Why are electric scooters so expensive?

Why are electric scooters so expensive

Why are electric scooters so expensive?


Why are electric scooters so expensive? To begin with, they use Li-on batteries which are expensive. Others have electronics that are quite complex

Due to the fact that electric scooters are a new technology that is still being researched and improved, they are expensive. One of the primary reasons is the development of the batteries. New competitors are entering the scooter market, which means scooters are becoming more affordable as time goes on. These trends are predicted to continue in the near future.

So, why are electric scooters so expensive?

  • Battery
  • Electric Motor
  • Other parts
  • Research and development of the control unit & software

Why are batteries so expensive?

The first thing that we shall examine to know Why are electric scooters so expensive  is the batteries. Most electric scooters these days come with lithium-polymer and lipo batteries (which are similar to lithium-ion batteries).

Lithium’s price has significantly increased since it is used in the manufacture of batteries and electronic devices. Many electric vehicles and gadgets run on lithium batteries because they are light and powerful. However, Li-ion batteries aren’t just found in laptops, smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Lithium is much cheaper than cobalt. Cobalt is mainly mined in the Republic of Congo, so various international taxes are also a factor that drives up the price of cobalt. Lithium batteries consist of a significant volume of cobalt as a negative cathode.

Despite the fact that several electric bikes and mobility scooters use a single lead acid battery, this type of battery is not the best choice for electric powered vehicles because it is heavy and large. For now, electric scooters, skateboards or other electric vehicles that are powered by lithium-ion batteries are the best options.

The cause of the high price of batteries, however, is their cathode content, which is different for different kinds of batteries.

Why do e-scooters use lithium-ion batteries?

Today’s electronics manufacturers choose lithium-ion batteries, although they are expensive.  This type of battery has several advantages, which cannot be found in any other type.

Li-ion batteries have the following advantages:

High energy density.

An energy storage capacity is the amount of energy a battery can store.  The more energy density a battery has, the more power it can store.  Due to their high energy density, lithium-ion batteries can store much more energy than other types of batteries.

Charging quickly.

Basically, Li-ion batteries are fast-charging, which leads them to be much more efficient than lead-acid batteries.

Charge efficiency.

It refers to the amount of power that can be drawn from a battery to power a device.  A lithium-ion battery’s charge efficiency is 99 percent, a Nickel Cadmium battery is 91%, while a lead-acid batteries is 85%.  Therefore, you will only use approximately 85% of the energy stored in a lead-acid battery to power your electronic gadget. The remaining 15% simply disappears during the charging process.

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Charge memory.

Whenever a battery is recharged from a lower level of discharge than its initial discharge, its capacity is reduced.  For example, if you discharge a Ni-Cd battery to 50% and then recharge, the battery will start losing its capacity.  If you try to use it the next couple of times, you will discover that the battery only holds half the charge it used to.  A lithium-ion battery does not have a charge memory.  A battery with this feature is much more dependable, and at the same time it will save consumers money in the long run.

Charge cycles.

A battery’s longevity can be gauged from its life cycle.  Charge cycles are defined as completely charging and fully discharging a rechargeable battery.  Taking a fully charged battery and letting it discharge entirely constitutes a complete charge cycle.  A half cycle is the process of discharging a fully charged battery to half its capacity.

That’s the essential information.  A fully charged battery may be discharged by approximately 33%, and it can then be recharged back to its full capacity – which is only a third of a charge cycle.  This needs to be done three times to accomplish a complete charge cycle. There are ways, however, to maximize e-scooter lithium batteries.

Another practical point is that, for example, if you read an advertisement for an e-scooter battery that says it can go 1,000 cycles, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it requires a replacement after 1,000 cycles.  A battery whose capacity passes this point begins to degrade to a lesser or greater extent.  In spite of this, the number of charge cycles indicates how long the battery will last.


It is a good idea to always fully discharge a new battery before fully charging it. If you have worked with rechargeable batteries in the past, you may remember being told to do that.  Calibrating an older type of battery is what’s needed to revive its functionality.  Another benefit of Lithium-ion batteries is the fact that they don’t require calibration.

Remember that lithium-ion and lithium batteries are two different types of batteries.  Batteries made of lithium-ion can be recharged while batteries made of lithium cannot.

Research and development

A new product requires a lot of research and development. There aren’t many electric scooters on the market, so producing and selling a lot of them is necessary to cover R&D costs. The R&D process includes:

  • Controller, software, mobile apps
  • Hardware research
  • Testing components reliability
  • Testing

As the product becomes more popular, it will cover the cost of research and development. The price of electric scooters will thus drop drastically. This is the other reason Why are electric scooters so expensive.

Other Causes

E-scooters also have extremely high shipping duties and motor costs, in addition to the battery. You may end up having to pay as much as 25% of the vehicle’s total cost if you live under the European Union. Moreover, e-scooters are very heavy, which contributes to the higher shipping costs.

