Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter Riders

Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter Riders

Winter is a time when you need the best pro scooter gloves. Falls are something everyone has to deal with when riding an electric scooter. Using our hands is the best way to soften our blows.

Because we need our hands to do our everyday activities, we get scraped a lot, which is a bummer.

Electric scooters are notorious for causing palm cuts, which is exactly why you should wear gloves to protect your hands. As a result of extensive research, I’ve discovered which gloves are the best for riding electric scooters outdoors.

What are the best electric scooter gloves?

What to Look For?

If you are looking for the Best pro scooter gloves it means you have an All-weather electric scooter. This is great.  To keep your hands warm while feeling your grip on handles, you should choose a pair of winter gloves that have thin, yet strong, insulation.

It may also have some other features like a soft lining and touch screen enabled fingertips for texting on the go.

Depending on the amount of off-roading and the level of cold you expect, you may choose to have an internal heater.

The wristband should be strong and elastic to keep heat in and ensure maximum durability and windproofing.

Best winter gloves for electric scooter riders


SIMARI’s winter gloves are a great accessory to wear while riding an electric scooter in cold weather.

Best pro scooter gloves feature anti-slip grips and a comfortable design, while they’re lined in flannel and made of polyester, making them thin and warm.

A small reflective design on the sides of the gloves serves as an added safety feature, and the gloves contain 5% spandex for added elasticity.

With its touch screen tip design, SIMARI gloves can be used with a smartphone or other touchscreen devices without freezing your fingertips.


Our best overall pick for electric scooter gloves is the SIMARI because it combines these features.

Triple 8 Hired Hands

With the Hired Hands, you will feel like your wrist protector fits like a glove! Triple 8 is known for its largest glove, with a fully protected wrist and a secure fit and coverage. With top-grain leather and full padding, Hired Hands are built for lasting durability and protection. If you fall, you will not feel a thing since the top and bottom are fitted with impact-resistant ABS splints. Additional shock absorption is achieved by an EVA layer, and the neoprene support straps ensure a secure fit.

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Stylish and durable, made of real leather

The highest level of sensitivity and control for your e-scooter

Putting them on and taking them off is easier with rubber pulls


It can be hard to grab things

Fingertips are unprotected

We don’t like the stitching


Tanluhu Gloves for Electric Scooters

A half-finger glove is hard to remove most of the time. Thus, Tanluhu uses a pull-up flap to make the task easier. Elastic lycra and knitted mesh blend make the half finger gloves breathable and durable. A moisture-wicking back design makes the gloves even better.

Easily adjust the fit of the glove with the sticky buckle closure. With superior shock absorption, it is capable of absorbing road vibrations over bumpy terrain.

Despite that, the palm features double-stitched anti-slip SBR pads. The padding can therefore endure regular use.

What We Like About It

cloth wicks moisture away from the body

Moisture-wicking and breathable

Easy to remove

Enhances grip on the handlebars of scooters

There are over eight colors to choose from

What We Didn’t Like About It

It could have been much better if the gel padding had been improved

Day Wolf heated gloves ~ Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter Heated

The Day Wolf heated gloves feature soft sheep leather and a polyester liner. In high-quality polyester, odors are inhibited and moisture is wicked away.

Heat is distributed evenly throughout the fingers and the back of the hand with these heated gloves.

In addition, Day Wolf Gloves are ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable while performing outdoor leisure activities in cold temperatures.

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Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries are used in the Best pro scooter gloves, which last up to 6 hours. In addition, the gloves are waterproof and windproof.

Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter for Women

These stylish, windproof, and stain-resistant women’s touchscreen gloves are useful, fashionable, and comfortable.

These gloves are made of high-density suede and are lightweight, stretchable, and comfortable. There is a soft lining inside the gloves.

Warm in cold weather and thin to the touch, they’re great for keeping your hands warm in the winter.

Having a touchscreen-enabled index finger, and a good grip on an electric scooter makes it perfect for outdoor activities.

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Due to their elasticity and elastic wrist cuff, these gloves will fit most hands, and they’ll keep the warmth inside.

