why computer mouse moves on its own

why computer mouse moves on its own

why computer mouse moves on its own

Do you have a computer mouse that moves on its own? There are a few possible reasons why this happens. It could be a software issue, a problem with the mouse itself, or even a virus. In this article, we’ll go over the different reasons why your computer mouse might be moving on its own and how to fix it.

Navigating through the UI is very easy with the mouse. The mouse cursor can sometimes move on its own, however. Those things aren’t ghosts, so don’t be concerned.

The problem has been reported by several users, and a few of them have sought solutions on Reddit. Regardless of the operating system you use, you can see this issue on different computers, but Windows users are more likely to see it.

However, most of the time, “mouse cursor moves on its own” can be resolved with simple troubleshooting. Our guide explains why computer moves on its own and how to fix a computer mouse cursor that moves randomly on Windows.

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A portion of the mouse pad can fade and lose the roughness it once had to hold your mouse in place if you’ve been using it for years. You may see the mouse pointer moving on its own as a result of your mouse sliding a bit. To ensure the mouse pad stays clean, you should wash the mouse pad every so often, if it is washable.

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Quite a few people prefer to use their desk instead of a mousepad. These desks often feature drawers, and their drawers bend over time and displace the spot’s alignment. So you should check whether the surface of the desk is slanting.


If you are part of the Windows 10 Insider program, you may experience mouse problems when installing the Windows 10 updates. It’s still a good idea to update the firmware on your mouse. In most cases, the bundled software should take care of this, or you can check the mouse manufacturer’s support or download pages to ensure the latest firmware is available.

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When you accidentally change the settings, Windows’ built-in troubleshooter will help you identify the issue and suggest software-fixes.

Step 1: Open the Command Prompt (Windows key+S) by searching for it in Windows Search (you might have to choose Run as administrator).

Step 2: Type the following command and press Enter.

msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

Step 3: A new window will pop up. Continue by clicking Next. Also related: Best Silent Mouse


If you use a computer with Windows 10, you should ensure that the latest drivers are installed for both your keyboard and mouse. If your mouse cursor is acting strangely, you can update, reinstall, and roll back your drivers.


Microsoft Defender can help you detect malware or sneaky applications that are controlling your mouse. Additionally, Malwarebytes is recommended for removing any malware that has escaped notice.


You may use a game controller, graphics tablet, joystick, or any other input device that is connected to your computer. Several of them are also capable of controlling mice, resulting in a conflict. Check your computer again after disabling and unplugging all input devices and controllers.


Conflicts between Realtek HD Audio Manager and mouse drivers have been reported. If that doesn’t work, you can also try disabling Realtek’s automatic rebooting if this issue persists.

Step 1: Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

Step 2: Go to the Startup tab and right-click on Realtek Audio Manager (name may vary).


You’ll be able to feel every touch when your laptop’s touchpad sensitivity is set too high. Windows 10 laptops have a sensitivity adjustment for adjusting the touchpad.

Step 1: Open Windows Settings by pressing the Windows key+I and then scroll down and select Touchpad settings.

Step 2: Select Low, Medium, High, or Most Sensitive from the Touchpad sensitivity options.

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Occasionally, the touchpad’s surface accumulates dirt and malfunctions. You should disable the touchpad on your laptop if you prefer to use the mouse.

Step 1:    You can turn on or off the touchpad by pressing Windows key+I in the Settings window. Find it in the search results and click on it to open it.

Step 2: You can turn it off by clicking the toggle button. The touchpad on some laptops can also be turned on/off quickly by a dedicated key on the keyboard.

Double-Check Your Hardware

You should check all hardware components that may be causing this problem before changing any settings on your laptop or PC. When using a wireless mouse, check the battery charge, USB ports, or mouse cable.

 Double-Check Your Mouse’s Surface

The mouse surface should be checked if the hardware appears to be in good condition. Your desk may be scratched or uneven. Using a mouse pad could cause your computer to report incorrect movements because it is worn out.

 Change Touchpad Settings

In a laptop with too high a touchpad sensitivity, the cursor will move with the slightest touch. Make sure the sensitivity is set appropriately. To adjust your laptop’s touchpad sensitivity, follow these steps:

Select Settings > Devices from the Start menu.

Left-click Touchpad and select it.

Change the touchpad sensitivity using the drop-down menu below Taps.

Changing the setting will happen in real-time, so you can experiment with multiple options until you find one that works for you.

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Touchpad settings in Windows 10

If you have connected a mouse to your Windows 10 laptop and never use the touchpad, you can disable it from the top of the window. Also, if you want Windows 10 to disable the touchpad when you connect a mouse automatically, uncheck Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected.

Depending on whether the touchpad has accumulated dust, the cursor might move on its own. Cleaning your laptop and seeing if that fixes the issue will help if your laptop is a little grimy.

Final thoughts on why computer mouse moves on its own

There could be many reasons why your mouse is acting up. Eventually, your cursor should stop moving on its own once you have walked down the list.

It is possible to clean your mouse as good as new by following a few tricks and tips. If you have a dirty mouse, isopropyl alcohol is an effective cleaner and sanitizer.

Hand tremors

If you have hand tremors, placing your hands on the table with shake the table and thereby cause the mouse to move on its own. There are some special mouses for people with hand tremors. such mouse can help reduce the mouse movement on its own. Some people even recommend some software. If your hands are shaking because of carpel tunnel, you can check the best mouse for carpel tunnel.

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