The limited demand for e-scooters also accounts for their high price. Even though tiny vehicles offer a lot of flexibility, people are still not ready to adopt them. E-scooters are limited due to their limited range, limited speed, and different riding styles.

The increasing demand for electric scooters is a major factor impacting their price. Despite their increased popularity, electric scooters are still less popular than automobiles and motorcycles. If the manufacturers get more traction and the product becomes popular, then they can scale production, which would lower the price. Since cars and motorcycles are mass produced, the price tends to be very low, but this wasn’t always the case.

Because new products do not have scale, they are more expensive. When the cost of research and development amortized over many products, the price can drop.

Fortunately, electric scooters have been gaining traction in recent years. You will fall in love with them once you try them. More and more people are willing to try them. Commuting to work or school on an electric scooter is a great way to travel short distances.

 What parts will require replacement?

Like any other vehicle such as the motorbike, the parts wear off and from time to time need to be replaced. The following parts may need replacing:

Li-ion batteries

The lithium-ion batteries in the e-scooter will need to be replaced eventually, as with most electronic devices that use batteries.  With the Xiaomi M365, I have found that the battery holds the charge well and is still going strong after about a year of use. However, I suspect that I will need to replace it within the next 1-2 years.

A user told me they had to replace their battery after 2 years.  Clearly, the health of the battery is very much dependent on proper maintenance.  When lithium-ion batteries are well maintained, their lifespan will be extended. Although they do not require as much care as other battery types.


When your scooter has solid rubber tires, you’ll only have to worry about thread usage, which increases as you travel.

Inflatable tires are standard on my HiBoy scooter, so you will undoubtedly have a flat tire at some point.  According to what I have experienced in the past, flat tires are the most troublesome feature of the M365.  Despite their smooth ride, inflatable tires are susceptible to punctures.  Although a flat tire can be repaired relatively inexpensively, I don’t think anyone has been able to do it on the spot by the side of the road.

The procedure of replacing a tire is relatively lengthy and somewhat difficult, not to mention that you’ll need to carry a spare and tools at all times. However, you will need to inflate it at some point after fixing the puncture. We have explained how to inflate a flat e-scooter tire in a previous post.


In some models, the rear fender contains a brake light. It is possible for this light to be damaged.  On some models, the brake light illuminates when the brake pedal is pressed.  I have noticed that when I use my Hiboy, the wire running on the inside of the fender (between the fender and the tire) gets damaged with regular use.  It’s a pretty easy fix, but you’ll need to put in a little time to make it right.  Online, you may also find protective panels that will protect wires in the future.  Especially if you tend to use the rear brake frequently, I recommend getting one for your Dualtron scooter.

Electronic display

Even though I have never had any problems with mine (even in the rain), some users have reported electronic displays that malfunction after riding their e-scooter for a long time in the rain.  Check the IP rating first before riding in the rain. Again, replacing the part can be done online at a lower cost, though it may be a bit messy, especially if you don’t know much about wiring.  Essentially, it’s doable and it shouldn’t require a trip to a specialized shop in most cases.

The cost of owning vs renting an electric scooter

Using a personal or shared electric scooter has many pros and cons. Price is usually one of the most important considerations. A shared electric scooter seems less expensive than purchasing your own electric scooter at first glance. On the other hand, sharing e-scooters can be more costly than a personal e-scooter over time.

What is the cost of renting an electric scooter? Shared e-scooters cost approximately $0.40 per minute to unlock and ride. You will spend about $200 per month, or $2,400 per year, if you ride a shared e-scooter for 10 minutes twice a day, five days a week for $10 per day, $50 per week, or around $200 per day.

Buying an e-scooter like the Glion Dolly will cost you less than $999, but if you spend $200 for its maintenance for a year, that will cost only $1999. Following that, the following years will mainly consist of expenses for maintenance, which may be me or less than $200. It is more practical to own an electric scooter.


The Cost of Owning An Electric Scooter

When compared to owning a car or a motorcycle, owning an electric scooter is much less expensive. The costs still have to be considered, however. The cost of operating an electric scooter is made up of four components.

·         Cost of the electric scooter

Yes, you need to pay for your scooter, and this is the most obvious cost. And the cost of scooters does vary considerably. Depending on their size and features, electric scooters can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $1,200 or more.

Research before making a purchase. Knowing what features are included, considering what price point you can afford, and reading reviews will help you determine whether the price is correlated with the features.

·         Cost of protective gear

It’s clear that you are intelligent. The smart ones know that electric scooters are not toys, even if they are fun. You should always be concerned about your safety any time you are riding in a vehicle that moves faster than walking speed.

To protect yourself, you need proper gear. Wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads for your safety. E-scooters are designed to allow easy and fast commutes to work. They can reach top speeds of 18 mph. They are certainly fast!

