspensionDual suspension
BreaksHydraulic brakes and ABS
Charging time7.5 h (fast charger)  and 21 hours (standard charger)
Hill climb35 degrees
LightsLED~ brake light ( no headlight), deck lights
Frameaviation-grade alloy
water resistancenot indicated by the manufacturer


  Summary of performance


The Weped SST is an ultra-fast scooter – we mean that literally. SST speedos jump double digits at high speeds when compared to standard GPS speedos. In less than 12 seconds, you should be able to hit 60mph.

If you keep the throttle wide open for any length of time, the SST will absolutely deplete battery power. Expect ranges to drop below 20 miles at full throttle.

Using a 72-volt battery, the SST has 3240wh of stored power, which is an impressive amount of power. This is one reasons the e-scooters are expensive.

We see WEPED have branded brakes on the SS and SST instead of the typical NUTT breaks found on the Weped FF, so it accelerates and stops instantly.

It was very good to observe the SST’s brake response. SST does not feature regenerative braking, but that’s probably for the best since the SST controllers would absorb a lot of regen energy when braking from 80mph.

The motor

Like most of the performance lineup from Weped Korea, the Weped SST motors are just phenomenal. The ability to choose single or dual motor modes is not available. There is a reasonable explanation for this. Controllers for the Weped mostly use active motor control (for controlling acceleration and pull-off by distributing power to each motor independently).

Weped has kept the SST simple by removing nearly all buttons from the SST, even though it is MORE than capable of running using one motor. It would make no sense to use a single motor mode for a racing scooter designed for high performance.

Whenever either motor is active, the power distribution switches between +100% and -0%.


This scooter has incredible braking power. There was no hesitation when we hit the brakes. Although we didn’t hit the brakes too hard, there was no abrupt stopping. I’m impressed with the brakes. And this is important when you’re going over 70mph! You’ll be able to brake more effectively with the larger tires. Because the Weped SST has larger tires and upgraded braking, it can stop extremely quickly from speed without suffering from stem wobble or harsh uneven or jerky feedback.

Our vehicle was able to stop within 120 meters from 70mph. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? However, 60kg and 70mph plus rider weight is a lot to slam on two hydraulic brakes alone.

The stopping distance depends on a variety of factors, including the weight of the rider, the road surface conditions, and the brake pad condition.

Regenerative braking is not available on this scooter.


You can find a good number of scooters with lights.  The Weped is one of them. In addition to the usual RGB side lights, the SST does not offer any riding lighting. You will also see cycling led strips on the deck pan, which are very nice. In some models, the column lights will not be included; you will have to add them yourself (optional extra). Particularly when used on the main steering column, the RGB lighting is extremely impressive.

Even at 80mph, most people will not notice much, as they are only able to see the blur.

On the weped, some front-projection lights would have been nice, but since it’s a race scooter, the intention is to use it in daylight and not at night.

You can easily add your lighting, of course.


It must be said that the tubeless pneumatic tires on the Weped SST are impressive. There’s a lot to say about these tires, even though they’re just tires.

First of all, we noticed that they are genuine karting tires and their construction quality is on par with motor vehicle tires. Unlike most electric scooter tires, which are thin and prone to flats, these are thicker and stronger. We expect that these will be durable, flat-resistant, and long-lasting. we had cover a little about the Weped e-scooter when we discussed about e-scooters with big wheels.

In addition, the tires provide a smooth and stable ride, even at high speeds, where their large contact patch allows power to be transferred into the road. Thanks to the tread width, the WEPED SST is so stable that you won’t need to use the kickstand at all (despite our trepidation).

It falls in the category of best e-scooters for winter because of the traction given by its wheel.


This is also referred to as water resistance. The SST is also not water-resistant. You should not expect IP 65 or IP 54 protection;  you won’t find any water resistance, which is probably for the best. It would be very dangerous to use the SST if the road was damp or wet. SSTs are racing scooters and are subject to normal racing conditions (during the day – when the weather is dry).

It does not have side-mounted fans, which means it will resist water ingress better than other WEPED scooters, though we do not recommend it be submerged in water. This e-scooter is not waterproof either.

While damp conditions are unlikely to cause any damage, a reasonable flurry of water could cause expensive repairs or even irreversible damage to the controllers/deck.

Scooters like the SST are difficult to find. The issue of parts sourcing should be an issue for you.

