Why aren’t any of my keyboard’s keys working?

Why aren’t any of my keyboard’s keys working?

When your keyboard doesn’t work, it can be very frustrating. Your computer’s primary input method is the keyboard. On the off chance that you don’t have a functioning console, you can’t perform basic undertakings like signing in to your working framework or getting to your PC’s Profiles arrangement.

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how to enter and exit the CMOS or BIOS configuration.

We always recommend having a spare keyboard on hand for this reason. For a laptop or desktop computer, a cabled keyboard with a USB interface is a great option. A brand-new keyboard typically costs around $20 at your neighborhood electronics or office supply store, and you can also purchase refurbished or used keyboards online. Always make an effort to have a spare keyboard on hand!
Your options for troubleshooting are limited if you do not have an operational keyboard. A few stages require utilizing one more console to analyze the issue. We recommend that you complete as many of the following steps as you can if you do not already have one.

On this page, we talk about what to do when the console doesn’t work. If you are having issues with specific number or letter keys, check out: My computer’s keyboard has some broken keys.

Note: If your laptop’s keyboard isn’t working, a loose or bad connection on the motherboard could be the problem. A laptop’s keyboard may also stop working if liquid is spilled on it. We recommend having your laptop examined by a computer technician if the troubleshooting options on this page do not assist you in resolving the issue.

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Restart the computer

Restarting the computer is the first step in troubleshooting. Release the power button after pressing and holding it down until the computer turns off. To turn on the computer, press the power button once more, and test the keyboard to see if it works.
If that doesn’t work, you can reset the motherboard by turning off all power to the computer. Follow the means beneath for the kind of PC you are utilizing.

Desktop computer

Shut down the machine.
Remove the power cord from the computer’s back.
To eliminate any remaining power in the computer, press and hold the power button for at least ten seconds.
Connect the power cord to the computer’s back.
Test the keyboard by turning on the computer.

Note for laptops: In order to follow these steps, the laptop’s battery needs to be removed. Skip to the following section if the battery is already installed.

Turn the laptop off.
Turn off the power connector from the back or side of the PC.
Take the laptop’s battery out.
To remove any remaining power from the laptop, press and hold the power button for at least ten seconds.
Install the laptop’s battery.
Connect the laptop’s power adapter.
Test the keyboard by turning on the laptop.
Examine your connection for hardware issues. Sometimes, the simplest solution resolves the issue. Make sure the keyboard is securely plugged in. Reconnect the keyboard to the same port after disconnecting it from the computer. In the event that you have a USB console, you may likewise need to attempt an alternate USB port to seclude the issue.

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Check the power switch on the wireless keyboard.

The power switch on most, if not all, wireless keyboards lets you turn it off when not in use to save battery life. Make sure the keyboard’s power switch is turned on by checking it.

If you use a wireless keyboard, make sure the keyboard’s batteries aren’t dead and check the wireless adapters as well. Also, make sure that the USB wireless receiver is properly connected to the computer and that nothing is preventing the signal from reaching it.

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Keyboards with PS/2 ports

You can try a different keyboard in the same port if you’re using an older PS/2 keyboard. On the off chance that you interface a known working console to the PC PS/2 port and it doesn’t work, the PS/2 equipment on the motherboard is possible damaged. Fixing a terrible PS/2 port requires a substitution motherboard. In the event that you have USB ports on your PC, attempt a USB console all things considered.

USB hub Try connecting the keyboard directly to a USB port on the computer if it connects to a USB hub when you use a USB keyboard. If the keyboard continues to function as a result, the USB hub is most likely defective and should be replaced.

Test the keyboard outside of Windows In some cases, a keyboard may not function properly in Windows due to a problem with software that uses the keyboard directly (such as ToggleKeys). Try restarting the computer to see if pressing the Num Lock, Caps Lock, or Scroll Lock keys turns the illuminated LED indicators on the keyboard on and off. You can likewise test your console by attempting to press the way to enter the Profiles arrangement, frequently the F2, F12, or Erase key. The correct key to press is indicated in the computer’s boot messages.

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how to enter and exit the CMOS or BIOS configuration.

On the off chance that the console is filling in as the PC is booting up, something in Windows is keeping the console from working. Try booting into Safe Mode on the computer. To reduce the likelihood of conflicts, your operating system loads the bare minimum of software and device drivers in Safe Mode. Try uninstalling or reinstalling any recently installed software to see if your keyboard works in Safe Mode.

How to switch into Safe Mode.

You can try restoring the operating system to a restore point when the keyboard was working if uninstalling and reinstalling recently installed software does not resolve the issue.

Instructions to reestablish Windows to a previous duplicate.
You can only try a different keyboard if the Num Lock and Caps Lock keys don’t work and you can’t get into the BIOS setup. If a different keyboard doesn’t work, the motherboard is bad and needs to be replaced, so you might want to think about buying a new computer.

Utilize Windows’s built-in Device Manager to check for the keyboard and assist in identifying and resolving issues with hardware devices, such as keyboards.

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How to get started with Windows Device Manager.

How to spot issues in Windows Device Manager.
Using the Device Manager to reinstall the keyboard To reinstall the keyboard, follow the steps below.

Check to see if a Keyboards option is listed when you open the Device Manager and whether any yellow exclamation marks are present.
If Keyboards is visible and there are no errors, highlight the keyboard device by clicking the arrow next to Keyboards.
When featured, right-click the gadget and select Uninstall. Keep going through this procedure until Keyboards no longer appears in Device Manager.
Click Actions and Scan for Hardware Changes in the menu bar after highlighting the computer at the top of the Device Manager list.
Windows should re-detect the keyboard and place it back in the list if it is functioning and being detected.
Test the keyboard to see if it works in the event that Windows re-adds it to the list.
Try updating your drivers. Note: These steps require a functioning keyboard. Skip this section if you can’t use any keyboard on your computer.

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Windows Update

Here and there gadgets quit working on the grounds that their product is obsolete. Your drivers should be updated automatically by Windows Update if your operating system is Microsoft Windows. Follow these steps to manually run Windows Update.

Type Windows Update before pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.
Follow the directions that appear in the window.
Drivers can be manually installed if Windows Update did not locate your keyboard drivers. You can download the most recent drivers from the manufacturer’s website. If you use a specialized or programmable keyboard, you may need to download keyboard drivers.

Replace the keyboard if the problem persists despite the above-mentioned troubleshooting options and you do not have a spare keyboard. Having the console fixed is typically not financially savvy, since purchasing another keyboard is frequently less expensive.

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