Be sure that your protective gear is certified to protect you from both impacts with low and high force (ASTM standard).

The cost of charging a scooter with electricity

Electric scooters need to be recharged because their batteries run out. Recharging a battery can take anywhere from three to five hours. The cost of charging a battery can be estimated by your local electric provider. Nevertheless, it’s not nearly as expensive as a tank of gas!

·         The cost of replacing a scooter

While electric scooters cost much less to purchase and operate than motorcycles and cars, their lifespan is limited. The average scooter should be replaced every five to six years. In the long run, however, you can expect prices to drop as the electric personal transportation market matures.

How much do electric scooters cost?


We have just been discussing Why are electric scooters so expensive  and have not even said how an e-scooter cost. So, how much does an e-scooter cost? Even though the price fluctuates constantly, we can use some numbers to approximate the average.

In our complete guide to electric scooter prices, we do exactly that.

How do I find out? Across all models, electric scooters cost on average $1194. Prices range from $149 to $7400. The question isn’t very useful because most people don’t really care about the cheapest models nor about the most expensive racing scooters. It’s just a question of how much a good electric scooter will cost.

Will a Scooter Replace My Car?

Electric scooters are clearly a cost-effective way to get around. Their benefits, however, go beyond economics. For longer trips, scooters may not be a good substitute for cars: the Gotrax gxl  is able to cover up to 15.5 miles on a single charge.

While this isn’t a large amount of capacity, it is sufficient for most urban commutes and short trips throughout the city.

So, you may want to keep your car, but you will use it significantly less and generate far fewer greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion.

In addition to eliminating time and expense from parking, if you use e-scooters primarily for your commute, you’ll also save time and energy. The cost of parking is generally not factored into yearly commute estimates, regardless of whether there is expensive monthly garage fees or daily meters. Thus, you will save much more than just your gas bill.

E-scooters in City

When it comes to city riding, e-scooters are probably going to replace cars and will make public transportation more effective since they can be used as “last-mile” vehicles. Additionally, they are reliable for rides of approximately four miles or six kilometers, or even up to seven miles or ten kilometers, if you are going straight from home to work or school.

Even if you need speed, cars are much faster if there are spaces available in parking lots. The reality is that cars are less reliable than electric scooters because they are subject to traffic jams and don’t deliver shorter time.

Still, it is much easier to predict your arrival time with an electric scooter since its travel time is shorter. Additionally, they can be folded and taken with you, so you don’t need a parking spot.

Winner: electric scooters for short distances

E-scooters Outside the city

When traveling to another city, an electric scooter is of no use. As a result, cars cannot truly be replaced by electric scooters. I hate cars for city rides, but they make excellent long-distance vehicles out of the city, on the highway, and other long-distance trips. In addition to ride-sharing, cars make long trips a breeze. They can accommodate two passengers and save you money.

Electric scooters are not fast enough or autonomous enough for long distance rides.

Are Electric Scooters Reliable?

E-scooters that are properly maintained and built to last several years can last several years with little maintenance. In addition to the significant cost of regular car maintenance and repairs, which can be a huge drain on a budget, regular commuting estimates often exclude the necessity of regular auto repairs. A quality electric scooter like Kaab wolf warrior costs less than a single expensive car repair.

Owning an e-scooter also means you’re investing in a more reliable vehicle than shared bicycles and scooters, which are regularly subjected to abuse and heavy usage.

Having an electric scooter on hand for daily commuting and short trips is both economically sensible and environmentally friendly.

It is easy to transport an e-scooter on public transportation, takes up little storage space, and is fun to ride. You will not need to pay extra for routine maintenance on MotoTec Mad scooter, unlike cars or bikes, which require routine maintenance. After the initial investment, you will only need to purchase a helmet or other safety gear.


In addition to its streamlined, lightweight design and easy folding mechanism, MotoTec Mad’s rugged yet high-tech construction makes it one of the best values on the market for an electric scooter that can replace most other options for short commutes – and is compatible with other options for making public transportation more accessible. Is an electric scooter worth the investment? The many scooters offer a 30-day risk-free return policy that makes it easy for you to find out for yourself. Discover how much money you can save today by trying e-scooter.

So Are Electric Scooters Worth It?

That is a resounding yes!

In the world over, electric scooters have become a popular form of personal transportation for urban commuters and campus cruisers alike. We can understand why.

They’re eco-friendly, fun, and a really good way to get around.

As batteries’ technology improves, they’re more affordable, lighter, and feature rich. SWAGTRON is one of the leaders in offering family-friendly pricing while leveraging innovative features and leading features.

No matter what you are looking for: an e-Scooter as a last-mile solution or something to explore more of your world, there’s an electric scooter out there that’s perfect for you.

And ours!


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