Battery  & Range

A huge battery powers the Weped SST, the Samsung SDI 21700 50E cells running at 72v 45A. A 3240Wh battery is the same as that of the Dualtron X2, which has an approximately 3600Wh battery. An SST with such a battery lasts for a long time. You can attain a range of 60 miles if you drive carefully, which is quite good.

On average, you can expect a ride to last roughly 40 miles for most riders.

Even slight increases in throttle drastically shorten the range of the SST. This is due to the HIGH DRAIN controllers and motors that make even light increases in throttle impact the SST.

Weped SST uses Samsung SDI 21700 cells over 18650 cells because they offer greater capacity and discharge.

As with most scooters that have a 72V power system, a full 100% charge is obtained at 84V and a 60V cutoff is used. This is one way to protect the battery, we discussed this on the e-scooter battery guide.

The performance of the battery improved significantly after the first couple of charge cycles.

The battery capacity of this scooter is exactly right for its model. It is doubtful that Weped could have made the deck more crowded.

Speed & Acceleration

Weped’s SST can reach 130km/h / 80mph. With a rider weighing 70kg, the fastest speed we’ve achieved so far has been 18 mph on Dualtron mini. However, that’s before the scooter has completed any battery cycles, meaning with slightly trained batteries we might be able to reach 80 mph.

On flat ground, the WEPED could achieve 85mph and possibly more going downhill (85mph and more is theoretically possible).

Let’s be honest, who wants to ride a scooter with small wheels at 80+mph? When you ride an SST at 80mph, even with a damper installed, one wobble on uneven ground could spell your death if you’re not careful.

I wasn’t kidding when I said the SST was fast. Even though it does not look like it has an advantage over the FF with acceleration, these numbers indicate a big difference.  Just to get into this area means it is difficult to make any gains in acceleration. In comparison, the SST weighs over 60kg and has wider wheels. That is why the FF has a better power-to-weight ratio (which is the advantage of the SST).

On paper, the SST is a much more powerful scooter than its competitors.  Nonetheless, wider wheels and active motor control make acceleration difficult.

As a result, it was hard to make gains in acceleration on the SST due to continuous tire spinning.

It is ideal to use the SST on warm tarmac surfaces (allowing maximum grip and minimizing spin).

The SST acceleration performance was tested on standard roads that aren’t overly smooth.


Using a DamPing 4 link system that was developed by Weped themselves, the SST uses the patented DamPing technology. In spite of the fact the vehicle has front and rear suspensions, neither is very effective at damping rough roads. As the tires are large and wide profiled, they are very smooth when riding on uneven tarmac surfaces. However, the overall riding experience remains sporty and aggressive. Running on the road requires more endurance than running on the track, which is great for short-distance runs.

There’s a way you can set up the front suspension to transfer shocks without allowing the wheels to travel too far. Coil springs with adjustable damping support your suspension above the deck. It permits some customization; however, we didn’t notice a big difference in our rides.

When riding a racing scooter, it is important to keep the wheels firmly planted on the ground. Traditionally, suspensions allow the wheels to “skip,” resulting in broken traction being transferred up the suspension points; on the SST, they have addressed this problem.

SST scooters should not be used on grass.


Due to its size and weight, the WEPED is not very portable. It comes with a locking stem, however. It is not ergonomically designed for lifting because of the blade-like design of the stem.

The folding mechanism consists of a gold-anodized pin that is placed on the overside.

Quality of Construction

The WEPED SST is the best scooter we have ever seen in terms of quality. From the backward-swooping stem to the precision-made components of the forward suspension arm to the hefty bolts that hold it all together, everything is on point. The attention to detail is impressive. It is a sturdy scooter.

The rock-solid folding mechanism ensures the steering is smooth and the stem is unshakable. A beautiful anodized aluminum knob attaches to an oversized pin on which the folding mechanism is attached.

An extensive variety of flexible tubing and strain-relieving fixtures secure the cables neatly inside heavy-gauge tubing. Keeping the wires intact helps prevent accidental fraying or snagging. This also helps keep the scooter looking tidy.

Where to buy a Weped SST e-scooter

It is not good for us to assume you have an idea where you can buy this scooter. In this Weped SST e-scooter review, we shall give you two options.  The first option is from the E-wheels store. Check price on their website.