HillyBilly Wrist Guard Gloves – Full Finger

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This model is loved by users for its comfort and durability. This pair is constructed from strong goatskin and is double stitched for durability. They also have partial finger coverage for additional protection against the elements. They protect your fingers, wrist, and palm.

The leather, however, might reduce your finger’s dexterity due to its thickness. These gloves have a sturdy build, and you may have trouble controlling a remote control while wearing them. Also, the wrist protector may get in your way.

How to choose the right size and fit :

To determine the size of your middle finger, measure the webbing between the two adjacent fingers up to the tip of the finger.


Durable and flexible goat leather, made of real goatskin

Hands are well protected with this glove

The price is reasonable


It can be hard to grab things

Fingertips are unprotected

Long design interferes with watches

Stitching does not seem to be of high quality

The glove is likely to stain if it gets wet or sweats on it

Waterproof best winter gloves for electric scooter riders

Winter gloves are made of microsuede and premium PU leather on the back, the Ceiva Pro -30°F waterproof gloves are among the best waterproof gloves on our list.

With its insulated thermal cotton and thick fleece lining, this glove offers adequate protection from the cold.

The Cevapro gloves are made with high-quality TPU that is woven into the waterproof layer. It also makes it easier to ride your electric scooter with a good grip because the anti-slip design prevents slipping.

Furthermore, it has touch screen capabilities on the index fingers.

REKD Status Protective Gloves

Our last item on our list of best winter gloves is the Rekd status protective gloves. It is a Stunt scooter glove.  Are you concerned that wearing gloves will make your hands sweaty? Trying to find light gloves to wear in the park?

If so, then these gloves would make sense. Each finger features a vent hole to keep your fingers cool while staying protected, and they are made from ultra-lightweight materials.

Additionally, the area near the micro-fiber cloth absorbs sweat. Touch screen devices are easily used thanks to the microfibre thumb, fingers, and palm.

The gloves are super flexible and ergonomically shaped. The neoprene wristband keeps the gloves securely in place while you wear them. You will find them very comfortable.

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How do you ride an electric scooter in the winter?

The majority of electric scooters aren’t designed to handle winter road conditions, so it is a bad idea to ride them in the snow. The best electric scooters for winter, on the other hand, can take you anywhere.

There are, however, some adjustments to be made on electric scooters

On slippery surfaces, be more cautious and slow down.

Make sure your tires are inflated a bit.

Get off-road or wider tires instead of standard tires.

Brakes need to be tightened a bit.

Make sure you plan your route in advance.

Can you ride an electric scooter in the snow?

The answer is yes, technically. When the ground is covered in snow, it is safer not to ride an electric scooter. Although you should exercise caution in winter if the temperatures are below freezing, if you wish to ride an electric scooter, you should do so despite the cold. We discussed this in our previous article about riding an electric scooter on snow.

Do you need gloves for a moped?

A helmet is the only protective equipment that is legally required in the UK. Due to cold and protection, helmets are safer. Nearly all countries require a license for moped riding.

Can you drink and ride an Electric scooter in winter?

A motor vehicle may not be driven over the legal limit if the driver exceeds the limit. Therefore, anyone caught riding an E-Scooter while under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be prosecuted for a criminal offense.

Final Thoughts on best winter gloves for electric scooter riders

We hope you’ve found the right winter gloves for your electric scooter after reading our selection.

The SIMARI Winter Gloves with reflective material on top is our top pick with all the features you could possibly want. They are thin but insulated and have a good grip.

Some of the gloves in this gallery are among the best in their own categories, including those that are heated and those that are designed for off-road use.

Electric scooters are a lot of fun, but it’s also important to protect yourself while riding. Gloves can help. Electric scooters are a lot of fun, but it’s also important to protect yourself while riding. Gloves can help.

There are many electric scooters available to choose from, but flatland (in cooperation with Knox) offers some of the most ergonomic and comfortable scooters you can find. Material such as Clarino or Kevlar will provide comfort and flexibility, while also being durable. Despite the fact that the electric scooter accessory market is still emerging, there are plenty of options available to you at present.





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