The second place is from Alibaba.com. However, this may be tricky for you if you are not familiar with the import and export process.


Customer rating

This e-scooter is rated 4.1 out of 5. This is quite impressive given the many e-scooters are in the competition. Other than the price, the Weped SST e-scooter surpasses many other e-scooters in the market.

A 4.1-star rating is very good. a lot of scooters such as the razor core e-90 are not rated this high.

Warranty terms for customers outside of the UK

Those customers whose products are delivered outside of the UK will still be entitled to our warranty policy, but products cannot be returned to dealers. After the dealers view the photos and videos of the problem, they will provide you with the parts as needed. In the event that this does not resolve the issue, the dealer will find a technician in your country.

By observing the videos and social engagements Weped is making, and the talks they hold, you can tell they care about the quality of their product and their customers. Unlike the Weped FF, we do not have enough experience with the SST to speak to reliability. In our experience of owning, testing, and riding other WEPED models, we haven’t encountered any major issues.

Weped scooters generally have very good quality and are well constructed, so we would expect that with proper use, they would last a considerable amount of time.

Their design makes it difficult for them to accumulate miles as quickly since they are meant for use on tracks.

Electric scooters depend on factors like battery cycling, general maintenance, and how they are used to determine their level of reliability.

You can reach customer support via social media or the website.

Although they originated in Korea, Weped’s have now been distributed around the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of Weped SST

We had earlier discussed the benefits of owning a scooter. In this article, we have focused on the positive side of SST. Let us now take a look at the good and the ugly of this scooter.

Weped SST Pros

POWERFUL 16,500 watts (33,000-watts peak) BLDC hub motors

A high rate of acceleration and torque

Having wider wheels makes running at high speeds safer

Excellent build quality and rigidity

The Samsung INR 21700 cells are a powerful power source

Power and range are exceptional for a 72v 45ah battery

Elegant RGB front lighting makes it very attractive

Suspension is provided on the front and rear of the Weped SST

Weped SST drawbacks

It does not have a speedo or LCD display

IP and water resistance are not available

Off-road use is not recommended due to its heavyweight

Rides on them may be uncomfortable

Weak steering performance is a consequence of wide tires

Treads will quickly be eaten through

A rider who rides aggressively may have poor range

Performance Outline

It can be repeated how many times? With its acceleration and top speed, the Weped SST is more than a monster. Using Weped’s SST, acceleration from a zero speed can be controlled by active motor control. In the same way as the FF, the SST will distribute torque evenly between the wheels so that torque increases smoothly and aggressively.

It is possible to move very quickly with Active Motor Control (AMC).  The motors, however, are not spinning in such a way that the wheels are losing traction too soon.

Even with wider shrinko tires, maintaining traction with the SST’s 33kw (16kw) per wheel is daunting without active motor control.

Riders of the Weped SST will sense a powerful burst as soon as they takeoff. If you are moving at speed, you will have a much harder time breaking traction (although don’t be mistaken, the SST will still do it regardless). The control of aggressive acceleration is easier to maintain when moving than when starting from a standstill.

There is a definitive need for wider tire profiles on the SST. Tires that came with the SS, GT, and FF models were problematic.

Expect performance to be,

On the track or on the road, you will be able to beat other electric scooters

Acceleration causes scooters to smoke

Treads that are utterly destroyed (common with high power wepeds)

Scooters that are highly modified can reach top speeds that are otherwise not possible

If you aren’t respectful, go through controllers

Final thoughts

WEPED’s SST scooter is a beautifully designed scooter aimed at very niche consumers. This electric scooter is designed for fast riding on roads, thanks to its tires and suspension.  Ideally, it should be ridden straight.

The ultra-wide KART tires have fantastic traction, which is great for braking hard or accelerating hard. It is unlikely you will run over nails or run into thick sidewalls on these tires. This is what we love about them.

The Weped’s turn-handling performance, however, is the most notable feature of its ride. Turning the Weped is a bit difficult because of its very wide and flat profile. You place the Weped where the tread meets the sidewall of the tire when you lean sharply to turn. But this does not inspire confidence when turning. It isn’t the nimblest of scooters in the turns, but it is excellent in a straight line.

We have alternative scooters if the Weped doesn’t appeal to you. Additionally, make sure to see our list of the best electric scooters for 2022.





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